Last week, when I renewed my yoga teaching credentials through the Yoga Alliance, I had to agree to an "Ethical Commitment." Those yogic principles inform not just how I teach , but how I build my website and why I use "Drupal as an Ethical Base"

This is such an excellent, straightforward example to explain why people choose to use free software.

Still feeling the glow from the Asian Penguins keynote yesterday at DrupalCon. That is one amazing Linux User Group. indeed!

Scientists continue to amass evidence — intended to persuade rational Western minds — detailing the benefits of taking pauses during our days, including our workdays. Now we are learning that with regular practice our well-being can be cultivated.

Nowadays, apps "are merely camouflage for the real activity occurring on these networks: the hoarding of data about all of us by the companies that own the platforms."

I'm no economist, but I've never felt comfortable with the idea of equating a growing GDP with a successful society. There are a lot of things to like about "doughnut economics."

During COVID I have been creating slideshows with audio each week to send to meditation groups in my local prison system. I have developed a process that I find to be quick, useful, and reliable. Nearly all of it happens on the GNU/Linux command line.

You're invited to join our (free, online) discussion group and yoga book club. This blog post summarizes our last meeting: Read the comments to hear what other people thought. Everyone is welcome to come and connect with others on the path of self-study.

Tomorrow at 10:30am Central I will be giving a presentation (online) and leading a discussion about "deep listening," a practice developed by the composer, electronic musician, accordion player, and improviser Pauline Oliveros.

"Reclaiming the mysterious art and ritual of yoga as a tool for personal empowerment is one way we might tap the reservoir of human potential needed to meet the daunting challenges before us."

I'm suspicious of doing yoga in hopes of treating some specific "problem." However, doing some light yoga postures before bed and observing how they affect your routine sounds useful.

"A regular yoga practice appears to correlate with increased wellbeing, including better sleep, better body awareness, weight loss, and greater happiness"

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