I heard that the coworkers who left a while back back had taken jobs at some crypto company and now they’re unemployed. I hope they’re okay, but I’m not the slightest bit surprised.

I needed a dumb Earth thing that Erica teaches people that causes a minor fuss at the tavern, and after a lot of brainstorming it turns out that the people of Calitania just aren’t quite ready to handle tic-tac-toe.

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It's hard to overstate just how much the practice of asking myself "What do the characters learn?" is helping me with fiction writing. I'm currently revamping a scene that I would've just cut out otherwise.

I need to pick up the Chinese brand of chili crisp because the S&B costs a little too much for something I want to have with practically every meal.

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I've been re-watching Red vs. Blue and I think it's having some influence on how I've been writing dialogue.

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Working on writing with the Word app using my Humla keyboard plugged into my iPhone works surprisingly well! Also I’m getting close to finishing another chapter of Memes of the Prophets! :3

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Fash trash "classicists" strike again.

Regardless of whether you like modern art, it serves an incredibly important purpose: showing you who's a half step away from burning books and sieg heiling their way down main street.

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As someone who also takes methotrexate, denying it to someone who needs it is just plain unacceptable. There are other meds but (1) they’re often combined with methotrexate and (2) they’re often *vastly* more expensive.

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I take methotrexate to control my Rhumatoid. I was told today I could not be prescribed it any longer as I am viably fertile and it is a medication that can be used for abortion.

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Pleasantly surprised to find that at some point Apple made it so that you can use a keyboard on an iPhone with a USB adapter. For a while iPad would do that but iPhone arbitrarily wouldn't.

Someone made a modern implementation of the 5-key chording keyset by Engelbart (which the Xerox Alto had a version of) so I guess I know what my next tech project is. hackaday.com/2022/06/26/odd-in

Apparently you can be un soldado de Jesucristo (a soldier of Jesus Christ) while still having an appreciation for the Despicable Me franchise.

I'd been seeing chili crisp mentioned here and there, so when I saw the S&B Crunchy Garlic with Chili Oil at a local Japanese grocery store I picked up a jar and it's just absurdly good. sbfoods-worldwide.com/products

I still just don't find Wanda as compelling of a character as the folks at Marvel seem to, plus it reverses her character growth from the end of WandaVision and then some.

"I was wrong to hurt people for my own happiness" somehow becomes "...because I wasn't doing it enough."

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Sometimes the movie is everything that's good about Sam Raimi, like Army of Darkness with superheroes, and other times it's more like Drag Me to Hell (one of those horror movies where the protagonist would've gotten the same result if she'd just sat there).

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Part of it is that I don't find the desire to have kids especially relatable in the first place, much less something I can imagine hurting people over. It also just gets unpleasant in places, notably in how it makes you watch several heroes get brutally killed.

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I consider the real test of a film to be how well it stands up to multiple viewings, and watching Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness a second time, it's kinda failing me on that account.

Inspired by Shelby on @whatatimepod@twitter.com and Chris on @hellobuglers@twitter.com, I came up with an optional Producer archetype for Podcast From Another World, which I think would work really well for e.g. facilitating a PFAW game at a convention and letting the other players take center stage.

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Working more on the "Hellcast" alternate setting for Podcast From Another World.

Looks like I spoke too soon and at some point overnight the extruder on the Monoprice Voxel started doing the thing where it doesn't extrude enough filament. siiiiiigh.

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