Request from a 90’s kid to new-era musicians.

Please don’t ruin the best music and television video song memories we have by your remakes!

We are totally fine with the available YouTube videos.

By the same logic, should stop collaborating with governments (all over the world) as the revenues of governments belong to people. Plus, the company should distribute dividends among employees not only among shareholders.

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These multinational corporations can’t hide behind the luxury of capitalism and penalize their workers for earning a little extra with their hard work.

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Plus, should allow its employees publicly disclose their remuneration - we need to understand how competitive it is!

Importantly, it should suspend any profit-based remuneration to its executive employees.

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Did Narendra Modi ever walk half a mile distance for the unity of India?

No, he didn’t.

India was united back then; before 2014!

“The lizard on the ceiling believes it holds all the weight. But we know the truth.”

My advice to the : "Don’t act like superdemigods, you’re nothing before the masses, who’ve supported popular culture over centuries."

Onam wishes all Malayalis, who defend the true importance of their identity, which is shaped by unity, diversity and tolerance.

RACIAL ABUSE and BLAME for dropping a catch? 😳



We’re proud of you and with you! 💙

Dear Kannadigas,
Don’t fall prey to the narratives spread by Hindutva bigots.

Beside Hijaab, Halal, Ram Navami controversies, right wing forces are attempting to use to shake your sensibilities ahead of the upcoming assembly elections.

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What unleashed in Karnataka’s in the name of is “bigotry.”

If the Indian people silently approve of these long-standing intolerance, there’ll be damaging consequences and the future generations will be ashamed before the whole world!

Adani isn’t going to buy and the matter is clarified well by the promoters of NDTV.

Picture story: stuck elephant in mud rescued.

Due to droughts, it's common for wild animals to be stuck in mud looking for water #ClimateChange

10 years ago - in 2012, I listened to the loud slogans of youngsters in Delhi streets asking to hang the accused of .

Today, I can’t hear them, when Gujarat government “freed” 11 convicts of rape case.

Guess their conscience is down in sewer, now!

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