The popular Pale Moon browser has been updated to 28.3.0 in the main repos for MX 15-18! Check here for changes:

Dedoimedo reviews: MX Linux MX-18 Continuum - Time x Space x Fun.

"The heat is on. The stakes are high. Why, thou asketh?

Well, I crowned MX-17 the best distro of 2018, and now I'm testing the successor release, MX-18 Continuum, with all the associated hype and expectation."


And we're off again!

Adrian / MX Linux: MX-18 January snapshot is up

51 packages updated since the official release, among them: Firefox, Thunderbird, VLC, Adobe Flash, and a bunch of mx tools.

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Forbes / Jason Evangelho: The Elementary OS 5 Linux Community Challenge!

"6 months ago I gleefully fell down the Linux rabbit hole and haven’t looked back. While doing so has positively affected both my personal and professional life.

I’m challenging myself -- and you -- to the elementary OS Challenge!"

So, he distro-hops. eOS is Ubuntu-based.


eOS challenge Telegram group =>

Linux Scoop overview.

Xfce 4.12 as default environment include xfce4 component, based on Debian 9.6 scratch and powered by Linux Kernel 4.19 series.


This is important for users who want to boot by default into systemd instead of sysVinit, good work by Adrian / MX Linux here.

Adrian: Fixed mx-boot-options, not it sets the default menu even if you use GRUB submenus.

We have the new release of the popular video ripper and transcoder, Handbrake 1.2.0, in our test repository, and it enables hardware accelerated encoding, at least for recent Intel GPUs!

We're starting a complete review of the Users Manual to bring it up to MX-18.

If interested in participating in this important project, see this Forum post:

MX Linux with Plasma desktop will come for all of you KDE lovers.

Unofficial, yet still to be available. Who knows what happens in the future for this one.

Just a quickie tutorial about using the wonderful MX Live USB Maker on MX Linux.


The Forum will go offline tonight Jan 05 at about 7:00 PM EST for a software upgrade. We anticipate a couple of hours to complete it. This is necessary as the current version is no longer supported and the upgrade includes bug fixes.

We've rolled in an update to the proprietary 390.87 Nvidia drivers that allow for the Nvidia Vulkan drivers to stay installed, and make the upgrade from an older driver version a much better experience.

Interesting look at the simple syncing functions of MX-User Manager, an often overlooked tool, but one of the best user management tools out there.

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Very impressed by the lastest release of #MXLinux18 by @mxlinux the team successfully build a distro that is simple to manage, that doesn't hide the complexity, but reduces dramatically the effort required to sustain the OS and get effective quickly. There is even a tool to access my iphone's photos! Amazing... I even wonder if I'm not gonna switch for good.

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NECUNOS secure mobile devices are available to purchase right now!

Necuno Solutions are proud to have made this extremely secure and OPEN HARDWARE and are hopeful that this will help to change the overall mobile landscape in to more open direction.


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@normandc FYI: MX Linux 17.x/18 has the 0.17 release of #FreeCAD as a Flatpak app. Installation is a breeze from their package install GUI. Runs fine. Another round of thanks and Kudos from me for the MX Linux devs! @mxlinux

Dolphin Oracle / MX Linux:

Had some fun last nite on BDLL talking MX with the community members.


In case you missed it, the distro challenge was MX Linux and we got to talk to Dolphin Oracle about it. Check it out at

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