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As we have a flood of people: let's have an .

I'm a pro hybrid author. Yes, I write full-time, not for an employer. You can see my nonfiction at michaelwlucas.com, my fiction at michaelwarrenlucas.com, and general bumpf about me at mwl.io.

Talk to me about the business of , BSD software, , middle-aged , and the awesomeness of pepperoni & pineapple pizza.

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The key to keeping Net Neutrality alive, is (useful) competition.

Compete by joining (or starting) a Co-op ISP. There are many ways to use free-software for your service, so you can save money on your routers.

Also, join your local IXP. Your traceroutes will thank you :).

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Any suggestions for a multi-account Masto client?

@mwlucas @kellerfuchs part of the RPKI problem is that it is per-prefix, not per AS. You can have two prefixes with different RPKI certs coming from the same origin AS.

The literal definition of AS is "a collection of prefixes that have the same routing policy". It's a massive waste!

Right. Offline to do some . won't finish itself, sadly.

@mwlucas both ARIN and RIPE (especially RIPE) are pushing RPKI super hard.

Hilariously, ARIN *requires* an NDA to get the public key they use to sign ARIN resources.

Yes, you read that right.

A lot of armchair admins popped up recently.

hijacks are well known. is *not* a fix. *could* be a fix.

Routers have less computing power than a box of cereal, so people whinge about convergence time *without* doing crypto for every route they receive.

Regarding the script I was looking for yesterday.

In the spirit of not leaving questions with 'nvm solved' answers on online forums.

sthen@ kindly pointed me at the script again so if anyone needs it it's here:


Other than rewriting the .sh script, how can I avoid the 'Ambiguous output redirect' message when I run this:

echo "cd $fp_scripts_dir && ./newusers.sh 2>&1 | mail -s 'FreshPorts users' dan@langille.org" | su -fm $fp_freshports_user || rc=3

“Using JavaScript Frameworks to Accelerate Application Deployment” didn’t interest him, although they’d scheduled a hacking talk right after it: “Leveraging JavaScript Frameworks to Penetrate Applications.” That combination promised to be entertaining, at least to anyone who didn’t like JavaScript.

There was a script to convert letsencrypt/certbot secrets/account details to acme-client format. Does anyone remember what/where it was?

Can you search Mastodon by content warnings?

Since smartwatches can now read your pulse, there should be a feature where it deletes your browser history when your heart beat stops.

"My read of this: Long time ago (Think Conan, not dinasaurs) during the race to make speedier processors, a cpu vendor built a pipeline with a bad stall, and proposed a tremendously hasky workaround. A wizard adopted this into his perl scroll, and failed to reflect later when no compiler adopted the practice. This relic remains at the tail end of some functions in OpenSSL as ".byte 0xf3,0xc3". Banish it straight to hell.
ok mlarkin, others also stared blankly"


For anyone who still cares, is preparing a new feature release: svn.apache.org/r1817773

WIP release notes: subversion.apache.org/docs/rel

I wrote most of the new conflict resolver feature over roughly 2.5 years: subversion.apache.org/docs/rel

I hope this feature will make the lives of dark matter programmers (and rusty devs) out there much easier. They will now rename things and *also* merge branches!

"Where are the dark matter developers? Probably getting work done." hanselman.com/blog/DarkMatterD