Who needs holidays on a beach when you can have tea instead? ;v;

Mein neues Projekt hat eine Homepage und ich freue mich tierisch! podcastpastete.de 🥧 🎙

I finished my romance/comedy comic for the Webtoon Short Story Contest. Have fun reading!

Laura could live a pretty decent teenage life, if it weren't for this one weird quirk that could well make her end up eternally shamed and forever alone!

My new short comic is online!

"Laura could live a pretty decent teenage life, if it weren't for this one weird quirk that could well make her end up eternally shamed and forever alone!"

Please read and subscribe and tell your comic-loving friends! ♡
30% of the judgement criteria for this short story contest is audience engagement, so I could use every heart and comment to get some visibility!

or search for Mullana or HaChuu on the Webtoon app!

So habe das @acmelabs mit Bildern von mir, @mullana und Pénélope Bagie (Comic: Unerschroxken) dekoriert. Die Wohnzimmer-Ecke wird richtig gemütlich 😸

I'm back from my social media hiatus.
I'm at the Tierpark Nürnberg (a zoo) today and had my iPad and half an hour of time to spare (while my nephew was throwing a fit because he was tired and didn't want to sleep.)
It's very rough, but I think I got the colors about right.

I've lately been a little too addicted to mindlessly scrolling through timelines. That's why I'm going on social media hiatus for the rest of the month.

Things running through my head on the way home from :
(How) would it be possible to make a Congress design in comic form? Including a cheesy online comic generator where everyone can make his own Congress comic strip? I imagine that would be fun! Maybe it could be about aliens or time travelers visiting Congress.

There will be more Women in STEM history sticker sheets at @36c3

@digitalcourage took over printing them and they turned out really nice! They even have punched edges!
If you're not attending congress, you can buy them on their shop!

I've reworked my drawing of to make some stickers for . I think it fits the motto and I didn't have time to draw anything new.
A lot has happened since March, so I allowed myself to give Greta a tiny little confident smile. :)

When my friends ask me how I got into their router to set them a cool new WiFi id and secure password... (so fast and from my phone.)

How can this even still be a thing in 2019?!
You can’t even call that hacking!! It’s plain laziness and/or stupidity from the manufacturer side.

(Don't worry, I ask them beforehand.)

We @haecksen are preparing for a next round of women in IT stamps for .
Should we present groups women this time? We thought of Pickering's Harem, Colossus Code Breaker and ENIAC Girls so far. Maybe Stephanie "Steve" Shirley's FI company. (Though we haven't done much research on them yet.) I would be nice to have five new stamps like last time.
Can you think of any other women groups? Maybe even from outside the UK/US?

@ChaosPost @digitalcourage

day 10 „pattern“

Not a very nice pattern, but I have no idea about quilting. @_@

Also, this is the real day 10. I got confused last time and accidentally labeled day 9 as day 10.

day 8 „frail“

I kept relatively close to a reference picture this time, but expanded and energized (?) it a little.

day 7 „enchanted“

How to combine my hands with this prompt? Why not draw an enchanted forest/landscape on a hand!

I fear the next few drawings have to become a little simpler again. This is getting out of hand! (Haha)

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