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Hello Mastodon! I'm no longer monitoring this account so classing it as a bot. If you need me you can contact me via

Just found out that Brimstone is *incredibly* usable in Lynx and this pleases me

Either I'm doing something very wrong or "extra firm" tofu is a goddamn lie

Who the hell uses Zoom? It's genuinely the most terrible niche video calling system I've had to install for a single call to date.

Just had to (temporarily) move back to a biro from a fountain pen and Ok yeah I believe the hype around fountain pens a lot more now. Moving up to a fountain is nice, moving back is actively nasty.

If anyone needs me I've collapsed in shock at how much eyeglasses are. Capitalism fucking sucks.

Hello Mastodon! I'm no longer monitoring this account so classing it as a bot. If you need me you can contact me via

My weekend plans have evolved from "Write thesis and climb mountains in Skyrim" to "Hang out with fieldwork partners and climb mountains irl" and I am 100% ok with this.

Does anyone else on Vodafone broadband have issues where URLs are unreachable? Not adult sites, basic stuff like Wikipedia. Is it the router or their DNS?

I have a theory that it mostly rains in Newcastle on days that I exercise, just to spite me.

Anyone know of any historical weather data APIs?

Are there any podcasts or youtube videos currently *not* sponsored by Skillshare?

Today I was so tired I added a handful of frozen peas to my hoodie pocket rather than the pot. I've just rediscovered them now.

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I'm howling. a liberal website crowdfunded money to send 25,000 roses to speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi to thank her for her service...god imagine if they took that money and gave it to detroit

#LineageOS is an alternative form of the Android operating system, which works like a normal Android but has the Google-based apps removed.

It can be installed on Android smartphones to replace the Google version of Android.

It's *very* complicated to install, but if you're a tech expert, or you know an expert who can help you, you can download it from the official website:

The download links include installation instructions.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Android #DeleteGoogle

Hey friendos!

I'm trying this whole "food blog" thing to share the recipes I've come up with over the last few years of being on basically the restriction phase of FODMAP permanently.

So, my first post was a Strawberry Pound Cake and I'd appreciate boosts since most low FODMAP stuff is just awful.

#lowFODMAP #FODMAP #glutenfree #lactosefree #IBS

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