It’s been a heck of a month up at my home, The Rêve. If you are able to support financially, we have launched an emergency gofundme to help pay for a new roof.

We're also having a raffle this week and a livestream this Saturday night.

Boosts welcome!

It’s been a heck of a month at my home, The Rêve. We have launched an gofundme to help us deal with having to unexpectedly get a new roof.

The train goes by and then I notice there are flowers growing out of the rail lines.

There are many Mullah Nasrudin stories that I love, but this is probably my favorite.

@eldang did you see this?
As my friend with mapping opinions I'm curious what you think about it. Looks like it is in active development.

I will still be working at Palante Technology Cooperative full time, but only living in NYC part time, starting this spring.

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After years of quiet dreaming followed by several months of frenzy and “Are we seriously doing this? OMG, we’re seriously doing this,” we’re finally able to unveil The Rêve.

My worker/owned tech cooperative is hiring a database dev, the due date for applications is this coming Monday. Please share!

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If I understand this correctly, this is a paper about 3D printing physical objects, with no electronics, that send information over wifi.

ie, magic.

This is magic.

Did you know there's a youtube version of the MitchiriNeko marching cat animation that plays the original video on loop for 10 hours? Enjoy.

I took the new NYC Ferry line from Red Hook to Brooklyn Bridge Park. The more time I spend on a boat, the more I wonder why I currently live on land.

I have set up my own instance at, I'm still making sure it works correctly, but if it does, I will be switching to using @mxroo as my main account.


My local Guatemalan cafe now has dulce de leche pecan croissants, and I am quite pleased

I've come down to either I will join or I will spin up my own instance at (which I own)

I'm enjoying what I've seen so far. I made an attempt to get my own instance up last night, and came quite close to fully production ready, which bodes well for the platform. Using docker, I could make my own one of these in about a day. Big thanks to @sandix for the documentation!

I will *gladly* try out any new platform that is an attempt at a federated alternative to twitter.


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