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: Die @fsfe@twitter.com fragt wie stehen die Parteien in zu ?


Spoiler: Als größte Unterstützer präsentieren sich @gruenehessen und @dielinkehessen

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Sometimes we forget how much of the entire and ecosystem is built with @gnutools@twitter.com. An accurate overview of the impact of this toolchain didn't exist until now, thanks to Margaret Lewis for pulling this together!!! linux.com/blog/2018/10/gcc-opt

Looking outside of your office window and seeing a green parrot fly by - welcome to .

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"Rechtasabbieger"?! Ist das wieder so ein AfD-Mist???

Wow, this is huge. Bloomberg reports that apparently China implanted tiny, advanced chips in servers, able to spy on 30 major companies. All based on anonymous sources, companies' spokepersons deny, but still... bloomberg.com/news/features/20

Interesting read about how @TutanotaTeam@twitter.com got their app on @fdroidorg@twitter.com by using an underestimated tech to circumvent Google's proprietary cloud messaging service while being fast and power-efficient. Would be awesome if @signalapp@twitter.com and @wire@twitter.com used the same! f-droid.org/en/2018/09/03/repl

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There are now Mastodon share buttons on the @fsfe websites. 😉

I'm on the again! After quitter.no shut down, you can find me on mastodon.social/@mxmehl (@mxmehl). Looking forward to connect with you in a network :)

Excellent talk by @ComplexEvo@twitter.com on hackers' responsibility to improve society's sustainability at . Great to have such topics at tech conferences, it's important!

Just another discussion about non-military use licenses here at . We really should write down the reasons of why this isn't a good idea if you value Free and Open Source Software. It doesn't scale, it has negative side effects, and it creates huge incompatibilities

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Cheap internet protip: Buy a Telenor card for 300RSD (2.5€), insert into your phone. Dial *121#, then dial *111#, select 1, then 1 again. 5 minutes later you’ll have 10240MB for the duration of @BalCC0n + free calls on their network + 5 SMS. 02.lv/t/7ace4e.jpg

First time at @BalCC0n@twitter.com, first time in Serbia, but I already love it. Such a diverse and international crowd, excellent organisers, and the food is fabulous!

On my way to in Novi Sad, Serbia. Looking forward to meeting the Balkan Free Software community and speaking about on Saturday! 2k18.balccon.org/events/235.ht @BalCC0n@twitter.com

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Wow. Auch das @Handelsblatt rät @RWE_AG@twitter.com nun, den nicht zu roden. Das Unternehmen könne "durch einen Verzicht auf die Rodung mehr gewinnen als verlieren", kommentiert @Juergen_Flauger: handelsblatt.com/meinung/komme

Great to see so widespread within our community, e.g. today at during the Siwecos talk at ! I will also present "Public Money, Public Code" in 30mins: drupaleurope.org/session/publi @DrupalEurope@twitter.com

Bin heute bei der Kommunalen Open Government Konferenz, um die Wichtigkeit Freier Software für transparentes Regierungshandeln aufzuzeigen. Jetzt schon eine sehr interessante Mischung aus Verwaltung und Zivilgesellschaft! @fsfe@twitter.com @OKNRW@twitter.com @lexelas@twitter.com

Today I learnt about and , enabling GNU/Linux users to update their firmware. Just tried it with my laptop and it works surprisingly smoothly. wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/f

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Sarah Wagenknechts neue hat seit heute eine Website. Diese steht in den USA und verpetzt ihre Besucher.innen an Google Analytics.


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"leading the way"? I don't have enough fingers and toes to count how many similar initiatives there are. twitter.com/AnnCavoukian/statu


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