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Welcome, welcome, WELCOME to Mastodon Hour!!! This was first announced on and is our very first time hosting such an event. During this time, you may communicate via reply to our toots, mention us in a new thread, or direct message, and we will be available to respond in real-time.

Hey Mycroft community, what platform would you like us to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with maker, Mike Hansen?

We had over 1000 downloads of on the first day :dab:

We want to know what you guys are creating with it :badabing: Let us know!

supports over 25 languages, new models trained in a week, needs only 70 MB install space, and works offline 😏

Have a look:

Jay @LearnLinuxTV has partnered with us to demo Mimic 3 😁 😁 😁

Check it out here:

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@vkc I would use a smart speaker again if it had @mycroft_ai and nothing else

Got a free little something for you that'll be live on Product Hunt in 10 short hours

We had over 400 people sign-up to preview and contribute to . THANK YOU. Subscribe to get notifications about the release

or keep your eyes peeled this week 👀

Global Accessibility Awareness Day - or GAAD - is today! Mycroft is tech that is devoted to being accessible to multiple languages () and all who interact with it ( )

We've now had over 200 people sign up for a preview of Mimic 3!! Thank you open source community!! You are the best of us.

Preview Mimic 3:

Time to play 🖲️ Mimic 3 is Mycroft's privacy-focused neural TTS engine

Register for a preview on our blog:

Interested in supporting privacy? Head to and see what we are doing there.

Abandoning Python 2.7 and adopting Python 3.4+ | What you need to know as a Community Developer

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Last chance to reserve the Mycroft Mark II Personal Assistant at special Kickstarter price! Plus find out how you can install an AI Personal Assistant on your Plasma desktop, and read about openSUSE's Mycroft exclusive.

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