Overheard on Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It:

"Git is terrible! What an embarrassment that thing is! It gives you source control at the price of sanity."

Yeah. Yeah I can get behind that. Anything beyond committing and pulling, I need Google and Stack Exchange.

I'm on a train going to an art show. I refuse do do anything productive.

Here's a sky picture. It might rain soon.

Design is a lot about empathy. But is it enough? How about reason? by @alicebagg_io@twitter.com uxdesign.cc/beyond-empathy-936

racist graffiti 

β€œI will never forget diving on the reef about 10y ago and suddenly seeing that instead of this multitude of wonderful forms and life that it was stark white. It had bleached white because of the rising temperatures and the increasing acidity of the sea” theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2

I ate to much Greek food and now I just want to lay down on a bench outside.

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