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Looking for a few people to test the Exposure Notifications API of @microg

- Update your microG to
- Install and set up your local gov corona tracing app
- Verify that microG settings has Exposure Notifications enabled and shows the app as using it
- When you are in public tomorrow, go to microG settings again and verify that "Collected IDs" shows a higher number
- Report back here with device name and android version+rom


Still sad that will not take place this year. It was one of my favourite conferences of the year in an exciting location with super-friendly people and organisers.

Looking forward to the t-shirts though, always a must-have!

Great news from @kde: the KDE Framework is fully compliant, so perfectly reusable from a copyright/licensing perspective – and this is just the start of their journey!

Excellent work and yet another example that REUSE is suited also for large and old projects.

@sengi_app I just discovered your project, just what I searched for, thank you! I didn't find documentation on how to install Sengi as a web-app on my own infrastructure. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Is there something like for Mastodon already? So:

* Multi-account (I can reply a notification of my first account in the name of the second account)
* Web-based (so can be integrated in Rambox/Franz for instance)
* Ideally self-hostable, but not a must

Thanks for any hints!

Interesting project by the Danish company Magenta: spots sensitive related data in organisations' emails, files and other sources. It's already used by administrations in Denmark, Greece and Sweden 👍

git-sed allows you to rapidly and efficiently find and replace text in your repository. Here's why, how, and with some custom improvements included:

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Finally released microG Services Core v0.2.11.202414 🎉
- Includes early version of UnifiedNlp 2.0
- Works better with Android 10
- As always: tons of fixes and compatibility updates

Available on the microG F-Droid repository or via

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From hackathons to apps to public administrations: Read about the recent successes in regarding in our , find videos from multiple online events where the was represented and read about our diverse activities:

Was bedeutet ("Linux in einer Art virtuellen Schachtel in Windows") für GNU/Linux-Systeme? Ein Artikel der @SZ gibt ein paar Einblicke dazu mit Kommentaren von mir @fsfe

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I am not using reddit under the username mar-v-in. And microG development will continue.

Why are people making up such things?

So many podcasts on summer break already, but not the ! Here's another interesting episode, this time about copyright enforcement with Miriam Ballhausen:

@fsfe @conservancy

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Against strong recommendations by , does not publish their tracing app as . This is counterproductive: keeping the app proprietary eliminates transparency, effective reviews and trust.

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Our extended UN open source family is growing. Looking for someone with an #OpenSource dev background but it's not a coding role.

If this #job looks interesting to anyone let me know and I can connect you to the right people. Or feel free to share with others.

#FreeSoftware #FLOSS #FOSS

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The German Corona Warn App went live today. F-Droid cannot distribute the app for multiple reasons:

1) The core bluetooth contact tracing functionality is only implemented in Google play services and requires proprietary client libs to be included in the app.
2) The google api mentioned above is only available for use by apps which are whitelisted by google and distributed through the play store.

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Router Freedom in Europe +++ Hamburg pro Free Software +++ European Parliament too

In our June read among other things about in , about a new coalition agreement in that puts a focus on and about the demanding . As always, also read about our diverse community activities.

Available in EN, ES, FR, IT, NL

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Wenn du gerne News über Freie Software und Freie Gesellschaft schreibst, bist du bei @gnulinux herzlich willkommen. Du bist RedakteurIn in unserem Crowd-News-Projekt.

"Und: Auch wenn die App selbst Open Source ist – die Schnittstellen von Google und Apple sind es nicht. Und die sind wichtig, sie sind quasi die Wurzeln der App in das Betriebssystem."

Abwägungen zur Corona-Tracing-App in DE mit Zitaten von mir @fsfe:

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