The moon this morning. My little Canon Powershot SX 620HS can do amazing things.

My father once said to me, Why exercise? It'll only make you live longer.

I said, I see what you mean, but I'm worried that I'll live long anyway, but won't be able to go for long walks looking at wildflowers when it's spring.

Well, I'm older than he ever got to be and I'm still able to go out on long walks looking for wildflowers. I think exercising has paid off. But I still wish he and my mom could be out there with me.

When you’re walking along and look down and think, Wait! My phone needs to say hi to these hepatica.

I waited all year and they’ll be gone in a couple days. I have loved them my whole life.

In case anyone hasn't seen this short video aftermath of Wind in the Willows, here it is. It isn't just Britain experiencing this. I see it happening faster and faster here, too. This spring it seems to be happening breathtakingly fast.

I’m shocked. The burning of Notre Dame seems like some terrible omen whose meaning we can’t put into words but we all secretly know. It is the loss of a treasure, for all of humankind.
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Here’s how to avoid carpal tunnel. And have a much more interesting life.

So, Mongolian Heavy Metal, huh? Did all of you know about these guys and not tell me? This is amazing. The good part starts at around 1:22 .

I just saw pictures of a snake dressed as Sailor Moon.

They put a surveillance camera up at the Indian Tower outside Nazareth and I posted a photo of it on a Nazareth group on FB. The more people defend it in the name of stopping vandalism the more I feel I need to say things deliberately to provoke them. Why do I get this way? 😈 😂

But I think it's always important to question surveillance as a solution for nonviolent violations. (And I'm not entirely kidding when I say they're probably just hoping to watch teenagers make out.)

How long have we known about climate change, you ask? Weellll...

In case you know anyone who might be interested , here’s the link to my Portugal Tour for Dungeon Masters and other lovers of the fantasy genre.

Saw someone talking about their cat named Spock and now I feel like renaming Utley.

"Open the editor by clicking the Edit button"

*looks over whole page, finds no Edit button*

I usually hate every bit of music at the gym but I just heard this one called Give/Up by the Butcherettes (sp?) and it was kind of cool.

When my hour of therapy is over I always want two more hours. 👩🏻‍🏫

I’ve been putting it off but I know Clonehenge needs to have an Instagram account.

Sleep doesn't help if it's your soul that's tired.

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