Seriously, who is buying all of these NFTs? Who is spending thousands of dollars to “own” copies of URLs to some of the ugliest JPEGs known to exist? Make it make sense?????

It is infuriating that it is 2021 and the Xcode Issue Inspector STILL doesn't sort by highest severity first

MINUTES?! To get a handle on a few tracking cookies?

The web is trash.

At the end of the day, every little thing helps, but this is going to take a damn sight more than metal straws and EVs. Global-scale energy production, logistics, transportation, forest and land management are all MASSIVE issues that need to be fixed, amongst others. These problems are bigger than individuals and need global cooperation. I am sick and tired of watching major world players do absolutely nothing, as they would apparently rather line their pockets than be even remotely responsible.

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Today is a good day to be angry. There’s no better time to get angry. Some of the damage is done, but there’s still a lot we can, should and must do to slow climate change. Those who are most responsible need to be held accountable for their part and replaced, by any means necessary, with people who have the vision and willpower to do the right thing. We’re watching our planet crumble in front of us on a daily basis. This can’t wait until tomorrow or next week. Big problems need solving TODAY.

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Today I am angry. Furious, even. It doesn’t matter how many alarm bells ring about climate change or environmental destruction. The people in corporate and government power structures have, for too long, prioritised profits and shareholder value over stopping their destructive practices. They have ignored scientists who have warned us all FOR DECADES about the catastrophic effects of their business models. Individuals have been left with the insurmountable task of trying to saving the planet.

With friends like open source users, who needs enemies?

Folks: “you shouldn’t roll your own crypto”

Also folks: “This is the Web Cryptography API… Ed25519/Curve25519, what’s that?”

When Freenode are so utterly desperate, they start typo-squatting by aliasing to Freenode —

Yggdrasil Network v0.4 is released! 👋

This version contains an all-new routing scheme, designed to be much more reliable in the face of changing network conditions and far better in mobility scenarios.

Please take the time to upgrade, tell your friends and let us know if there are any issues!

Matrix channel:

After spending a few days with GNOME, I am now reasonably convinced that humanity will have to undergo an extinction level event before it will ever be the Year of the Linux Desktop.

Pinecone is here!! Our new experimental overlay network for P2P Matrix. Check out the source, the latest P2P demos and read all about it at \o/ 🐍🐍🐍

I would be extremely tempted to learn Interlingua if I actually stood a chance of coming across anyone else who speaks it.

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