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Dystopia is a white people word that means “what if all that shit happened TO US?!?”

It took me longer than necessary to write, but here are my thoughts on the new movie.

“I am a fighter, not a criminal.” “The path I have followed has been imposed on me by the human rights abuses perpetrated against Palestinians”, he added. Abdallah was sentenced in 1987 to life imprisonment during a controversial hearing, viewed a black mark on the French legal system.

It's late October 2018. My window is open, and it's the temperature's nice.

And, like I keep reminding everyone: It was snowing when our plane landed in early October 1990.

But yeah, the weather's "fine".

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Seasonal video games:

Spring — Animal Crossing
Summer — Persona 4 Golden
Fall— Night in the Woods
Winter — Harvest Moon

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"holy balls. this is incredible

the [libssh] vulnerability literally works like this:

me: "can i log in?"

server: "no. you need a password."

me: "hacker voice i'm in"

server: "login successful. you're in""

admittedly, I managed to do a full 3D model (that's getting rigged) and built a website from scratch, so I guess it's not so bad

Third year in a row that I get excited to do inktober, and third year in a row that I keep failing at producing more than a few pieces...

Finally got around to updating my Patreon account settings and tiers.

If you want to help support my game's development, you can do so here (

If you already are: You're already awesome.

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Jack Shaheen, author of the "Reel Bad Arabs" documentary passed today.

You can honor him by watching his documentary on how vilifies in film, and how this perception of Arabs affects people outside of movies.

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