Ok, so here's my upgrade page design pro tip: If the minimum number of user seats is not actually 5, don't say the minimum number of user seats is 5. What a fuck-up!

This is top irony.

Searching for "rerun a single migration dangers". Result 2 is this. #rails

Presented without further explanation 

Wow, CircleCI's new pricing is a mess. "Starts at $30" is basically not true, plus there's both a per user and a per-minute price.


blending the trolley problem and the prisoner's dilemma to trap psychology nerds

What do people use for memoization in Ruby these days?

Facebook gets US $40 million slap on the wrist for falsified video metrics that gutted the entire news industry


Though quite frankly, any 'news' organization that decided to just take Facebook at their word rather than investigating 'is this story true'.... kinda bought exactly what they got?

"Gems updated: activesupport activesupport activesupport activesupport activesupport activesupport activesupport activesupport appsignal aruba capistrano carrierwave did_you_mean erubi factory_bot factory_bot_rails i18n loofah minitest parser activesupport activesupport rake rdoc rspec-expectations rspec-mocks rspec-support rubocop rubocop-performance rubocop-rspec simple_form test-unit uglifier webmock

So, I guess activesupport was updated!?

Oh god one look at what's 'Trending in the Netherlands' on the birdsite reminds me why I left.

Unpopular Operating System Design Opinion:

A mobile phone operating system's realtime event-processing architecture probably shouldn't give much higher priority to some adware's javascript merrily chewing infinite resources in the web browser than *checking if the freaking power button has been pushed*.

And yet here we are.

(notices browser is no longer responding to 'scroll down' gesture, also menu buttons don't work, pushes power button, waits.... many seconds just to begin to reboot).

One thing I'm glad of is getting rid of in my projects (and too). Now I have only one file format left with complex string literal wrapping indicators.

Why are string literals in YAML so complicated 😭

Now that I'm unemployed I can finally browse the #NSFW tag

pastebin: where you find the same error message you have, but without any link to a discussion, explanation, or solution.

*Maxime Bernier attacked Greta Thunberg’s autism. Naomi Klein says autism made the teen a global voice of conscience*

"… Thunberg is nobody’s pawn. I have rarely met anyone — child or adult — who better knows their own mind. And this is not despite her autism; it may well be because of it. In fact, a big part of what has made Thunberg such an inspiring figure, is the fact that she is living proof that diversity — in her case neurodiversity — is absolutely key to the survival of our species. …"


#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #Autism #ASD #GretaThunberg

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