We @haecksen are preparing for a next round of women in IT stamps for .
Should we present groups women this time? We thought of Pickering's Harem, Colossus Code Breaker and ENIAC Girls so far. Maybe Stephanie "Steve" Shirley's FI company. (Though we haven't done much research on them yet.) I would be nice to have five new stamps like last time.
Can you think of any other women groups? Maybe even from outside the UK/US?

@ChaosPost @digitalcourage

day 10 „pattern“

Not a very nice pattern, but I have no idea about quilting. @_@

Also, this is the real day 10. I got confused last time and accidentally labeled day 9 as day 10.

day 8 „frail“

I kept relatively close to a reference picture this time, but expanded and energized (?) it a little.

day 7 „enchanted“

How to combine my hands with this prompt? Why not draw an enchanted forest/landscape on a hand!

I fear the next few drawings have to become a little simpler again. This is getting out of hand! (Haha)

Late day 6 „husky“ (Did anyone not draw the dog but a husky voice instead?)
I read huskies don’t even like to give paws, but I thought it’s cute. :)

day 4 - freeze

It‘s rapidly getting colder and darker here as well. Time to change the wardrobe and pull out the warm winter coat!

I won’t have much time for this year, so I decided to do something simple (but nevertheless a bit challenging) and draw the official prompt list focused on hands.

Proof of concept of that idea I had about a coffe table book of European history.
It's more like a rough colored sketch.

I once had an idea to draw a coffee table book about the EU and the history of Europe. Each page would feature anthropomorphic Europe representing the state of the EU in the current timeframe, short informative paragraphs and a lot of graphic information.

But I guess I would have to team up with a historian or political scientist or a publisher or NGO. I don't know if I can gather and verify all the data I would need for it by myself.

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The post stamps by @mullana are printed! With your help over paypal.com/pools/c/8h7vfyexfv and ko-fi.com/mullana the next batch will be a bit better - if the printing works.

Hello everyone!
I created this account a while ago but never got to use it. I hope I'll find more time for it in the future!


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