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master -> main 

aka the easiest change you can do from the comfort of your keyboard to fix racism

Thousands of collective hours wasted by activists who could have been motivated to do something meaningful and impactful instead

All that was ultimately done was to give GitHub a free social good headline that they can parade around while keeping things like ICE collaboration on the down-low

Doctor Who Time Crash, gay joke 

"The Master? Does he still have that rubbish beard?"
"No! No beard this time. Well, he does have a wife."
Beautiful line. Wish I could find a good quality version to replace mine that's messed up.

That moment when you implement the TCP handshake over messages to test to make sure a service is up.

That moment when you realize "SYN/SYN-ACK/ACK/FIN" is a natural reaction to testing outages, and your friends know what it means.

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am just a smol pixel kitten

there are lots of things i do not know and am not good at

but am still important!

and if a tiny kitten like me is important, you are definitely an important too! :blobcatheart:

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Someone just pointed out to me that "Scooby-Doo" is a Shaggy+dog story.

2020, mythology joke 

"Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! I'm Pandora, and to celebrate New Years going into 2020 I'm going to do an unboxing video"

My sister did a dramatic reading of the lyrics to WAP and now I'm traumatized

Without searching, what do you think I'm reading that contains the phrase "probability of turtle butt"?

What goes into the bowl first?

Magnus Archives S5, 2020 

Jon the Archivist read a letter and we ended up with 2020

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"People who think conlangs are useless but programming languages are useful are hypocritical."


Music, MH, Breakup (-) 

Me: "let's put some music on shuffle"
Music: "am I just gonna die alone"
Me: "you know what never mind. That's enough music for now."

Music is wonderful. An artist can reach out across time and affect your emotions, or comfort you when you're sad.

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The pentagram glowed an eerie shade of greenish orange, and a figure appeared inside the sigil.
"What the- You!"
The demon who had performed the summoning might have blushed. "Er. Hi. How are you?"
"You summoned me?" the warlock exclaimed.
"You never summon me any more, so..."

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hello. am hearing that a lot of people are still having a bad time this caturday, so am here to keep you company however you want, mew.

Miracle of Life (birth), body horror 

Today I learned that mother cats sometimes eat the placenta after the birth... by witnessing it on a live stream. That was fun and unexpected.

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I sat on the bench, in the most sun-starved corner of the park, enjoying being forgotten for another year and two jumbo burritos to myself.

I gobbled them down much too quickly and suddenly I was truly completely alone.

Shrugging I wiped my hands, then picked up my bag.

The weight shifted oddly and then it meowed.

"Meow?" I asked my bag.

The kitten meowed again.

I choked back a sob.

The universe had given me a friend for my birthday.

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"What news from the world of men?" the dragon asked.
The witch gave him a look.
"Ah, the world of humans," the dragon said.
The witch told him.
"I see," said the dragon. "Hm. It was your grandmother who taught me to 'do no evil'."
"I know. Is that enough?"
"It is not. Let's go."

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