naught101 boosted if you're ever considering updating the Varigate 4+ firmware, allowing per-step gate length (using the "note" button?) would be really cool. Perhaps including ties at full length. Also "prob" could be used for semi-randomising CV values..

Whoa... how did I not notice that search on the front page before. WTF. Sorry for the noise ...

Hey Chris your site really needs a search function, or possibly some non-branch based categorisation system. I don't care about brands, but I'd love to search your site for sampler modules. That's hard to do without knowing which brands produce such modules..

Hey, it would be really nice if you could include metric measurements on things, especially - it's not that hard to work out for the rest of us, but it is a little annoying, especially when comparing with other manufacturers.

sampler plugin by @rgh now has double-click sample slicing and slice combining, thanks to yours truly. Super fast to add custom slices wherever you want. Check it out!

This was just posted to the facebook page and then deleted. 🤮

This was just posted to the facebook page and then deleted. 🤮

Hey @unfa, I know you were looking for an alternative to Baudline a while ago - are you aware that the Calf Analyser has a really decent spectrogram? Kind of a pity about the calf green theme, as it's pretty low contrast. But very usable, and seems fairly efficient.

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"It matters not that the aggregate of the Project's greenhouse gas emissions may represent a small fraction of the global total, ... The global problem of climate change needs to be addressed by multiple local actions ..."

Yes. The end of is nigh. On your current survey, questions 30 and 32 ask "The ALP proposes to ... Does this make you more or less likely to vote for the Liberal National Coalition?". This wording seems misleading, you will get results backwards. Is this intentional?

Hey are you trying to make up for that horrendous ? Because you're doing it bang up job. Keep it up. My ears are still not clean.

The ad is great, but it's a bit nauseating coming from a company that profits from aggressive gender-based marketing for products that work the same regardless of gender. Gillette's marketing helps feed gender stereotypes that contribute to the problem

is so beautiful at this time of year...

It annoys me that you used apostrophes in this story, via

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I feel like nothing can emulate the public square unless it emulates proximity. I don’t think humans have readily adapted to a Borg consciousness of the world’s anguish.

It’s like violence. You have to look away almost reflexively, or you sit in it so long it dramatically affects how you see the real world. It does harm as it reshapes you.

This isn’t the public square. This is negative stimulus amplification over years and years any plans to make something like the with the microcontroller from the embedded in it? Bulky MIDI cables are pretty annoying.

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