We've had nextcloud-client in our repos for a while, but Debian added it to their repos as nextcloud-desktop.

We've backported Debian's , and users should install nextcloud-desktop, which will remove the older -client version automatically.

The regular monthly security update of the Adobe Flash browser plugins was sent to the main repos today, and should soon appear as an update.

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@mxlinux Yup. The main reason for me recommending MX Linux over Ubuntu for a person who's new to Linux, who's asking me about Ubuntu is that MX is far more efficient, fast, very reliable and has a good looking UI with a lot of GUI tools to manage the system. More user friendly than Ubuntu imo.
I do not like the path Ubuntu has taken. It's becoming the Windows of the Linux world.
MX Linux is a gem. Really.

MX-19 Beta 3 now available for testing (changes and fixes).


==> forum.mxlinux.org/viewtopic.ph


==> forum.mxlinux.org/viewtopic.ph

Next stop: Release Candidate - can you help us get there?

MXLinux subreddit.

reddit.com/r/MXLinux/ passed 1000 subscribers. Yay!

BTW, don't let geeky introverts handle the "social" communications.

Sorry, haven't been present around on Twitter.

We are working on MX19 Beta3 which as Dolphin Oracle whispered to me might come shortly

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Happy weekend!

Suuuuch many Linux nerds noticed that Sonata Arctica have a new video out!

Yep, it's pretty "cute" 🙂


#Linux #SonataArctica

Tons of great feeback on the MX-19 beta 2.1.

Going to do one more beta before we get to release candidate. Stay tuned.

Thanks to everybody for great testing and feedback!

We've just begun building Beta 2 and are making great use of the comments and suggestions.

The latest 56.2.14 security update for the 64-bit Waterfox browser has now landed in our main MX 17/18 and 19 repos!

All users of the browser are urged to update.

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Today we will look at MXLinux, what it is, and why you might want to use it.
6:15p EST

Thanks to Stevo in the middle of all the MX-19 work!

For Telegram users, we now have the current telegram-desktop 1.8.2 release in the main MX 19 repo as well as the MX 17/18 test repo!

Firefox 69 is there for you to update to in the MX updater.

Linux Quest: "MX Linux 19 Beta - Nirvana for Newbies".

In the meantime, waiting for the FINAL release of MX Linux 19, check out this video :thinkerguns:

==> youtu.be/IeH-8XpGRVc

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@mxlinux I keep wondering what all the fuss is about.

Maybe I should finally check out MX Linux!

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It's time for another episode of Linux For Everyone!

Dell's Barton George joins me to discuss the brand new XPS 13 Developer Edition #linux laptop, the re-launch of the Project Sputnik website, & the successes and struggles the team has faced over the last 7 years.

+ learn how to test more than 230 operating systems from any browser, & enjoy some atmospheric steampunk-inspired music from Red Ambassador!

Search "Linux For Everyone" in your favorite #podcast player.


What's cooking in the oven? mX 19 beta 1, that's what (coming soon).

Found a tricky way to build Waterfox browser 56.2.13 from source on MX 17/18, so it's now in our main repo!

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