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Wow, that giant Open Source Conference managed to snag all CEOs to give its keynotes! We never even get CEOs submitting talk proposals for the conferences *I* help plan....

"Paying for online journalism" and "autoplaying video" are mutually exclusive, people.

Resolved: DS9 should have ended with Gul Dukat getting trapped forever in some sort of reverse-wormhole dreamworld. Akin to Sisko's visions, but inhabited by the Pah Wraiths and, you know, not as pleasant.

I don't mind the ending of the show having come down to a one-on-one fight between Sisko and Dukat, but the ending of that fight always struck me as anticlimactic and off-brand.

Setting up a laptop is hard work. I'm gonna go lie down.

If you write a Python library, are you also required to write a brand-new virtual-environment–management-framework before you're allowed to release it to the public?

Hard question: the people who defend IRC to the death; why do none of them spend their time building a nice, pleasant-to-use IRC client? And I'm including network operators here.

For all the grief that people are rightly giving Slack for shutting down its gateway, the energy of the free-software crowd seems to be focused on service-side replication (e.g., Mattermost) rather than improving the piece users actually have to interact with. All the IRC clients I've seen look straight out of 2003.

And now to fight computers for a couple hours.

It was cool to see the issue of ActivityPub support in GitLab discussed by @ted & @cwebber ; fuctionality in useful apps >>> unstructured chat.

Therefore, here are some other apps I'd like AP functionality in:
- Mailman
- Calendars
- Media players (eg, Kodi)
- RSS readers
- Kanban-y things
- Whatever your video-meeting-du-jour webapp is

Sometimes I really want to argue about the news, but I never want to do it online.

One of the down sides of working at home, I guess.

Does anybody use a configuration-management system to keep their personal machines (e.g., desktop, laptop, newly-purchased laptop) configured consistently?

TIL that two members of the band Joy Division were suspects in the "Yorkshire Ripper" serial-killer case circa 1979. (they didn't do it)

When you imagine a hypothetical "average person" from the MIddle Ages, do you imagine someone smarter than yourself, of equal intellectual capacity to yourself, or someone who i less intelligent than you?

DebConf talk proposal submitted.🚀

Latest podcast idea: "PromoKode Weekly", which would involve no content segments, just the host reading off a list of sign-up codes you can use to buy domain names, meal-ingredient-delivery services, internet mattresses, and whatever the next idiotic idea is.

Unicode may call them "free variation selectors" but they sure have cost me a lot.

In terms of time, anyway.

This being a 35mm project. I still would have medium-format stuff, but that's only for shooting in experimental camera bodies, so ultra-resolution is not worth as big of an investment to me. And the price difference between the scanners is yuge.

Contemplating buying a film scanner and scaning in all my old slides/negs. A lengthy process, but a few minutes each morning and it ought to be done before I know it.

(PS - this is an example of why developers hate implementing "smart fonts")

In case you wondered, for several decades the OpenType spec used to be ambiguous about which scripts supported the 'init' feature tag. Now, as of 1.8.2, it explicitly says its used only for syllable-join-breaks in Arabic joining scripts. Well, that, plus the unwritten rule that it's also used for word breaks in Bengali. But that's common knowledge, so there was no reason to mention it when updating the specification.