Isn't 'feminine lingerie' kind of redundant? If 'masculine lingerie' exists, I'd like to see it.

I can't inject that mRNA vaccine fast enough, don't care if Bill Gates himself kicks down my door and shoves the syringe into my ass while George Soros pins me down. Only thing that scares me more than anti-vax nutjobs is COVID19.

Finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of owning a table saw. Even better, it's brand new.

USPOL NTD (New Tang Dynasty Television), The Epoch Times & SOH (Sound of Hope Radio) are straight up CCP Chinese propaganda doing everything they can to fan the flames of Trumper psychosis. I don't think it's hyperbole to say that they represent a very real threat to the National Security of the United States. If you need proof, just check out their youtube channel:

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It wasn't until I lived in a place without cabinet doors & drawers that I learned how far superior simple open shelves are. Less friction, no moving parts, things are more visible, better air flow and light, room space seems larger, easier to clean, structurally stronger. Less noise (absorbs more sound plus no opening/closing noise). Compartmentalization is a tedious aesthetic falacy in so many ways.

Law can be made complaint with the healthy function of a future society, but that will require transcending of the underlying social power imbalances, which are heretofore untamed. Perhaps untamable.

I truly think the battle for the deconstruction of society's illusions is the only thing that can prevent the endless cycle of collapse & rebirth of civilization(s). It's the intrinsic contradictions that ultimately structurally hollow out civilization from the inside.

The crucial takeaway from my POV is to recognize that law is illusory, a construct of motives that violate the very essence of what it represents. If law is unbiased constraint, then the actual function of society is unconstrained bias.

The powerful impose the burden of law on the powerless. The law itself is not designed to protect those who need it most, but those who need it least. But because 'power' exists beyond the abstraction of law, it is free to be burdensome. There is no similarly emergent force large enough to deconstruct or oppose it.

The law of society should function like code... if a dependency isn't properly cited in the syntax the law should cease to function, or at least cease to impose influence (until it is fixed). I think this is common sense, but society as a whole doesn't function, so it's only to be expected.

It's very possible to compellingly and coherently organize incoherent information... and this is one of the most interesting of all structural paradoxes.

There's no such thing as too much sensuality.

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Thinking of getting rid of my iPad and going android.

I appreciate the iPad for the simplicity but not at the expense of censorship

When a hardware manufacturer can tell a software manufacturer to display something like this, there’s a problem.

Is the Future Fixtureless? Hell yes! Eliminating 'build platforms' and using multiple robots to fabricate structures in 3D space!

"We can do better." Is the most impotent limp-dick collaborator appeasement nonsense. Only those entities who had every chance in the world to be better (and didn't take it) say this. Their only motivation for such platitudes is to continue their flagrant abuse. They will never do better, because they don't have to. There is no incentive to change, no punishment or penalty for the unconscionable status quo.

Building articulated arm LED shop lights and realizing that I have to design & 3D print all the joints myself because despite hundreds of years of mechanical & industrial innovation, this key technology is still stuck in the 1700s.

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