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In the time it takes to read this post, another business will have suffered yet another ransomware attack. That’s right, it’s happening every 14 seconds. Shop , there’s not a moment to spare.

Unique IDs linked to phones are supposed to be anonymous. But there’s an entire industry that links them to real people and their address

In the last 12 months, over two-thirds (67%) of Aussie organisations have experienced a ransomware attack. Even more worrying is that we’re a huge 10 percentage points above the global average of 57%. Secure your business and your valuable data with NCrypt Cellular:

You trust your doctor, but can you trust their cyber security? In Sept 2020, 83 hacking/IT incidents saw 9,662,820 medical records exposed to hackers.
Upgrade your cyber security at

Legislation that paves the way for a reciprocal cross-border data access regime between Australia and the United States has passed the federal parliament despite lingering privacy concerns

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