Normalize telling people at the gym that they're inspiring you to keep working out


I can't wait to see 45 rant about this latest affront to all of his follo-oh wait

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And now, it's about to happen again. Every year, Duke University's James Boyle and Jennifer Jenkins document the treasures we are about to receive. 1925 is a bumper crop:

We're getting The Great Gatsby *and* Fats Waller; Woolf's Mrs Galloway and Hemingway's In Our Time; we're getting the Harlem Renaissance's peak, and the first year of The New Yorker. It's a good year!

(yeah, Mein Kampf is in there too)


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Date (+) 

So I went on a second date with a really cute guy today. We hiked in a nature preserve! We have a ton in common and we don't want our dates to end, so that's a really good sign!

Scooby Doo mystery incorporated, character cameo 

Is this Pebbles and Bam Bam?

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I played exactly one pickup tabletop game at a game store, ever

a guy got mad at me for using NSEW directions on a map in a fantasy setting because “they’d have different names for it” so I scribbled some shit and handed him a map that had the directions:

South (pronounced “sooth”)

he gave me the world’s dirtiest look and 5 minutes later when I described something as being “about ten bmiles morth by morthsqueast of here” he left the table and walked out of the shop

I never saw him again

What movie am I watching, from this quote? 

"Needs more... body."

Doctor Who, sad 

Which three words are sadder?

Civic duty, uspol, selfie with eye contact 

Is it even voting if you don't post a selfie to shame the people who don't do the most major thing they can do to decide the future of the nation? (Other than running for office I guess)

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Duolingo bird with no chill 

Please Duolingo bird, I don't wanna die

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Incredible work by trashhalo and @fribbledom rendering graphics in the terminal with Bubble Tea. 🌈

Check out the before and after where they utilize old school BBS style rendering techniques to double the vertical resolution:

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A version of youtube-dl with the latest commit pre-DMCA is now in my repository:

Thanks to the two folks who linked it to me.

Update your mirrors! <3

The previous repository has been moved to

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Beetlejuice beetlejuice be- 

-t you saw a joke like this coming

Where might I commission an artist for a present for a friend? The subject will be animals, though I don't have a reference pic - just a concept.

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