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Hello Mastodon! I'm no longer monitoring this account so classing it as a bot. If you need me you can contact me via

That *I* have to spend my evening filling out a Mitigating circumstances form to address problems caused by institutional neglect of diligence and oversight is absolutely peak @UniofNewcastle

Kicking myself that I've (begrudgingly) been using Google Chrome for work things to separate out my work and personal lives but Chromium which is more friendly and open-source is right there.

Luckily migrating was fine. It's still a Google product and a little too integrated with Google services for my taste but it's a step in the right direction

It's a shame to see NCL's School of Computing so expertly dodge responsibility for inappropriateness given current global circumstances, but sadly this is something I'm not surprised by.

Oh no, I've become one of those men who listen to lo-fi beats while working from a laptop in a hoodie.

One of the few good things from this lockdown thing is that a significantly fewer people have had to buy anything from WHSmith. It's the small things.

After six months I have finally managed to fix my POSSE to Mastodon.

Nothing was wrong I was pasting the wrong token into the box.

After nearly a year of an ethnographic study of work practice I have come to the conclusion that the only thing more painful than needing the toilet in a meeting is needing the toilet in a remote meeting.

Just had one of those moments where you look up from what you're doing at work and say to yourself "Man I really love my job". It was nice.

I'm unsure when I truly became an adult. Is it when I bought a yacht? When I realised I can get around in a foreign city solo? Or when I realised I can afford Pringles that aren't discounted.

Just had a positive experience using regex… at work… at my job. Neat; stage 2 undergrad didn't lie.

Look, Notre Dame is nice and all but there's homeless people in Paris. Where's their €300m?

(Almost) Off into the sunset; what I've been up to for the last six months:

Also this morning I levelled up by adding "bare minimum bike maintenance" to my skillset by changing my chain. Definitely adding this to the CV

Happy Equinox everyone! I wish you all the light, balance, and prosperity of Spring

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