We're updating the files in /etc/skel that control the creation of a new user's desktop to match new default.

MX-Fluxbox update this morning shows a lot of "warnings." The warnings just mean that a package doesn't control those files anymore, but the directories aren't empty so they aren't being deleted. Subsequent updates won't have them.

Corrected image and patch are now up, other documents updated. Annoying.

Pulled the image due to a conflict. Rebuilding now, apologies.

Wrapping up the MX-Fluxbox Raspberry Pi Respin, release Saturday.


Work on the RPi beta release is ongoing. We tested bluetooth, are looking at Palemoon as a possible default browser, have changed the login page--and lots more.

Join us if your can on one of the feedback threads listed in the Blog: mxlinux.org/blog/fluxbox-raspb

Forum now back up without problem.

Thanks for the nice job by our webmaster peregrine and our Forum Admin richb!

Sunday morning's upgrade broke VLC. Download the new file in the SourceForge directory HOW TO FIX VLC here:

==> sourceforge.net/projects/mx-li

This VLC problem only affects the RPi version.

Know C and GTK? Want to help a great project?

Consider looking into issues with the next release of .

There are lots of places to help, but if you need a suggestion, how about this one having to do with Qt popup notifications:


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Finnish Linux users here: there's a new Linux group in Telegram called Linux-sauna.

==> t.me/linuxsauna
#Telegram #Suomi #Linux #Finns #Sauna #discussion

Xfce 4.16 pre 2 packages are available for testing.

MX forum users can find the info in the Application Development forum.

Fair warning...there will be issues, we've noted some, so be sure to read the whole post.

When Xfce 4.16 pre2 will be available?

==> Probably soon, but strictly in a testing sense... its got issues on Debian 10. -Dolphin Oracle

Good stuff here!

MX dev "m_pav" has some updates to his "base" iso respins, including versions that boot directly to fluxbox. Get the deets here:

==> forum.mxlinux.org/viewtopic.ph

Nice change for this highly useful app!

==> Some small fixes to mx-tools app, new version should start much faster.

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