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Browsing through Becky Stern's videos I watched the one where she becomes a radio ham.

In it she links to an archive lecture by Bell Telephone Laboratories about wave propagation. How I wish I had seen that in my first #Physics degree, it's so fantastically clear compared to my lectures at uni back then! An awesome video from 1959 😊

Similarities of Wave Behaviour

Getting my Ham Radio Licence

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First batch in my seed breeding program "basic yellow" calendula. These are all from a single plant.

really disappointed with NMS Polaris expedition...

1 it's suuuuper grindy. I mean nms can be grindy in general but Polaris essentially focuses on making you grind to progress through the stages.

2 feels like a gameplay tutorial rather than a fun mission, like it's trying to lead you into completing the more obscure chores of the game. this would be great if you were a noob, but not if you have 600 hours logged.

3 no easy way to transfer the non-cosmetic rewards to your normal save.

The original "Royal Oak" is a shit design, the "CasiOak" is even worse. Why do these garbage physical forms gain traction in the world?

see through everything, oh powerless feeble creature, with your glass eyes and your wooden teeth. chew through the veil of night, rouse the dead and spill the seed. soon the tendrils of light will raise you up like a marionette, innocent and free, the future bird will sing the song that only you may hear.

when you think about all the mistakes you made and feel bad, think about all the mistakes you could have made but didn't, and feel good instead.

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I think grand conspiracy theories are largely driven by fear. Nobody wants to believe we're just being led by a bunch of dumb assholes who are completely out of touch with mainstream reality, I mean that's frightening right? So intricate conspiracy theories appear.
Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows though that dumb assholes who have no real clue how it all works tend to rise to management. It shouldn't be such a shock.

the whole point of uspol is to put on an elaborate puppet show for capitalism, wherein all the players pretend to care and make various decisions when they are in truth automatons executing a simplistic program that attempts to maintain the status quo: namely, extracting "wealth" & "power" from the ecosystem via the exploitation of "labor" while centralizing & concentrating said extracted wealth among the facilitators of this transfer.

in the political corruption rubric the secret sauce is age, yet younger generations will never grasp this en masse because of their own inverse proportionality. Biden is old, you are not, that's why you don't "get it", time literally grinds ideals away to nothing. old politicians are a product of a system that shapes them to become universal tools of meta-conformity & auto-enforcement, subservient to said system, affiliations & values don't matter.

adding 'webinar' to my list of ban triggering words.

All housecats are basically Neo trapped in the Matrix.

Literally just started a new project and tried to run it in the emulator. I HAVE CHANGED NOTHING. I haven't even clicked in the main window!!

Can hardly believe what an absolute train-wreck every major IED platform is... Android Studio, Visual Studio. In no other field or industry would such a UX mess be tolerated. Nothing is intuitive, nothing is even comprehensible without hours of study & reference. That's no way to make software!

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Thinking about how fucking annoying it is that poor people have to be good at everything we do or we will literally die meanwhile rich people who have 'important' jobs are so fucking incompetent and inept at everything they do. Like this shit isnt cute or funny.

the highest evolution of liberal thought has been outlawed by modern second-wave liberalism. it is in essence the understanding that existential threats are real and transcend ideology. the survivor is the "winner" of any argument or debate, regardless of the intellectual substance of the confrontation. conservatives mean to erase the very minds that present counterpoint. it is time to reanimate the age of the liberal tyrant who enforces conviction with overwhelming bias.

the simple sad truth of it is that America "liberals" don't have enough hate or malice in their beings to survive the unified crusade that is the "conservative" take-no-prisoners war against them. bleeding hearts gonna bleed out. religion supplies fuel and stokes the fires of hate, it blinds the rational mind to reason, compassion and even empathy. ya gotta recognize that or ya gonna die by the sword. it's not an abstract civil discourse about ideology it's a fight to the physical death.

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if the UN were a totalitarian world government, climate change would be reversed in a decade, fossil fuels would cease to be a commodity, Israel and Palestine would be at peace, Flint would have clean drinking water, black trans lives would matter, you could get an abortion at CVS for free, Facebook would get nationalized, and George W. Bush would be sent to a prison colony for war crimes. etc. etc.

the UN undoubtedly would make a much better governing body than any other single sovereign government on earth. which is not to say that it would be adequate or that it could reverse any of the current myriad of existential threats to human civilization. it also couldn't enforce any policy.

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