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PS - I'm still not touching Vim with a ten-foot pole.

You know what's non-zero?

The number of times I think "how do I do this in Emacs", waste 30 minutes reading a dozen not-quite-the-same-problem-as-mine tutorials that all rely on different Elisp add-ons using slightly different regexp sytactic sugar and varying amounts of custom fuctions, then give up and do exactly what I wanted to by copying plaintext into a spreadsheet and back out again.

Draw your own conclusion.

Nevertheless, a heartfelt congratulations to all of the "winners". You earned it!

I am seeing multiple planet announcements today about all the different Linux distributions that have won various online publishers' "best Linux distribution" awards.

Starting to think that these anonymous, self-selected popularity polls might not be scientific.

Roses are red,
Tecophilaea cyanocrocus are blue,
But they're nearly extinct in the wild due to habitat loss and overharvesting,
So be prepared to pay a lot for them and buy only nursery-propagated corms.

My new pet peeve is how so many Snaps and Flatpaks these days are just wrappers around Electron / generic web-apps.

The things that really need repackaging are all the horrible-to-install, incoherent-in-upstream FOSS packages that no one can use because it means putting a single-app bullet in your system.
Like, off the top of my head:
- Calibre
- Cinelerra and all its ilk
- Navit
- Anything where the first installation step is writing a custom udev rule
- Let's face it, Blender

The six kinds of story:
Man versus CUPS
Man versus HPLIP
Man versus Foomatic
Man versus Ghostscript
Man versus online documentation
Man versus Print Menu

Your : all the people who "coincidentally" died "of natural causes" the day before Neil DeGrasse Tyson held his vote on demoting Pluto from planet status - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deaths_i

Making a list of computing terms that sound like lousy 80s action movies, but aren't. So far I have:
- Zero Insertion Force
- Triple Fault
- Null Pointer
- Mutex

I can't shake the feeling that I have a bunch of Google Fi data-SIMs that I've never installed sitting in a folder somewhere. Guess I'll order another one anyway.

Try having your phone die on an international trip, then you can tell me how convenient SMS verification for app installation is.

Chemist? Number theorist? Lawyer? Botantist? Cartographer?
Criminal Psychologist? Statistician? "Non-technical".

And just so we're clear, what they mean by "technical" is "software person". Are you a linguist? MD? Sound engineer? That's not "technical" in O'Reilly's book.

In O'Reilly CFPs, "non-technical" is a level just below "beginner".... mastodon.social/media/AOapfCEu

I got a spam this morning from "Richard III" with the subject line "I am your king". Hey buddy lemme fill you in on a few things you missed since 1485

Side note: I did once try to choose as-awkward-as-possible names for a project's deliverables in hopes of discouraging people from referring to them by acronym. (It's still not live, but will be shortly)

More begging: does anyone know a way to get the list of default-installed packages for Fedora and openSUSE (desktop versions)?

Ubuntu publishes that on the web intentionally; I haven't found a way to determine it for most other large distros....

What's the go-to procedure for mocking up GNOME interfaces these days? Asking for a friend....

I don't understand how this is possible, but I've requested the EFF baseball cap with my donation every year since 2013, and not once have they ever sent it to me.
Usually they tell me it's out of stock; this year they changed it up a bit and listed it as included on the paper packing slip in the package (which was entirely hat-free).
Is there some kind of privacy-humor that I'm failing to get the joke on, like when ThinkGeek sells Tauntaun blood and everyone just knows that it's a joke listing?