"The time traveler appeared at important parts of his life with help and advice. She was so cool and beautiful, and he wished he could be more like her. One day she unlocked his phone, via the fingerprint scanner. He realized who she was, and suddenly the future looked so bright."

welp its been almost 6 months since ive been on mastodon. how is everyone?

i'd rather companies obnoxiously raise rainbow flags than raise confederate flags any day

because it shows that the marketing team has decided its better to be pro-lgbt than anti- and that's progress

Me: *has a really hard time waking up in the morning*

Also me: *body has realized that if you don’t go to bed you don’t have to wake up*

Also also me: *is somehow shocked when I get exhausted*

there were a bunch of articles that I read that said "you're not on mastodon because your friends aren't either"


that's exactly why i'm here

4 months in i think my leg hair is finally start to grow in slower

on the other hand, my chin hair is still putting up a good fight

as a trans woman, getting an electric razor for my legs was definitely one of the best early transition hunches i had

looking at your eyes in the snapchat camera is way freakier than in the mirror idk why

dysphoria hits you at the weirdest of times

test: "explain the five major problems with act utilitarianism"

me: *can only find 3*
me: 😬

i leave for a week and all my follows have changed instance 😢

i wish CSS could cascade more than 1 level

early signs i was gonna be a data hoarder
- collected every hot wheels car i could find
- completed a living pokedex in gen V

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