Hey @mangopdf I just read your Tony Abbott passport not-hacking rundown, and although I understood it all and think I could probably recount the entire story in 4 sentences or less, I'm glad I read all 8,500+ words, because damn... that was well written.

.@illGatesMusic @mrbillstunes What is your understanding of what "heavy" means in music? I feel like it means something slightly different in every genre. Your musics both seem heavy to me, but in a very different way to metal, or The Prodigy. Interested to hear your take.

sWBGT distributions from CCAM/HadGEM from the VCP19 regional downscaling project from @CSIRO

If @googledownunder stopped tracking us all over the web, they wouldn't have any data to hand over to NewsCorp and co. 🤷

"Concerns that a higher GST would hit those who can least afford it could be alleviated by putting some of the extra money raised into beefing up the welfare system."

LOL. Who are you fucking kidding, @ElysseMorgan? Hilarious.


There's about 5-6k people at the Newcastle /#BlackLivesMatter rally right now.

Hey @CityNewcastle I've been hit by 2 cars in under a week, riding between home (Hamilton) and work (Newcastle), because there are no safe . Both times if I was less experienced, I would have been knocked off and likely killed by cars coming from behind. @BicycleNSW

Yo, @gjonesbass and @amontobin please tell me that @itscopycatt's ITSUM was an inspiration for your Zero Sum. Both tracks are bangers. I've had a deep love of ITSUM for years.


This would be killer, because it would allow an immediate visual connect between the interface and the programming.

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Hi @malekkoheavy
I have a VG4+. It's powerful, but hard to use due to the interface-functionality decoupling when changing modes or tracks.

Is the hardware capable of dimming the fader LEDs? Could the firmware be updated so the sliders show the current value on each page?

Yo @thonk_synth@twitter.com and @toppobrillo@twitter.com the documentation for the TWF PCB set linked from thonk.co.uk/shop/twf-barcode/ has disappeared. Is it still available anywhere? I just bought a set and want to start building..

Why the fuck have the @Greens@twitter.com and @AustralianLabor@twitter.com gone silent on the Parliament shutdown? No other countries have done this. It is not necessary. Australia is now functionally a dictatorship.

@AlboMP@twitter.com, @AdamBandt@twitter.com where the hell are you?

This is utterly unconsciounable. The liberal party are viscious bastards who will do anything to maintain their grip on power.

Learn to use a video link like the rest of us who can still work!


Here's an idea: Offer any health system workers with young kids an extra $2-4k/month while the crisis is in swing, so they can afford at-home childcare when they have to pull their kids out of school and have to to look after them.

Hey @abcnews@twitter.com these combined headlines really suck. Sometimes they are extremely misleading.

Maybe you could at least use a semi-colon, or a full stop.


WTAF is up with this headline, @smh@twitter.com?

How about "man murders partner and 3 children by dousing them in petrol and setting them on fire".

This is misleading, and absolutely minimises .

You are part of the problem.


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