Alrighty. This looks like it's working correctlyish, so I'll be absconding over to the me at hasameli.

....OK, finding a bug here, apparently. You'll want @ munin @ for the me on the instance that's mine.

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My instance has come up by -itself-

Now to look into how to administer the benighted thing.

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It would be funny AF if Twitter would die off because everyone moved to a platform named after an extinct animal. Irony +1.

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FYI, the "swiftonsecurity" on Mastodon is not the real SwiftOnSecurity from Twitter.

Ok, if you run mastodon with any username -other- than 'mastadon' then your psql db user has to have -THAT- username in it.

This is obvious in retrospect but apparently I've been burning caffeine like nothing else today.

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I really needed another platform to find infosec papers I will bookmark for later and never open

[Not counting the ruby gems or the...........]

Wait, what? 1055 more?

....42THOUSAND more?

What is this thing installing?

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982 dependencies makes me -really- nervous, and I'm glad I'm segregating this thing to a separate server.

tl;dr: stop changing UI around to be cool. It messes people up and then they don't upgrade.

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Whoever is trying to fax me from New Hampshire needs to stop.

First and foremost, I am NOT the person you're looking for.

Second, this is the 21st century. Yes, I realize that the medical profession is largely lodged in the 18th, but kindly get with the program.

And why I -still- remain on the CLI for a good chunk of my work, and I deeply, deeply resent the debian linux folks for changing to 'ss' from 'netstat' even though it's fewer characters - muscle memory works for words as well.

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Or on Android, changing how to find the part of the UI that dictates the kind of action your phone takes when plugged into a USB source - whether charge only, or making a drive available, or what.

Or windows, and why people remain with XP even still - because they know how to find what they want to do on that interface.

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This specifically applies to, for instance, the changes in UI on twitter and people's inability to figure out how to control the scope of their tweets' visibility.

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Y'know, when I have a moment for my head NOT to be buried six layers deep in dependencies, I'm going to have to write up a nasty note about how changes in UI are a significant problem for infosec in that users are trained to perform actions-on-interface, rather than understanding what the dev's intent for those specific parts of the interface are; thus, changes cause behavioral problems.

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No, *you're* running vi over ssh from bash launched via powershell inside VScode.


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rstatus peaked at needing 6 app servers with just over 10,000 active users. rails didn't scale in 2010 and it doesn't now. :)

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