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Hi Mastodon, I post via POSSE at but I reply to notifications and check my timeline like normal so this isn't a bot account :-) I can also be found across the web on the same username.

Long live the fediverse!

Hermione IS black in the Harry Potter books. Allow me to explain.

Annual reminder that Children In Need would not be necessary it Capitalism didn't systematically fail thousands of people. Every donation is an excuse.

I used to not fast on days where I had heavy strength training in the morning. I've started fasting and noticed a really nice shift in my body's performance / feel but OH BOY AM I HUNGRY BY 1030

I never thought my bar for a "good week" at work would be so low as "not having to be in London" but here we are :-p

(PS I love my job but this month has been mega intense and London is crap)

Ever since taking up writing by hand before typing it digitally (for thesis, work, general) I've produced more words than ever before and also I have burned through a fountain pen ink refill (converter) per week.

Hello early wakeup for the 0558 train to London. You're fast becoming an unfortunately familiar face

So this morning I

+ Woke up 0530, trained outside in the park
+ Wrote some thesis before 0800 along with lots of tea
+ bought my reader-owned paper from a consumer-owned local coop.
+ Cleaned my bike ahead of cycling to work for my Worker coop remote-working job.

I have become very irritating on paper :-P

Day 2 of working from Goodspace. I think I've finally figured out the mystery of how the hot water urns work. Ritual sacrifice and pleading.

I've taken to writing entire sections of thesis by hand in a notebook using pen in the evenings ahead of typing it up the next morning. The separation of creativity from productivity in the writing process has been nice.

This fortnight had been super intense with traveling for work, spent way more time in London than I'm comfortable with. I am looking forward to a massive plate of vegetables and a snooze when I get back

I hate London. Every time I'm here something goes wrong. It's smelly, the tubes are overcrowded and constantly break, and everything is an hour away from everything else.

Just had to walk 3.5 miles to my accommodation because tube failure and no buses available

My WiFi has been so slow today I've taken to rubbing my phone on the router lovingly, coaxing packets into the radio

End of the first week of the new job.

Overwhelming. Scary. Exciting. Amazing. I am working in an amazing field with amazing colleagues.

Dear Seneca, Marcus, etc. I have learned a lot from you. You have brought me tranquillity and joy.

But I bet you never had to deal with students who have a proper sound system

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