New blog post: New Laptop and More /log/new-laptop-and-more/

Omni-resonant space-time wave packets. (arXiv:1912.00092v1 [physics.optics])

Driven black holes: from Kolmogorov scaling to turbulent wakes. (arXiv:1912.00032v1 [hep-th])

Where was this all my life??!!


I'm not saying most of you all's sweater graphics generator is bad... I'm just saying...mine is better 💁‍♀️



I like #blackfriday . I get emails from newsletters I almost forgot to unsubscribe from

There's a really cool feature in where you can put notes in somebody's profile that only you can see. I've been using it for 10+ years to jot down when I've befriended someone and how I met them, etc... It would be nice for @Mastodon to have such a feature.

Poste "Archiviste responsable des archives électroniques", département du Pas-de-Calais,
Avec notamment le #format ouvert de la DTD-EAD. Date limite : 30/11/2019 #archive

For your #Emacs life: this weekly Emacs-News article by Sacha Chua has 56 links to ressources, sorted in 10 categories. And #Orgmode is number 1 category, with 12 links. Happy Emacsing!

@Gargron In French we had this cover and title literally says "kingdoms of the North" . I've always loved this illustration !

Je tiens à signaler aux membres des #TupperVim, dont l'éminent @fabi1cazenave cette fonctionnalité de #Emacs : si elle peut réchauffer les réunions, notamment la prochaine en décembre (qui sera annoncée sous peu ?) :-) #Vim

Ladies and gentlemen, *this* is the ultimate tool in your #Emacs, in winter or summer! :-) (thanks to @natharari)

#Teasing #Freebies
I might be preparing some Xmas gifts in forms of templates and cheatsheets for you on the blog 😁

Sometimes, has the most useless and yet fun things ever which you can show off to everyone just to prove that it truly can do just about anything. Case and point: Fireplace.

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