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You should subscribe to me on Drip!

Drip is a new tool for creators from Kickstarter (where I work) for creators and their communities.

I'm doing more and more of my online stuff there, and you can subscribe to my posts for $0 (that's free). Check it out - and even if you don't like me or my online stuff, there's other amazing creators on Drip, too!

My favorite place on the internet is an IRC channel that's had the same people in it for about ~10 years.

dont forget to like and subscribe.

never forget.

As I awoke this morning from uneasy dreams I found myself still a monstrous vermin.

I don't think I like social media anymore.

👋 ICYMI, I released a new bot this past weekend that makes new Animorphs covers: @animorphs

My coworker put a jigsaw puzzle down in our work area and I've learned this about myself: I'm a real puzzleboy.

You can now challenge someone to game of over toots! 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the , implementing all by itself. 😃

What do you call a node that represents you in the fediverse? Some people have multiple profiles across different instances, what do you call just one of them?

I'm going to propose a "federme", but I'm open to suggestions.

I won't be tailoring my posts for those perusing a federated timeline, so don't expect many CW's from me.

I'm trying to be more Stoic and less Online.

This is a thing already, I've learned!

`iconv -f 437` will cover *most* of the use cases.
Is there a way you view cool ANSI art in your modern terminal?

If you are interested in establishing a way to verify that you are who you say you are on Mastodon, you can do that with!

With the keybase command line tool, sign a message that states your identity:
keybase sign -m 'I am @mw and wunsch on keybase'

Post that message.

You can verify someone else's message with:
keybase verify -m '...'

or piping it in like
message | keybase verify -i -

Now you know!

Here’s an idea I’m toying with: a command line utility that reads “High ASCII” input and outputs a utf8 mapping where some of the special characters are replaced with box drawing equivalents with the goal of outputting cook ANSI art in a modern terminal.
Is this a good idea? A thing already?

This looks neat and I'm glad it exists!

ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and

"A multi-disciplinary conference that brings together researchers and practitioners interested in fairness, accountability, and transparency in socio-technical systems."

Their Call for Papers is open!

A while back, I massed unfollowed everyone on bird site and only followed brands and institutions I thought were interesting and I enjoyed it so much more.
I recommend it as an alternative to disabling your account altogether.
Who would have thought that *brands* would be the key to a more pleasant bird site experience?

"Boost a toot" to the tune of "Bust a move"

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