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Do you know someone who might be interested in this job opening at the ? "The FSFE is hiring a Senior Project Manager "

What a coincidence 🤯 I just happened to watch a episode covering . In one scene a man says that "some day we gonna get enough people on the Supreme Court to change that law". Almost 30 years after it first aired this really happened :(

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Liebe KölnerInnen (+ Umgebung) !
Diese Woche finden interessante Veranstaltungen der @fsfe in #Köln statt:

📲 1. für alle, die an #Android #CustomROMs und #Nachhaltigkeit interessiert sind: #UpcyclingAndroid -Workshop

Es gibt Testgeräte vor Ort und/oder ihr könnt ein eigenes mitbringen

(1/3) >>>

Gerne weitersagen:
@zucker @koeln-im-fediverse @chris @TobiasPastoors @bitsundbaeumeKoeln @Frank @malte @Europakueken @hein @kesipote

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Bitte denkt, wenn ihr über Schlechtleistungen der Bahnen schimpft, IMMER an die Ursache des Symptoms.

Dieser Status Quo ist jahrzehntelang erzeugt worden durch eine auto- und damit nicht menschenzentrierte, sondern industrie- und lobbyfixierte Bundespolitik.

Werdet laut!

Whoever said that installing and using a system is hard either a) never tried it or b) never tried to setup 10 in a sane and privacy-respecting way.

I'm knee-deep in the registry now and have seen things. Bad things.

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Moin zusammen, wir wollten euch nur mal sagen, dass es uns gibt! Wir sind Ossrox und finden: Open-Source-Software Rocks!

Wir hosten quelloffene, datenschutzfreundliche Dienste und sind Live! Also fast. Zu unserem Soft-Launch laden wir euch herzlich ein:

#party #ossrox #hosting #security #privacy #matrix #nextcloud

First three things for me to do when arriving in Berlin:

1. Drop off luggage at hotel.
2. Find best nearby Vietnamese restaurant and order the whole menu.

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"LfDI expects schools to offer pupils alternatives to the MS365 #cloud service for #school operations by the summer vacations in 2022.

From the coming school year, the use of MS 365 at schools must be terminated or its data protection-compliant operation must be clearly demonstrated by the responsible schools."

This is how the SA of Baden-Württemberg starts its press release stating that M365 is not #GDPR compliant and it must be discontinued.

#Privacy #Education


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A reverse proxy can protect your servers from attack, cut down on the time your visitors wait, and balance the load, but how do you implement one for a large number of docker instances? Docker2Caddy to the rescue!

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Diesen Mittwoch um 9:30 geht es um ! Sei dabei, wenn wir die aktuelle Situation in 🇦🇹 diskutieren, wo dieses wichtige Recht auf der Kippe steht.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos. Für alle Infos und Link bitte hier registrieren:

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Remember the outcry for Microsoft buying GitHub and developers (allegedly) leaving en masse? It didn't happen and GitHub is as a monopoly today as it was back then. Musk/Twitter is analogous. We need to make federated alternatives better than centralized ones. Outcry won't do it.

Making your web services accessible to the outside can either become quite messy from all the manual port forwarding configs, or depend on full-blown orchestration suites.

I present a handy tool and workflow that automatically configures your reverse in a minimal Docker setup. We've been using it in the @fsfe since quite some while now: 🚀

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Dear Free Software Friends. Daniel Pocock is harassing members of our communities yet again and forging mails so that it appears to originate from Debian lists. Please be careful.

Note that he is not part of Debian and has been banned from the project, contrary to his claims that he quit.

Debian has issued a statement on Daniel Pocock last year, which you can find here:
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