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Today on -daily we went through all detection methods of /usr/bin/file except magic (that's tomorrow)

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Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy Online project by Jim Halfpenny

#Yellowstone #wolves

Today on -daily we started reading code of the new `file` utility

@nemessica just published her The Last Guardian review. I'm truly amazed knowing her acrophobia that she managed to finish the game (and plans to re-run it multiple times).

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I am always amused whenever GRSecurity / PaX throws a tantrum, and tries to drag OpenBSD into it.

Look, I get that you are jealous that people actually use our software. But, we don't particularly care.

Today on -daily we finished up reading malloc by diving into the canaries guarding internal data structures

Is there a way to have number channels in a deterministic way? Each time I reboot my server the window order is mixed up depending on the delay to join each network.

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The dangers of working from home!

@qbit 'can I be your trackpoint for today? pleeeease, pretty pleeaase'

Today on -daily we speed through malloc 'DRSX<>' options leaving internal canaries for tomorrow.


mg(1): Started by Dave Conroy in November 1986. Imported February 25, 2000 and first released with OpenBSD 2.7. Now maintained by Mark Lumsden.

Today on -daily we read the code for Freeguards in malloc ('F' and 'U').

Today on -daily we read how malloc canaries ('C') are implemented.

Today on daily we read how malloc guard pages ('G') are implemented

Today on -daily we read how malloc does allocation junking and DuClare explained bit twiddling for chunks ;)

Today on -daily we read how malloc junks memory after freeing it.

Today on -daily we took a look at malloc, which will be an ongoing theme for the following days.