If you really want to make things slow, make your SPA load its old code from cache, fetch new data, then decide it's too old, and force a full reload.

Yes, I'm talking about .

Why you shouldn't let me ever touch the Star Trek universe

Exhibit A: The Repliporter

(a perfectly normal transporter, with the 'delete' bit cut off)

Exhibit B: The Starship 'Riker'

(The first Riker class starship, equipped with one repliporter and 1000 Rikers)

Exhibit C: Moriarty & Minuet

(All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each holodeck.)

Exhibit D: The Borg Kingdom of Data

(Scientific Monarchy, provider of investigatory services, protector of cats)

Zo, heeft even geduurd, maar er is een #blogpost met een uitgebreider antwoord op de vraag die @mvz over #docker had: Hoe start je een applicatie in Docker, en hoe zorg je dat die na een reboot automatisch opnieuw gestart wordt?


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Okay. Technical thread time.
I made a microdot. A real film microdot.
I've waited a long time to do this thread. It's time now, so let's do it.
In this thread, I'll show you ever step of the process so you can make your own, and give some history of the dot and the project.

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if you watch the Internet backwards, the nerds kick the corporations out and simplify the communications protocols until a single person can understand everything at once

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covid, social change 

in germany, things that should become clearer with the #corona crisis:

- the meat industry needs to be stopped
- exploiting poor people from poorer countries in the meat and agriculture industry needs to be stopped
- car culture needs to be stopped
- excessive flying needs to stop
- people with kids need to be supported
- the police has to be abolished
- the medical sector should not be for profit but a public thing.

well,, it was all clear before corona.

let's destroy capitalism and replace it with sourcehut).

Hey fediverse!

I'm looking for some motivated computer programmers to learn and collaborate with.

I am the sole developer at my job, and the (mostly) sole developer for all of my side projects; and to be frank, I've been lonely.

My goals are to further study mathematics and computer programming fundamentals in order to become a true professional and not just some "guy who makes webapps". I want to contribute meaningfully to my field and the world.

Feel free to boost, dm, and share links.

Does anyone have an introductory article on how to run a dockerized application on a server? All articles I can find either start with 'this is only for dev', or they talk a lot about other stuff and leave out how to:

- run the damn thing
- make sure it restarts when the server reboots.

I have a feeling this is in fact super-easy so everyone just assumes readers know this and skips it.

horrible tech startup shit 

dammit i keep thinking about the levels of bullshit involved in this. fuckin walking into a VC's office and saying, "you know what landlords are missing? REWARDS"

they lose their shit and start writing a check immediately

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This is an interesting perspective: nibblestew.blogspot.com/2020/0

I tend to agree. Also, much use of JavaScript is a great example of the Short Term variant.

actually here's a fucking bullet list of why touchscreens on laptops is a terrible idea and you should just use a tablet where a tablet is ought to be used:

- the desktop user interface was not designed for touch, and apps that use touch UI principles feel outlandish and limited to the power-user paradigm of desktop applications.

- laptops have other human interfacing devices which do better interacting with those dense ui elements. Time, money, and R&D spent shoving touch in the machine can be used to improve those (no other perfect example to this than apple's laptops with the trackpad, and lenovo's precise trackpoint)

- touch is mainly used for things that feel natural to touch, like book reading, note taking, media consumption, which tablets happen to be perfect for. A tablet is more suited for large screen touch interface, and it's not as awkward physically, or software wise.

- the convertibles/2-in-1s that try to be tablets are bulky as fuck and way more awkward than a tablet would be.

- to get them in a tablet territory, sacrifices must be made to ports, and to power (thermals, components, etc).

- to use touch on most laptops that aren't convertible or 2-in-1, you need to reach across the keyboard to the screen. That's a huge fucking waste of time.

- on most laptops the screen would wobble when you touch it like that. BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT HOLDING THE SCREEN. BECAUSE IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE TOUCHED.

- smudges and fingerprints are fine for close viewing like on a tablet, but could be an issue with a laptop's usual viewing distance.

- touch screen laptop displays don't come with a matte finish which means glare and smudges.

- touchscreen laptops are sold for 25-30% more the price for what's essentially a gimmick. non-touch models are slowly coming to be nonexistent so you have to pay that premium, or have an additional sacrifice bundled with the exclusion of a touch screen, lower tier hardware of some sort.

eradicate laptop touch screens

Some more #solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter!

*When Will We B Paid?* by #Prince ('00/'01)


This is a reworked version of the 1970 original by #TheStapleSingers (ft. @mavisstaples@twitter.com)

(it's not an official video, but nevertheless completely on point)


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Rand Paul tried to lecture Black lawmakers on the definition of lynching. Kamala Harris delivered her response. I was going to take a snippet from the 7 minutes to highlight but I couldn’t. The entire speech is powerful and one that’ll go down in history.

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