After the whole 'sass ruby is deprecated you should all use sassc no wait we're moving to dart now' thing, I can't wait to get rid of sass completely. Any tips? I'm using sass with Rails.

ui, neurodivergence-adjacent 

Hello UI designers,

My brain can deal with numbers much better than unlabelled points on a slider. For example, I want to be able to set something at 35% if I remember that value working for me before.

Sliders are good but removing the numbers altogether confuses me because I can't recreate settings and so on exactly to have a consistent and predictable experience, and because it creates a kind of choice overload for me.


Hi fellow young people, it is 2020 and we are a television company, what even is a "web link"

is it something illegal you are smoking

it is definitely something illegal you are smoking isn't it.

stop "linking your blogs" and "planking your fidget spinners" and get your lives right before Choice TV, the Wrathful God of Copyright


Jack: We must save democracy!

Me: So you’re ready to admit that your company’s business model – not to mention your very own status as a billionaire – is toxic to human rights and democracy?

Jack: Two taps to retweet instead of one to save democracy!


Starting to become really depressed that some things now include installation instructions for MacOS and WSL, but not plain Linux.

Of course no-one wants to paste code into JIRA tickets and keep line breaks. So why make that work? 🤷

just a reminder that the #FlutterDev team is building #CanvasKit, which is a plan to more or less dynamite the web & turn the browser into a new way to push pixels into people's faces.

no more user extensions. no more common accessibility tools. no more user-scripts. no more save page. it's not the web: your browser is just a moving picture show doing what the app-builder wants & you get nothing beyond that.

overall my general happiness with google & the web is remarkably high & i thank the stars so many dedicated, talented engineers get to work to improve the web there. but wow, the flutter team is quietly, in the background, building the highest possible grade poison they can, to ignore every line of normal, good behavior & respect we have, so that they can treat the web as nothing but an incidental target that happens to run their application code. CanvasKit is such an incredibly hostile weapon against information online. please, please please please, stop.

You can read the full study here

The Free Software community in Kerala convinced teachers why it is important and even when they were not at all tech savvy, the grasped the importance and demanded the govt to switch. So how we look at the situation is the most important thing. The teachers maintain a custom GNU/Linux distro with all the software they need included in it. #FreeSoftware #Kerala


if you think about it the Tower of Babel is about how even God is terrified of what the workers united can build

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