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There’s nothing better than knowing your valuable business data and digital assets are safe. Visit our website to secure your digital assets now and in to the future.

How much can you afford to pay to get your vital, valuable and private files back from hackers or ransomware? Or you can stop the threat before it happens, with Xiph Cyber.

Want total Cyber Security? Contact us today. We’ll make sure your data and your digital property are protected, while you get on with business.

Ever wondered if your smartphone is listening to you? Like some tips on how to stop it? Then check out our latest blog to learn more.

Ever been curious to the difference between open-source software compared to proprietary? Check out our latest blog to get the answers.

Work, browse, post, capture and share whatever you want, wherever you want, knowing you’re totally protected by Xiph Cyber’s range of hardware and systems.
Learn more by visiting

Imagine waking up tomorrow to find someone has taken all your most valuable, sensitive or private files and data? You’ll wish you’d spoken to Xiph Cyber to get expert advice before disaster struck.

Ransomware, hackers, data thieves and malware never rest and can strike at any time. Sleep easy and secure your digital world with Xiph Cyber. Visit

Like insurance, protection from cyber threats, hacks and data thieves is something you may ignore, until disaster strikes. Invest in the best and protect your most valuable data and digital assets.

Take the confidence of the world’s most secure smart phones and operating systems with you – everywhere you go. Whether personal or business-wide, Xiph Cyber has the devices you need.

Our Cyber Security solutions and hardware keep your most important digital assets, data and documents secure 24-7, 365 days a year. Talk to Xiph Cyber about taking control of your Cyber Security, visit

How do your employees use their business phones? Secure your private and valuable data and rest easy with the world’s most secure smart phone technology in your business.

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