10 years ago - in 2012, I listened to the loud slogans of youngsters in Delhi streets asking to hang the accused of .

Today, I can’t hear them, when Gujarat government “freed” 11 convicts of rape case.

Guess their conscience is down in sewer, now!

“It is fitting that at this solemn moment we take the pledge of dedication to the service of India, and her people, and to the still larger cause of humanity.” Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first and greatest PM.

With comedy throughout the narrative, efficiently showcases patriarchy in our living rooms.

It’s dark and deeply disturbing!

Watch it on @netflix@twitter.com.

Reading @harsh_mander@twitter.com’s “Unheard Voices.”

It’s a precious piece of writing and a good read for those want to learn about India’s disadvantaged classes, who mostly live in streets.

For all dog lovers.

Search “Dog” on Google, tap on the paw (🐾) icon, and, tap anywhere on the screen.

Thank @Google@twitter.com first and me later. 🐶

Thank you, @RahulGandhi@twitter.com and @priyankagandhi@twitter.com for fighting for us and giving us all the hope that retaining of constitutional, democratic, and secular India is possible.

“Route 66” has lots of history and romance. Every traveler wishes to drive through it; me too.

When I saw this car in Sharjah, UAE, I simply clicked a pic and thought, “who that might be? And what’s the story?”

Watched Abrid Shine’s today!

I think this work of art can claim the top place of satire in contemporary Malayalam cinema.

Kudos @NivinOfficial@twitter.com, Asif Ali, Lal, Siddique, and others for their notable performance.

NEET officials have seemingly asked the girls, “Is it your future or innerwear big?”

Shameful act while the government lauds “.”


Is it only I feel that MA Yousuf Ali’s decision to open in Lucknow, UP is a mistake?

As a sensible investor, he should’ve thought about expanding the business in southern India and elsewhere in the world!


“No evidence or statements recorded by the prosecution was able to establish that the accused were members of the Naxal wing and was involved in the crime,” the order said.


Watch now;
Congress fence sitters in Goa will take 40 crores each from BJP and move. However, they’ll come out to speak about Gandhi family’s leadership issues. 😅

Feeling pity about the electorate that trusted them!

The investigation found that "in some instances, when drivers were attacked, Uber executives pivoted quickly to capitalize" to seek public and regulatory support.


Indian Constitution guarantees right to expression. However, a ruling government (if) that’s motivated by Hindu religious interests, isn’t going to offer a suitable climate for artists.
Request artists to wait for a political change & ask for a law, which backs creative freedom!

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