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(fr) C’est vraiment un de mes épisodes préférés des Shadoks, à voir ou (re)revoir avec ou sans sous-titres! :)

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(I just made a first draft of English subtitles for this classic French animation from the sixties :) The translation and its optimisation for subtitles are grandly improvable, but it’s on Amara so anyone can edit it! And the video is too funny not to share!)

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@Gargron Hi! Congratulations for the release of v3 :) Question: how does one activate the whitelist mode on a server? I somehow cannot find how to enable it in the admin settings.

A couple of weeks ago, I took part in a game design workshop in Germany which was *a lot* of fun, and made a little prototype for a board !

It’s a 1 or 2 players thing where you pretend that you work at the local radio station, making radio programmes and getting them on the air. 📻

I put up a page about it there:

Today I made a proof-of-concept for a ! It’s a print-it-yourself game in which you cut bits of paper with other players.

That page has the preliminary rules for the game and a generator to print game sheets for playing.

It’s still quite experimental, and if you happen to try it and have some feedback, I’d love to know how well it plays or not :)

By the way, the inspiration for these characters (a woman with an audio recorder, a boy with an instant camera) comes from the novel I’m reading right now, “Lost Children Archive” by Valeria Luiselli, which is very good! Even if I’m not trying to depict the exact characters themselves, they gave me an initial idea to start with :)

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I made another clay character yesterday :) (The arms are weird, but it was a lot of fun to do!)

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Anyone here had a mouse before 1988 and remembers sighting eyes on their screen earlier than that? It would be fun to trace this as far back as possible! 😀

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Jeremy might be the inventor, but he presents it as a “"Big Brother" implementation in PostScript”. Which sounds like it was not the first time a program like this was made, even with this name. And there were prototypes of computer mouses and cursors since at least the early sixties! Someone might have made eyes before 👀

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Which itself credits Jeremy Huxtable as the original programmer, with his “Big Brother” app for NeWS. That was in 1988, and apparently it has even been presented at SIGGRAPH.

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It seems that it got widely popularised with xeyes, an app for X Window.

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We all met them multiple times on websites, in games, as desktop applets, etc. They are fun!

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Silly question of the day, who got for the first time the idea of making eyes following the mouse cursor on the screen?

Sunday I tried making a character out of modelling clay for a change :) It is quite a bit clumsy and I can’t just translate my drawing style to “3D”, but it was very fun to do! I’ll try again, just have to buy more clay first.

Fausse alerte ! fonctionne toujours, ce n’était que le domaine principal qui redirige.

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Possibilités :

— Acheter sur Trainline – après tout ça marche quand même et les comptes utilisateurices ont été importés.

— Acheter sur V̶o̶y̶a̶g̶e̶s̶ ̶S̶N̶C̶F̶ – en dix ans depuis la dernière tentative, ça c’est peut-être amélioré.

— Acheter sur Omio – jamais essayé, c’est un site berlinois qui a l’air pas trop mal fait.

— D’autres alternatives ?

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Mince, Capitaine Train/Captain Train/Trainline Europe n’existe plus ! Le site redirige maintenant vers le Trainline britannique, la société mère depuis trois ans, qui a un site mille fois moins bien fait : /

C’était sûr que ça allait arriver à un certain point, mais j’espérais que ça allait fusionner dans l’autre sens, vu que le produit de Capitaine Train était bien meilleur.

Du coup je ne sais pas où acheter mes billets de trains maintenant.

Mes parties préférées, au delà des classiques majuscules accentuées et guillemets typographiques :

1. Le coin calculatrice (× − + ± √ ≠ ≃), notes de bas de page (* † ‡) et tirets (- ‑ –) — bien que le tiret cadratin se retrouve un peu à l’écart.

2. La touche EU pour accès au caractères européens — mais j’aurai bien aimée qu’elle double pour des caractères qui sont accessible autrement. Par exemple le å danois, c’est [AltGr] + [Maj| + ['] suivi de [a], alors que [EU] + [a] serait plus rapide.

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