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Intermittent reminder: I've moved to @mwlucas

Intermittent reminder: I've migrated over to @mwlucas. Follow me there.

Intermittent reminder: I've moved to @mwlucas

I'll be talking at mug.org on 10 April... including on . The poor bastards.


dang it, I tooted on the wrong mastodon. Over to bsd.network!

Things like this are why I can't abandon birdsite. Yet.

A formative detail of my youth, from yesterday's podcast, in visual form.


OK, I'm moving off mastodon.social to make room for more folks.

Follow me to @mwlucas!

It's uplifting to see that #OpenBSD, #Illumos and #DragonflyBSD -- who were all left in the dark about Spectre by Intel and Google -- are working together on the fix 💞

( twitter.com/arekinath/status/9 )

Hey BSD folk. Looks like our good friend Peter Hansteen (@pitrh) is in the market. Now's a great time to hire a great guy, pf expert, mail guru and real Unix systems admin. twitter.com/akpoff/status/9512

Looking to do a firmware update to install the #Meltdown microcode, but don't have Windows?

On #OpenBSD: pkg_add geteltorito; geteltorito -o bios.img firmware-update.iso; then dd bios.img onto a usb stick.

When in doubt, follow people with pet rats.

hi mastodon here are my two wonderful perfect rat babies their names are Grace and Ada

Hey red teams & pen testers? What's the most frequently misconfigured common Unix component? PAM! You should learn PAM, because #sysadmins don't.


(h/t @mulander ) bsd.network/media/gJJjr6_zGfNo

"Yes, there’s other ways to rob a house. But hiring a man named Stabbity Joe as part of your team pretty much eliminates the whole “plausible deniability” thing. It’s not like I’m called Tranquilizer Terrance. You get what it says on the label."


One of my 2018 resolutions is to be better at marketing. I'm told people follow me because they're interested in what I write, and I should remind them that my older books exist.

So... you have been warned?