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Is it annoying to have color emoji in places like IRC and terminal-sessions where everything else is monochrome?

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If I owned a gym in Washington DC, I feel like I would be compelled to name it "Capital Gainz" and that's probably why I'm not in business.

Announcing the Second Annual Copyleft Conference, co-located with #FOSDEM20 this coming February. And our CFP is open today!

All these years running Linux and I still don't have a good procedure that lets me figure out why my remote server became unreachable. Even after rebooting and SSHing back into it.

Thought for the day: multi-outlet extension blocks / "power strips" have chirality, but none of the manufacturers recognize that and let you choose which enantiomer you want.

It concerns me that this is still a problem:

The end of 2019 is not that far away.

If I'm being honest, GPodder seems like one of the few FOSS services that might be able to successfully raise donation funds to pay for someone's time to do maintenance.

I guess I should have specified: I have zero interest in reading anyone's soap-box defense of crap web-forums software or complaints about IRC, so please save electrons and don't bother.

You know why all the old software people liked IRC?

Because when you wanted to ask a question in some channel you'd never been to before, you didn't have to spend 10 minutes going through forms to set up account usernames & passwords and unsubscribing from newsletters and alerts like you have to today with the damn web forum software you think is so great.

I'm realizing now that this is a biased-enough phrasing that it makes the results even more pointless than they would already be in an anonymous self-selected online-social-media poll viewed only by people who follow my account. Namely, few if any people would go into it with "I feel annoyed about this" already in mind. SO not a good, neutral research question.

Still interesting to see the numbers, though. Even poorly-phrased, 40% of people say they dislike color emoji in some contexts.

So where's the contemporary go-to place to create an open standard / specification for a software format these days?

For the sake of argument, let's say it does not fit neatly under the W3C umbrella, so you get no easy-outs.

Is it annoying to have color emoji in places like IRC and terminal-sessions where everything else is monochrome?

computer science, data structures 

computer science, data structures 

I think next time, instead of buying anything in the flagship-smartphone class, I'm going to buy five cheapo phones, each of which will be dedicated to a single app.

So how does everybody think the new Willennium is going so far?

As near as I can tell, it's literally impossible to update etherpad-lite. Try to update it as yourself, it fails with directory-permissions errors. Try to update it as the etherpad-lite user, it fails with npm-cache errors. Try to update it as root, and it refuses to run because that's "unsafe".

This is why people hate Node.js. And web developers. And also open source.

Don't @ me about anything if you're not willing to discuss this topic.

I wonder what Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks about software freedom.

Hey I haven't been following the FOSS news this week; I assume everyone's been being their usual laid-back, accommodating, and non-impulsive selves, right?

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