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More examples out there, anyone?

Humor context:

The movie "Hot Fuzz" has a sight-gag wherein the weapons locker of the police station is unlocked with the code "999". That's not immediately funny to Americans.

The Simpsons once had a joke wherein Krusty the Clown had been banned from showbusiness in the 1950s for saying the word "pants" on television. That might be slightly funny to Brits, but it's funnier to American audiences.

Argh. Who took a picture of the typography BoF from this year's LGM?
[sidequest: why can I not remember simple things like this]

I spent most of last evening putting a new vinyl liner into the WIllisFarms pool (which was closed for ~2 years while I was away).

Unpleasant for many reasons, first & foremost the strong chemical smell that was familiar but I just couldn't put my finger on.

Then this morning it hit me exactly what the odor reminded me of: old Halloween masks from when I was a kid. ...Those things musta been real healthy for ya.

Ultimately, of course, a lot of this chaos stems from the mass rush-to-wikis that a lot of projects joined in, sans forethought, last decade. Usually under the notion that "if we put this magic thing called a "wiki" up, then other people will spontaneously write all our documentation for us" ... which is a great excuse to not work on documentation yourself, if you're already one of those developers hostile to it.

For the record, you can find examples of this in the replacement-WRT-router-firmware project space. It's fun. Just search for information you actually need, then end up on a six-years-out-of-date page that contains a link at the top NOT to the replacement page you actually want but to the top of a different wiki.

And if that link actually works (50/50), you then need to search for the page title you were after in the first place. But the search engine only returns results for the original wiki.

Up next on 'Nate Complains About Obscure Project Management Processes' — what is up with "leaving the old wiki up and putting a don't-use-this-page-we-have-a-different-wiki-at-a-different-url line at the very top"?

A: migrate your damn content like a grown-up
B: learn what an HTTP redirect is
C: your old wiki is still amassing search-engine page-ranking numbers, which means no one is going to find your new wiki
D: if you can't be bothered to do this, I expect your documentation is crap anyway.

Not happy with Riot as an IRC client. It can't remember its window size and position, it can't figure out which messages I've read and which I haven't. And it's slow.

None of which makes me interested in using "Matrix" itself for anything else. [As if I need yet another chat protocol that has to live in its own client anyway.]

Setting up BIP on a server and hightailing to a real IRC client.

Good news: partition-table-–error boot loops on Kobo ereaders apparently fix themselves. What an age we live in.

Pointless survey:
How many web-discussion forums that are entirely unrelated to software development (free or not) do you
[a] read regularly (at least once a week)
[b] have an account/identity on (meaning you created a username/password)

I'm not talking generic social media; places where there is a defined scope of the community/subject matter and people interact on the topic.

Now, with a little more distance, I think the thing that bugged me about all the overnight "let's move our projects off of GitHub" reactions that occurred after Microsoft purchased the company is the fact that none of those people were shouting "let's move our projects off of GitHub" the day before the announcement. And that suggests that they misidentified what the actual problem is.

You ever just want to quit everything and build a full-size funhouse to live in? I'm talking Ames Rooms, Maze of Mirrors, Forced-Perspective Hallways, Crooked Rooms, Penrose Stairs; the whole deal?

It is going to be cheaper for me to fly to Taiwan for DebConf and make a stop back along the way in Portland OR (for TypeCon) than it is to get to Almeria for GUADEC.

This is in large part due to the fact that GUADEC is being held in a tourist hotspot right at the peak of vacation season. Whose idea was that.

GUADEC travel is insanely expensive this year.

(a) What is with FOSS projects that don't use normal development-hosting frameworks and try and shoehorn everything they do into a PHP web-discussion board?

(b) Why is this insanity so prevalent among firmware-replacement projects in particular?