You know that feeling when you're on your laptop in the comfy chair with your feet up since 9am, and it's 14:11, and you haven't had lunch yet, and you don't feel like going out yet to get something because it would entail actually moving and dealing with...people.....

Yeah. That.

Also, that really the time?

An interesting article about Arthur Conan Doyle being deceived by two illusions, which he then insists are still due to supernatural causes. It demonstrates that we are all prone to fall into such cognitive traps.

Which is why when I see magicians do their tricks, I simply assume I am not smart enough to figure out how they did it, rather than believe they have supernatural powers. Ditto for some 'religious miracles'.

#Illusions #Cognition

Foul language! Won't somebody think of the children! 

Supernova Cannon Expels Pulsar J0002

Image Credit: F. Schinzel et al. (NRAO, NSF), Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (DRAO), NASA (IRAS); Composition: Jayanne English (U. Manitoba) #APoD

is bullshit and . It's full of quackery, and people should stop believing in it and should stop going to them. Myles Powers does another tremendous job bringing down the bullshit .

I'm a huge The Office Fan, but this video essay on the last two seasons speaks to a lot of my frustrations with the show towards the end:

I'm seeing a shocking amount of anti-semitism on my feed- not from the right, but from the left.

I'll say this clearly:

If you hate Jews, please unfollow me.

If you think Israel doesn't have the right to exist, please unfollow me.

If you use Zionist as a slur, please unfollow me.

#8chan users move to #gab 

Is there no pause button in the Federated timeline? How on earth are we supposed to read anything that flies by or click on it? It's going so bloody fast.... Can't we stop it somehow long enough to interact with a single Toot?

So, apparently I need 10 followers before I can be listed in the various sections for categories, and I only have 8 followers..... I've honestly never understood how to gain followers on social media. Even here I have to play this bloody fucking game?

So, given that almost nobody I know even knows what PGP is, or how to use it, should I even bother? Or should I just start putting a key at the bottom of my email messages to prod them into asking me what the heck that is and annoying them a bit?

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