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Moons are nothing without planets, pancakes are nothing without pans.

Two photography projects that work so well together: ‘Alternative Moons’ by Robert Pufleb and Nadine Schlieper, ‘Devour’ by Christopher Jonassen.

Mot en français qui me manque en anglais (et danois) №102: «hop». Je ne sais pas comment faire un mouvement près de quelqu’un ou croiser ou doubler une personne dans un espace étroit sans dire «hop». En silence ça sonne presque malpoli, comme ne pas prendre en compte l’autre.

Mot en français qui me manque en anglais (et danois) №216: «décidément». Un adverbe qui marche seul comme interjection. À part faire une phrase plus contextuelle comme «you again!», «it’s not my day» ou quelque chose, il n’y pas aussi simple.

Mot en français qui me manque en anglais (et danois) №375: «débrouille», «débrouillardise», «débrouillard⋅e», «se débrouiller». Encore le verbe, il y a moyen de se débrouiller (haha) avec «manage», «make do» et autres, autant ça ne réfère jamais au concept plus général de la débrouille.

By the way, I think its name and copy should be Christmas-free so it can be used for other festivities and other situations when you have to randomly match people secretly (yet to invent).

And with optional options it could do the matches:

— 🔀 Not crossing: each participant gets another participant that can’t be the one that got them.

— 🔃 Mutually: the pairs created go both way, creating duos.

— 🆓 Freely: sometimes people gets someone who don’t have them, sometimes people who have them.

Mastodon/Fediverse idea: secret Santa. 🎁

— Send it a message, public or direct, with a list of @-handles.

— The bot takes care in secret of making santas→recipients pairs from the mentioned participants.

— It sends to each participant a direct message with the name of their secret recipient.

Someone interesting in building this before December? I’m afraid I can only contribute with that concept and a profile picture 🎅

This is such a cool idea, I‘d use that all the time instead of remember shortcuts or going in subsubmenus! — From Marcin Wichary’s newsletter

If you fancy getting a part in :mastodon: ’s development without being a regular contributor, the new account @ThumbsUp offers a selection of interesting and non-technical feature requests and bug reports, ready for you to vote for or comment on.

Si ça vous dit de participer un peu à l’évolution de :mastodon: sans pour autant être contributeur⋅ice régulier⋅e, un nouveau compte, @ThumbsUp, se propose de sélectionner les plus intéressantes suggestions de fonctionnalités et rapports de bugs en cours, avec les liens qui vont bien pour aller voter ou commenter.

@switchingsocial By the way, for “Ethical alternatives to Google Search”, two more that are qualitative and based in Europe:


Those are the ones I use daily and they’re good.

@dansup @wakest @elih @Curator

I’m quite busy these days with other projects, but I’ll try to open a repository soon enough to have a space for initial sketches, mock-ups, and issues tracking.

And eventually I might be able to work on some concept, ui, html/css, and branding, but no serious js or back-end work.

Technically, I guess the best is to have Mastodon’s back-end and offer an alternative front-end?

@dansup @wakest @elih @Curator

Thanks for the interest!! For now it was really just a quick idea late at night, but I’m sure there is something to do along these lines.

It would be a decentralised Dribbble/Vimeo/Deviantart/others. With a UI/branding more welcoming to designers/artists than Mastodon is.

Also the codename “Patchwork” is a reference to Elmer the Patchwork Elephant but we probably can’t use that.

The idea is both to have a go-to instance for designers and artists, with a UI more adapted to a work sharing / discussing uses, and for creators and studios to have a sort of instant portfolio/microblog, that they can also self host if wanted.

There won’t be a Home/Local timeline/Federated timeline, but simply a Following/Discover tab on each content type space. The discover tab defaults to Local, but a checkbox allows to see things from other networks (that might be non-design/art oriented).

And a possible video part, that federates well with Peertube and is kind of an open Vimeo.

A text part is here to focus on conversation with other professionals (and amateurs) of the field.

It would separate posts by content type. For instance, the picture part could be Dribbble like.

Starting thinking about some sort of special Mastodon instance for designers and artists, with a whole custom UI (and branding)

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