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Straight people; Strong language 

Fitness (+) 

Injury (-) 

Apparently Jersey Shore still exists. Wat.

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"What shall we sing about?" the young Siren asked.
Her older sisters studied the ship.
"Football glory."
"It's so nice," the oldest said, "that they finally let themselves desire what they most love."
"Also Jason Momoa."
"I'll sing that one!"

"Why can't I push to my server?"

Ten minutes later...

"Oh right we lost power last night and I didn't start it."

LGBTQ date (+) 

LGBTQ date (+) 

MH (+), fitness, selfie 

Should I leave pull request comments celebrating my pull requests that hit a year old?

Today I saw a car accident happen right in front of me. So that was fun.

Just turned a 8 minute drive into a 22 minute drive, because some dumbass didn't trigger the pressure plate for a red light.

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Current mood: wishing I were cuddling someone special. Alas, that someone special doesn't exist.

Mental health (-) 

Writing prompt: two parallel universes overlap in one house. Both think they're being haunted, and call in paranormal investigator teams at the same time. They interfere with each other.

Writing prompt: censorship beeps start happening in real life.

Microsoft rant 

I like to tell dad jokes 

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my hobby is talking to people and incessantly tabbing between all my conversations despite knowing no one responded yet

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