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Michael W (Warren) Lucas @mwlucas

I've been interviewed many times before, but this is my first ever interview as a novelist.


Really hate that most front-end development is now essentially owned by Facebook with the React library making up most if not all of the job postings out there.

Fuck this cargo cult industry.

@lattera Committing suicide is not dangerous, dude. Lethal, yes, but that's not quite the same thing...

"ZFS helps cope with one of the most dangerous things sysadmins do. No, not our eating habits. No, not a lack of exercise."

"If someone is so daft as to request an account on my systems, I treat them with all the respect they deserve: none."

@phessler ugh. good luck man. Applesauce might help.

@mwlucas ZFS: "I'm full of dark, unspeakable magics, but there are some things even *I* won't do unless forced."

'Many sysadmins read this as:

“-f makes this problem go away.”

What ZFS is really saying, though, is:

“Your command line is a mistake. Add -f to do something unfixable, unmaintainable, and harmful to system stability.”'

"Don’t clench your teeth like that. Teenagers can sense annoyance."

@phessler It stopped working when you were exposed to systemd. Now you've recovered enough to notice. Congratulations!

Remember PSDoom, where it would attach a monster to all of your processes, and killing a monster would kill a process?

Now, it's web-scale! DOCKERDOOM!


@kurtm nope. Realized what went wrong with the book I was writing before TST and went back

Birdsite started showing me notifications about followers starting to follow someone else. Likes were already way overkill, now this. 🤦

I sense another wave of new mastodon users.

@kurtm Been there. Had that. Get it done ASAP. I put mine off a couple extra days and REALLY regretted it.

“Did that hurt?” Ceren said.

“What do you think?”

“Poor baby.” Her voice oozed depths of sarcasm unknown to anyone who hasn’t had a teenager.

@phessler You'll try to forget, but the memories will return. Probably in the middle of sleep, leaving you shaking and sweaty and staring at the ceiling until sunrise.

On a related note: it's been four years, where is my new Front Line Assembly album? Dammit.

My Mastodon experience is about comfortable trans folks, industrial music, and systemd.

It's like simultaneous heaven and hell, but with a cool soundtrack.