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Hi Mastodon, I post via POSSE at but I reply to notifications and check my timeline like normal so this isn't a bot account :-) I can also be found across the web on the same username.

Long live the fediverse!

Facebook put out a patent application for a face recognition system that will match your face in stores and correlate it with your social media profile to assign you a shopper trust level.

That's some seriously dystopian shit right there.

Oooh. The Zotero download/install process has gotten a lot shiner and slicker over the last year. That was almost pleasurable

Shiny new laptop! It's going to be weird not needing to perform ritual sacrifice in order to keep it on for more than 2 minutes

Whoops. Accidental 24hr fast. Now I need to make up the calories :-(

Thinking of starting a YouTube (or PeerTube) series called "How Not to Buy a Boat". First episode will be about not buying a boat during a PhD where you can't commit to fixing it up as much as you thought you could

#Blender gets all their videos blocked worldwide by #YouTube. #Armory3D has their #Patreon page closed down and their backers refunded without any notice as to why. All the #FOSS projects hosted by #GitHub now have their hosting at the mercy of #Microsoft.

And this is just a few of the recent examples.

When is the #FOSS community going to learn that we need to create and run our own infrastructure as well as apps?

Support #decentralised #FOSS infrastructure! (eg #PeerTube, #tilt, #Gitea etc)

Reflections of a novice cyclist:

Lights and Hi-Vis jackets are useful

Development on Android:
Step 1 - run `android-studio` on the command line.
Step 2 - return after 2 days once the IDE finishes booting up

Can't read the entire article, but this is wild. "Labour HQ used Facebook ads to deceive Jeremy Corbyn during election campaign"

His own party...

Browser: knock knock

Server: who's there?

Browser: Mozilla

Server: Mozilla who?

Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/67.0.3396.87 Safari/537.36

advertisers have enough data on our needs to plan the economy

they plan it to maximize profits (things you might not need, cut corners, low quality)

we socialists propose that we plan it instead for benefit of society (health, happiness, well being)

Some problematic development work I thought was going to take all day only took two hours and has really disoriented me

Do people still say w00t on the internet? I haven't seen it in ages

Did something happen to grapes? Over the last two weeks all punnets I've seen have been crap, and I've just had to throw out 1/3 of a bunch because they're mouldy.

Are they out of season or something?

My new daily ritual of reading for an hour outside (after training) whilst a cup of tea visibly steams away in my hand is the absolute *best*. Need to find a way to maintain this come Winter :-/

Just been informed that my laptop order will be delayed as the chassis won't be delivered to the manufactrer until ~20th Jul.

Current laptop currently requires blood sacrifices to charge properly. I feel that I'm about to take a break from digital media at home :-P

googley eyes? no these are duckduckgoey eyes

Hit a teeny bit of burnout thanks to an intense week and a shitty sleep cycle. Taking a day off normal service will resume tomorrow.

Metro apologises for any inconvenience

Now I've exported all my data, the only thing stopping me from deleting my Google Account is the fact I have an app in deployment for my PhD that uses the maps api :-/ I've got a workaround almost ready using OSM but it's not quite ready yet

Trying out a shorter eating window in by bumping up second meal to around 16:00, giving a four-hour window. Mostly because I think my active gut is keeping me awake when I eat around 18:00.

Will report on results.