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MX Linux

DistroTube: "MX Linux - love that distribution!"

He gets asked two questions more than anything else: (1) What is his favorite distro? (2) What is his favorite DE/WM?


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on is a great example of a community application. Super interface. Hipefully this will grow and grow and gives us mpre freedom!

MX-17.1 July snapshot available

Includes Debian 9.5 updates, new versions of Firefox and Thunderbird.

MX Installer got some refinements, MX Packageinstaller has been updated to support translations (some available now, the rest are upcoming).

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Going to be streaming some Linux games again in 15 minutes. Today's showing is going to be W40k: Gladius - Relics of War and The Freee Ones. Today we also pick a new game to play through!

MX Mastodon just received its 130th follower! Great to know there is a solid group paying close attention.

This would be a great moment for us to hear any suggestions for improving this feed...

A relatively large translation project is coming soon for MX-Package Installer... Stay tuned all you translators!

The hot new release of the popular and powerful art creation program, Krita 4.1.0, is now available in the MX 17 test repository!

MX Package Installer makes it easy to temporarily enable the repo and install the new version, too!

Our sister distro needs to upgrade its main server. Thanks for any help!

antiX (upon which MX is built) is putting out a request for donations. Details here:


The new 1.1.1 release of the popular video transcoder and ripper, Handbrake, has landed in our MX 17 test repo, along with updates of the x264 and x265 encoder libraries that it uses!

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I like Krita too. Enough that I recently realized I'd forgotten how to use Photoshop, actually...

Matt Hartley (of / Linux Action Show fame) with a new episode of For The Record - "Best Linux Distros".

Guess which distribution is up there? :thinkhappy:


Uploaded new MX Linux monthly snapshots.


About 30 updates, more relevant: Firefox, Thunderbird got updated, new MX Cleanup app, updated MX Live USB Maker to clarify the interface. The installer got some fixes.

Waterfox now added to MX-PackageInstaller.

Note this uses the Waterfox repo.

Krita 4.0.4 bugfix update has landed in the MX 17 test repo-fixes loading of Python libraries so that Python extensions now work!

Triggered by user requests!

Adrian / MX Linux: compiling MX Cleanup a new simple tool for MX Linux for removal of temp files, cache, old debs, and the like.

Will show up in the repos by today. We retire that functionality from MX User app.

We might not be in full dev mode, but updates continue all the time.

Check out the new packages available in MX-Package Installer's Popular Apps tab.

Vivaldi browser, megasync, alternate whisker-menu icons, and more added in the last week.

Steve Pusser/ MX Linux:

Check out Komorebi in the test repo for some greatveye-candy wallpapers, many with animation or parallax effects!

And it's simple to add your own:

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Check out latest episode of @DestinationLinux where we chat with Chris Lamb of the Debian Project