prosopagnosia is just deep fake for your brain. 'face substitution' is rarely talked about neurologically, but I can assure you, it is very real.

When you block all the bots the timeline moves at a reasonable pace, almost legible. It only took two days of casual ad-hoc blocking to get all the bots. I kind of enjoyed it, like whack-a-mole.

Can't sleep at all... just too many terrifying thoughts. This world right now, is too much. Only consolation is I know I am just one of many millions of people who feel exactly the same way.

Got to admit I'm enjoying the lib tears in uspol right now too, if only because they deserve this for believing that democracy still exists despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary, for believing that the dems have morally superior values and care one iota more for them than the republicans. libs are complicit, they are part of the problem. this is war, there's no aisles, there's no common ground, no prisoners will be taken, no holds barred. get your head in the game, or die.

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In contrast to the Caribbean attitude of “Just wait until the rain passes.”

Once in Oslo, I didn’t wake up for a run because it was raining. My Norwegian friend couldn’t fanthom why: 1) I didn’t call to cancel, and 2) what rain had to do with it.

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Does Mastodon not allow PDF uploads?

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Deleting Facebook will cause you to lose all your Oculus games forever -

Oof, what a stranglehold. Add that to the list of reasons to never place eggs in Facebook's basket.

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There is no legitimacy to the Courts. Expanding the Courts will not make it any more legitimate, or non-partisan, but it will be make it less of a radical right-wing, hell-bent on creating a permanent minority-white rule while inflicting pain & suffering on the majority of US.

It's always bikini-O'clock somewhere...

Guessing I did not coin this term, but have decided I am "panamorous", as opposed to pansexual, because still puzzling out my sexuality, but love, basically got that bagged.

Debating watching the debate, and then was like 'no' I would have an aneurysm for sure. Watching a couple of corpses race to the bottom of a country that has become a pantomime of a caricature of a parody. It's too surreal, I can't cope.

Bunch of anime girls chilling in a hot spring, variety of boob sizes, kerfuffle ensues over who has the biggest boobs including shame, envy, groping. 2020 and studios are still trotting out this tired fan service cliche. Doesn't Japan ever get tired of this cultural masturbation?

Finally lost to my curiosity and got an M.2 module, high-end... But it's nothing special, my SATA SSDs are just as fast. New standard is a scam IMO.

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genuinely tho imagine thinking we can figure out how to sustain a civilization on, like, Mars, when we somehow found a way to fuck that up on *Earth* - the one place in the entire infinite Universe we are specifically designed by billions of years of evolution to survive on lmao

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Over the next few years, we're going to hear a lot of astroturfing from Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google. They'll try to convince the world they're good, not evil. In which case, remember the facts.

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tl;dr: make the shitty version of the thing before you try making the good version of the thing

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Yet another reason to #DeleteFacebook

NEW: More than 2 years after Facebook said it would reduce the illicit wildlife trade by 80% by 2020, @CounteringCrime found that the platform has continued to allow the sale of wildlife and trafficking of endangered species to operate across the platform
Two Clicks Away: Wildlife Sales on Facebook — Countering Crime

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