Nice change for this highly useful app!

==> Some small fixes to mx-tools app, new version should start much faster.

About HP drivers in MX-19.3:

Drivers should be built in. Just use: hp-setup -u

mx-fluxbox-data updata issue this morning. The problem doesn't cause anything serious to go wrong, but the system will report the error (stale file handles).


MX-19.3 is available as RC for a quick round of testing.

Looking especially for any regressions, things that were working in 19.2 but not in 19.3.


Base (stripped) versions of MX Linux have been released as a personal re-spin from developer m_pav!

Includes Xfce and Fluxbox 32bit, Xfce 64bit. Details in Blog post:


MX-FLuxbox users: a new package has been released called mxfb-goodies.

Check out the video and Blog:

MXFB users: we're looking for some testing of a new graphic app to set up and manage the separate backgrounds:

Uploaded are monthly snapshots for MXLinux on SourceForge.

Short URL:

This time updated KDE and 64bit AHS ISOs too.

(this is only for people who don't have MX installed, if you have it installed just run regular updates).

Just released MX Workbench, a live-USB Linux build made with MX tools is that is meant to be a "Swiss Army" kind of tool for sysadmins, containing a bunch of useful programs.


Do you like Linux Mint's warpinator? Try it on MX as well.

Just install it from the Test Repo tab of MX Package Installer.

MX-Fluxbox 2.2 has been released with exciting new features


New firmware packages hitting the Advanced Hardware Support -repos.

A new video is available for MX-Fluxbox users: "Tips & Tricks #2." Covers a new run app called "rofi" and how to use Xfce plugins.


It seems that the torrent server was overwhelmed!

Here is a working torrent link for the new KDE version:


KDE version has gone final! Here's the official announcement:


Be sure to also check out the cool new Home page design:


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