Devil announces that he has plenty of advocates already and that your just being an asshole now.

Interacting with Gnome developers on their bug tracker is en exercise in frustration. It's like they cultivate an air of grumpy terseness on purpose.

"However, the Treasury Department stepped in and announced that the US trade embargo on goods from the People's Republic of China extended even to pandas." #wikifinds

Is it really so hard to first update the changelog and then release software. 😞

Does she mean two cans of apples or the sequel to canned apples?

"At the end of those two years, their results demonstrated that although coquina looks more like sandstone, it behaves more like foam."

Every forthcoming article about Jonny Ive’s design genius and legacy should be required by law to include this photo

This one is for all the marketers trying hard to reach the 1% newsletter signup conversion rate by annoying 99% of their visitors.

@mvz *that* is fair. It's not like html doesn't give us the tools we *should* be using. Anyway 🔥 this is fine 🔥 🔥

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