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FYI, there are also places where the GTK-Doc documentation points to external links for additional material -- important stuff, like the list of supported annotation tags -- and the external links are broken.

I feel like GTK-Doc is a real who-shaves-the-barber situation.

Arrrrgh. The GTK-Doc documentation intro alludes to the notion that it's possible to reorder elements in the generated doc output. But the actual documentation text doesn't discuss that.

Neat. After my last reboot, my laptop turns its Bluetooth back on every time it wakes up — from full hibernate, from screen-saver autodimming, everything.

Is there any documentation that helps me figure out where the problem is? No. Not from Ubuntu, not from GNOME, not from Bluez, not from systemd, not from Dell. This is why people hate Linux.

Running this machine is one of the things I proposed a DebConf talk about, BTW, so if I figure out ALL the kinks, it's definitely too easy to be a 45-minute session....

Hmm. After a brief interruption, the n8willis TorFreedomBox is back online, but one of the hidden services did not restore itself. Have to diagnose why that is....

The UI rework is now merged in darktable 2.7 (dev version) and therefore planned for darktable 2.8 (released next Christmas)

Ugh. GNOME "policy" BS again.

Who wrote this text: ?

Because it's out there like it's "policy", but I can't find an actual decision-making process behind it. I have a simple request to have my as-yet-to-be-created SSO username match my existing-and-in-use GNOME GitLab username, and supposedly that's offensive, because it contains a numeral ("point" 1). By giving me a new username, of course, GNOME is violating "point" 4, and paragraph one.

Well anyway, with all my syndication outlets down, here's some thoughts about the up sides of Linux distributions getting *out* of the font-packaging business:

Ugh. This now means that *both* of the FOSS feed aggregators that included my blog have now bit the dust. What's a guy gotta do to get syndicated in this crazy world anyway?

I'm working on two DebConf talk proposals and YOU *can't* stop me....

Subscribing to new-issue feeds in an RSS reader is amazing.

In large part because of the satisfaction you get scrolling past them and seeing them turn gray, but also for other reasons.

That's reductionist (and apparently passive-agressive as well?) The high-friction nature of blog comments, plus the long-delay-refresh and unpredictable lag make it a poor medium for back-and0forth conversation.


/* wakes up; checks to see if FAIF or LibreLounge has released an episode about fonts; disappointment resumes */

Black holes are neat & all, but what I really want to know is how many actual pixels are in the data, and how much is interpolated filler. You never get that type of info in TV press conferences and 2-minute news blurbs.

Similarly, I gather that the image may not even be visible-light but is a reconstruction. It's not not-real because of that, but it's a specific thing & it grates on me when we hand-wave away the details, like is routinely done with false-color glamor-astrophotography.

For that matter (last on this topic, I promise) I'd be thrilled just to see Z-Wave/Zigbee/etc built into some SBCs. At least there'd be a chance that some actually-popular-Linux-distribution like one of the Kodi distros would start to roll out some smart-home-ness.

You may not care about Kodi, and it's less popular than Alexa, but it's sure way more popular than Debian Sid running on an ATX motherboard.

But even if you had the dongle, you'd need a FOSS app to control it, which is (again) where the development community will never do the work. Home Assistant et al will spend endless thousands of hours implementing core-integration support for stupid things like meter-monitoring Postgres-logging for every regional utility in the EU, but they won't make an Android app that turns the lights on and off.

So what are the alternatives? Ugly nest-of-wires Arduino-stacked circuit boards thrill the "maker" fetishists but are not real-world usable. Smart watches? Unlikely; same vendors as phones. Keychain remotes? Maybe, if battery life was there. Best thing I can think of is a low-profile / invisible USB-C dongle that puts control in the user's laptop/tablet/etc directly. Enter the hardware limitations, probably, though....

j/k I know this will not happen, because Apple & Google are too invested in selling their "smart home" product lines which hinge on a "hub" that they control being the only Z-Wave/Zigbee radio available.

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