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It's 16:20 where the fuck did the sun go. Part timer. You don't even clock in until 0800 man.

I have a strange fascination with lost letters of the english alphabet (sometimes present in other european languages); what's your faves from the following? Æ æ (ash), Ð ð (eth), Þ þ (thorn), Ƿ ƿ (wynn). Þ is a strong contender but I am a big fan of Ƿ

Ok why can't anything install `cld2`? And what the heck is a `protobuf`?

Ok I take back everything I ever said about Javascript development being the worst. Actually Ruby is equally bad. Wtf is bundler and why won't it run? 5 mins in and I am in dependency hell.

Not to be that grumpy Commie; but HRM giving you another bank holiday in 2022 doesn't quite make up for the fact that technology could very easily grant you a 4 day work week / 6h work day *right now* if workers controlled the economy.

Been watching some old @dmytri videos lately and this really hit home:

> One of the biggest weaknesses of the co-operative movement besides not being federated is that it's often a-political. It often takes care of its own members but doesn't actually use this economic power to like, like fight for social justice more broadly for other workers.


When I joined a worker co-operative this was the first…

Ok that's spooky. I complain about plaintext tables and like half an hour later this is published

Hive mind activate

Me: Why does anyone use anything other than plaintext / markdown? Honestly these productivity suites are so bloated and it's hard to do anything.

Also me: Ooh tables are neat. Let's spend 30 mins aligning | and - characters to make a nice plaintext table.

AntennaPod implementing a "skip intro" feature for podcasts has disproportionately benefited my wellbeing. Podcasts are becoming an ad-infested hell-hole.

Asking myself important questions ahead of potential lockdown shopping trips. Like whether a Twix is a biscuit or a chocolate bar? Replies appreciated.

If comrades in the labour party are feeling disenfranchised at the moment; that's a perfectly natural response. Join an organisation engaging in actual struggle, either a party (@cpbritain) or civic union (@ACORN_tweets).

I think the Labour party under Starmer just proved that it is not the vehicle of the working class any longer. It has lost that right. It just smeared a man whose done anti-racist work his whole life to appease centrist and pro-capitalist voices in the party.

Sorry to get all professional on main; but just super proud of @scotgov for doing a cracking job improving their OCDS @opencontracting publication. Both government and development teams have been great, and long may this continue.

Sorry to inform folks that tune in for my crisp-related hot takes but this is now an Andy Burnham fan page.

I always laugh-cry at the whole "ICT 4 Development" tagline of improving the conditions of "under-developed" countries as if they weren't simply just over-exploited to begin with. Imperialism will steal your minerals and pat itself on the back as it gives your schools a few chromebooks

Those Bolivian polls are looking mighty good. I'm a little concerned re a military intervention sponsored by US interests… but nobody can legitimately argue those election results!!

Despite writing thesis and papers for many years I have never, ever, learned the art of allaying the panic of starting a chapter/paper and going "Oh no how will I achieve 10k words!". It inevitably leads to the panic of "Oh shit this is 20k words already"

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