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Registered users are now able to add tags to episodes! If 5 or more of your submitted tags are approved, you will become a trusted contributor and future submitted tags are auto-approved ☺

Episodes 1-286 are now uploaded to a better streaming host (the remaining episodes 287-401 will be uploaded by tomorrow), and higher quality and watermark-free encodes have been created for all non-iSUBS episodes (iSUBS = 1-125 + 156). Enjoy!

Next song highlight is perhaps one of the most frequently played songs 😂

"Lee Kwang Soo, OUT!"

We will re-upload an updated version of Episode 397 due to an ad around the 1h mark - the new version should be up by 6:40pm (eastern). Apologies for any inconvenience!

Next song spotlight: a song that usually plays when someone's hopeful they'll be picked to join a team 😂

On , you can now favorite guests!

User profile pages have also been redesigned to be much easier to read :)

Sharing a song that you've probably heard at the start of recent episodes: Lucy Paradise's "EIO (Everything is Okay)":