MX Cleanup, which is already a terrific tool, has added an easy way to remove old kernels--which is otherwise a somewhat complicated process for many users.

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Settlers II IS still a thing in gaming for you?

WIDELANDS - a free, open source real-time strategy game inspired by it!

Singleplayer campaigns & a multiplayer mode.

Widelands has significantly more variety and depth to it than its original predecessor.

+please contribute if you can!


#Widelands #Settlers #gaming #Linux #RTS #strategy #games #free #opensource #FLOSS #FOSS #BlueByte #retro #classic

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JOLLA - those premium mobile Linux OS makers serve again - Sailfish OS 4.4.

This release is dubbed as "Vanha Rauma" and released with camera app improvements, updated Gecko.

Sailfish X is a smartphone OS for certain devices +additionally even offering some Android app compatibility when you need some.

Sailfish X can be purchased from Jolla's store with instructions.

Jolla keeps sailing!


#Jolla #mobile #Linux #Sailfish #Gecko #Vanha #Rauma #Android #SailfishOS

Debian 11.3 updates have started showing up for MX users.

Including an update to the 5.10 kernel (Debian 5.10.0-13-amd6, kernel 5.10.106-1). Enjoy!

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Love the classic game RollerCoaster Tycoon?

FreeRCT attempts to capture the feel of the original RollerCoaster Tycoon while being completely free as in freedom & open source.

Other project, OpenRCT2, relies on the original proprietary data files, for example.

The project needs help / contributions now. The start is promising. More 100% free games!

Please contact them if you can to help in any way.


#FreeRCT #rollercoastertycoon #opensource #gaming #Linux #free

The developer of MX Linux Dolphin Oracle:

"burned my hand last weekend while camping. pro tip: do not pour hot bacon grease on your hand.

good news: healing is progressing and its getting easier to type. some of my skin is a the "chunky shoe leather" stage. some is still in an angry "mordor" phase."

“Ragout2” released. Respin unites Raspberry Pi with MX-Linux and offers two lightweight window managers: Fluxbox and Openbox.


--Intro video:


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Fancy some good old cave flyer / shooter á la Wings 2 yet modern?

::: GUNTECH 2 :::

Formerly only for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One -- now coming for LINUX (in Steam) on 9th February!

You may wishlist now ==>

#Guntech #Guntech2 #caveflyer #shootemup #shooter #arcade #action #Steam #gaming #Linux #Utopos #games

Major upgrade to Raspberry Pi Dev respin "Ragout2" released for beta testing.


Intro video:

Fast and fun--enjoy!

New apps released to MX Test Repo: Disk Manager and MX Samba Config, following a lot of development and testing:

If you try it, please let us know what you think!

Dolphin Oracle has a nice new video introducing MX-21 (all versions):

MX-21: Installation video series by Dolphin Oracle.

--Whole disk installation:

--Installation with partitions:

--Installation on btrfs:

Answer to the question: "To go from the beta version to the final version, will it be necessary to reinstall?"

Dolphin Oracle on Twitter ==> No, although there might be a few manual adjustments to make if you want to align with the final iso.

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Premium mobile operating system creators Jolla: the new Sailfish OS "Verla"

Introduces a new sharing system, camera updates +some more sandboxing work under the hood!

Wishing to leave the notorious Google ecosystem and services behind? Sailfish X is for you, improving all the time.

#Jolla #Verla #Salfish #SailfishX #SailfishOS #mobile #Linux #deleteGoogle #deleteAndroid #sandbox #Xperia #UNESCO #PekkaVuorela

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Tatu Ylönen - Linux using inventor of SSH (or openSHH) changed the IT-world.

Mr. Ylönen solved the password sniffing trouble of internet to start with.

Tatu Ylönen (Lic.Sc.) is another Finnish inventor, next to the likes of Jarkko Oikarinen (IRC), Linus Torvalds (Linux), Matti Makkonen (SMS), Monty Widenius (MariaDB, MySQL), etc.

Highly energetic appearance ==>
#Tatu #Ylonen #SSH #openSHH #Linux #Finland #Suomi #inventors #WHD #Global #IT #cryptography #encryption

Linus Torvalds (the creator of Linux) on Californians work mentality (in Finnish).

I suppose they get hit bad 🤪

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Finnish Linux starters?

I'll take forward this opportunity to infrom that there is a new group called LINUX-SAUNA on Telegram.

Helps you get things going in the native language.

The nation of origin for Linux is Finnland / the user percentage should rise via knowledge and getting together.


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