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Another day, another totally undocumented Tor configuration option.

Anyway, hit me up in the DMs or lemme know if you wanna do a mostly-nonhostile takeover of OFTC, thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

Not to mention other communication-based needs, like the GMANE debacle, or (now apparently), its contemporary sequel, the impending Gpodderpocalypse.

I honestly would really like to see OFTC do list hosting, cause right now, the answer to the question "we need a mailing list, where can we set one up?" is Google or Yahoo. And all FOSS communityfolk know this. I don't know where the momentum went....

I feel bad for whoever has the email address and the phone number 123456789, because the please-sign-in-to-use-our-"free"-wifi industry has really done them dirty.... By way of other people, but still.

Posted via free WiFi.

Big-milestone news: I'm rapidly approaching .

Less cool: I'm approaching it from the unfortunate side.

I read this about four times before I realized that

"open-source software doesn't have to be a pile of knobs"

was a UI/UX commentary, not a people-skills one.

In case you were wondering, the OFTC site's FAQ page still says that although they currently just do IRC, they expect to expand into mailing-list hosting "quickly".

The difference between a "restaurant" and a "cafe" is that if you go into a cafe while it's raining, you aren't crowded in between a dozen deliveroo guys waiting around for their next call.

I assume today's Tumblr news means Wordpress will soon switch to a fixed, 500-pixel wide center-column for all content, regardless of screen dimensions, and all posts will be obscured by a neverending list of multicolored pingbacks?

Why do any people put up with this? Even for an afternoon?

Like, I fully expected *developing* Node stuff would be garbage, but you can't even *use* npm code that's more than six months old because the whole house of cards collapses into itself and catches on fire in the sewer below. Every naysayer you have ever heard decrying the state of the Node ecosystem was being excessively kind by a factor of, like, a million.

This is awful. So much more terrible than I had imagined....

Today I had to install npm.... Thoughts & prayers, please.

Let's be fair to who think that a floppy disk is a weird symbol for a "save" icon: lots of us have known/said that that was a terrible metaphor choice for decades; the UI-design committees stuck with it anyway. Because they don't like rockin' the boat.

Why is it 75% of GitHub links you see turn out to be 404s?

You would think a site based solely around the concept of versioning and change tracking could handle redirects without falling flat on its face.

I don't say this lightly, but I've never once found Maya Rudolph funny, even a little bit, in anything.

New rule: you're not allowed to tell an individual not to use Skype / Slack / Disqus etc until you've first told three businesses or formal projects or organizations not to. And answered all their questions about the overhead of self-hosting.

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