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If you've attached a video file to your post, it's a good idea to add a text description of what's going on just like you would for an image, so that blind people know what's in it through screen readers.

However, if your video has sound, remember to also describe the audio as well.

Describing sound in captions can be useful to people who are deaf, or those who are in a situation where they can't listen to the sound (on the bus, in a meeting etc).

On Mastodon you can add descriptions to files by attaching them and then clicking "edit" on the web interface, or simply writing on top of them in the official app.

Other Fediverse platforms and apps also support adding text descriptions.

#Fediverse #Accessibility #A11y #Videos

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If you want to move your Mastodon account from one server to another, you can keep your follows and followers if you complete all the steps in this guide:

By the way, don't delete your old account after the move, because it will redirect people to your new account and keep your old posts in existence. Your old posts will still have your old account's name, but when people click on them they'll see a message directing them to the new account.

#Mastodon #Accounts #AccountMigration

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Who's ready for the ?

If you want early access to the private beta, stay tuned! We'll share more details in the coming days ✨

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Building our own app has really opened up a lot of exciting ideas and opportunities!

✨ Username change support
✨ Post edits (media + caption)
✨ Community alt-text captions (crowdsource missing alt text)
✨ Community moderation
✨ Comment control
✨ Camera Roll
✨ Content API
✨ Global Discover API

We look forward to sharing more details soon 😎

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Security report: On June 22 we were informed about a XSS vulnerability in Tutanota. A fix was published two days later. Now, all affected versions of Tutanota have been disabled and we would like to inform you about the issue for full transparency:

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When you're posting hashtags that contain multiple words, it's a good idea to capitalise the first letter of each word. This helps blind people who use screen reader software to know what the hashtag actually says.

For example #DogsOfMastodon is much easier for screen reader users than #dogsofmastodon, even though they're technically the same tag.

This kind of capitalisation is usually known as "CamelCase". CamelCase doesn't just help blind people, it also makes hashtags clearer for sighted people too!

Using CamelCase won't affect your post's visibility (because searches ignore capitalisation) but it will improve the post's accessibility, so you'll get more people reading it.

Thank you to @martyn for raising this topic 👍

#FediTips #Fediverse #MastoTips #Accessibility #A11y


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