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Hello Mastodon! I'm no longer monitoring this account so classing it as a bot. If you need me you can contact me via

Just had one of those moments where you look up from what you're doing at work and say to yourself "Man I really love my job". It was nice.

I'm unsure when I truly became an adult. Is it when I bought a yacht? When I realised I can get around in a foreign city solo? Or when I realised I can afford Pringles that aren't discounted.

Just had a positive experience using regex… at work… at my job. Neat; stage 2 undergrad didn't lie.

Look, Notre Dame is nice and all but there's homeless people in Paris. Where's their €300m?

(Almost) Off into the sunset; what I've been up to for the last six months:

Also this morning I levelled up by adding "bare minimum bike maintenance" to my skillset by changing my chain. Definitely adding this to the CV

Happy Equinox everyone! I wish you all the light, balance, and prosperity of Spring

My pen ran out of ink and it's like someone turned my brain off since I can't scribble.

Things I learned about myself today, I have no standard way of writing JSON, json, Json and will use multiple iterations of capitalisation within a single sentence.

Just found out that Brimstone is *incredibly* usable in Lynx and this pleases me

Either I'm doing something very wrong or "extra firm" tofu is a goddamn lie

Who the hell uses Zoom? It's genuinely the most terrible niche video calling system I've had to install for a single call to date.

Just had to (temporarily) move back to a biro from a fountain pen and Ok yeah I believe the hype around fountain pens a lot more now. Moving up to a fountain is nice, moving back is actively nasty.

If anyone needs me I've collapsed in shock at how much eyeglasses are. Capitalism fucking sucks.

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