A good friend of mine has a chance to return to the finals of SBTN Voice, an international singing competition TV show, if he gets enough votes. It only takes a couple of minutes to vote and you can vote by phone or online (instructions are on this page). Thank you! <3 myrunningman.com/sbtnvoice

We are in the progress of uploading all 423 episodes to another streaming platform, Fembed, which also should support Chromecast/Airplay! ☺ Episodes #1-65 are completed, 358 remaining. (as always, we recommend using an adblocker) myrunningman.com/

Featuring the currently most favorited episode on MyRunningMan.com with 39 faves: myrunningman.com/ep/74

Friendly reminder that if you want to download our episode 423 watermark-free hardsub in high-quality, to do so within the next 24 hours (due to limited server space we can only seed each episode for a week until the next episode comes out, after which we rely on our users to help seed): myrunningman.com/ep/423

If you ever wondered what the retro rock song is that plays when there's a (surprising) success, here you go 😂 (마지막승부 김민교) youtube.com/watch?v=gjXE_CgnIG

We are excited to announce that you are now able to download our watermark-free hardsubbed episodes in high quality (starting from ep. 423) via Bittorrent! (please help seed) Look for the red magnet on our site: myrunningman.com/ep/423

Sincere thanks to all our users who have been helping add tags to episodes! Want to see episodes with nametag ripping, food, acupressure (mats) or more? Simply click on the tag you want to see and you'll get a list of episodes that contain it ☺ myrunningman.com/tags

Our best wishes to everyone in Indonesia after the recent earthquake and tsunami ❤️

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