Uploaded MX Linux November snapshot.

About 90 packages got updated since Oct.

Among them, Firefox, Flash, Java, a bunch of MX apps got new translations and features.

Uploaded to archive.org/details/MX17.1Nove … also on Sourceforge: bit.ly/mx-monthly

Last snapshot before MX-18 betas.

For those that liked GIMP 2.10.8, but were unhappy with it being incompatible with Mypaint on the same install, good news!

We have a patched Mypaint coming into the test repo which will install alongside the new GIMP!

We now have the latest versions of some lighter weight browsers in our repositories:

Pale Moon 28.2.0 in main, and Midori 6.0, Netsurf 3.8, and Qutebrowser 1.5.2 in the test repo!

We have greatly simplified and clarified the Downloads page, separating out mirrors into a separate Wiki page that makes maintenance easier.

We think we have maintained the integrity of incoming links, but people should check.

The new ISO page: mxlinux.org/wiki/system/iso-do

The Debian 9.6 upgrade is coming through now, and the GRUB update has caused some user uncertainty that Dolphin Oracle addresses in a new video:

==> youtu.be/sNh6RHSjnjo

The new GIMP 2.10.8 release has landed in our test repository.

This is mainly an optimization and bugfix release.

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@erikstl If you are interested in the Debian experience, consider taking a look at MX Linux:


Lightweight. I chose the Xfce DE because of long time use, but they offer a couple of others. Very impressed with it. Nice tool set.


While technically not a rolling distro, our packaging team keeps rolling in the latest releases of many apps!

Case in point: Quod Libet 4.2.0, the lightweight yet feature-rich music player, is now in our MX 17 test repository!

Infinitely Galactic checking on MX Linux.

On the MX-Tools: "MX provides the user experience that a lot of linux users want, but for some reason no one thinks to make".

Sound good to us.

==> youtu.be/wCsRMLhVL8Y

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Wow, it's Marc Dillon kicking off the #Sailfish3 event, welcome the world's greatest mobile community :) #Jolla #SailfishOS #Sailfish3Day

We now have Waterfox 56.2.5 ( a modified Firefox-derived browser) for 64-bit in our test repo, as well as the latest CopyQ super clipboard manager in the main repo!

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Starcraft II: World Championships / Blizzcon 2018.

Starcraft II can be played swell on Linux, too!

Platinum ratings on WineHQ.

Joona "Serral" Sotala from Finland did what no other non-Korean has ever done in all twenty years of StarCraft history;

World Champion after winning the 2018 WCS Global Finals @ BlizzCon.

To get there, he had to beat the best of the very best & did so in a dominating fashion.

=> esports.com/articles/blizzcon-

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Stopped the stream early yesterday, so I will be playing The Original Strife: Veteran Edition over at twitch.tv/sirsamsai Do stop by!

We have updated Java 11 (the Open JDK version, not Oracle's) to the latest release in the MX 17 test repo!

Chris's story bringing an old laptop back to life with Linux (and MX Linux in particular).

"Restoring an old laptop with Linux" via



New in our test repository: the current 1.7.0 PPSSPP (Playstation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably), which is an emulator to allow PSP games to run on your PC!

This should be interesting, and will make a bunch of our user's happy.

Dolphin Oracle started working on adding encryption to the installer. Long way to go but in progress!

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