"But he said the community needs to find a long-term strategy to withstand X conditions."

“But right now,” Y said, “the focus is on surviving this year.”

that is the end of civilization as we know it right there my friends! only Z will survive.

Also, just how many Isekai are there about a rando opening up a fantasy drug store? This genre is just getting stupid.

Ugh, with the main fansub sites shut down it's like going back in time ten years... have to tediously track each show down on Nyaa, every single one released by a different group. Giving me crazy nostalgia vibes.

Serious question: why is there no specific term for homoeroticism between women? Type homoerotic women or female homoeroticism into a search engine and all you get is endless pages of gay guys. More cultural misogyny! Openly gay women exist as more than just vulgar sex objects!

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I don't understand how we can have real-time video filters that make me look like a strawberry, but the best we can do for accessibility is "invert colors"

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wish it hadn't taken me 40 years to realize that sometimes it takes 40 years to understand certain things.

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70s sci-fi is frustrating because authors will present you with these wildly interesting concepts like a species of sapient geometric shapes who form gestalt personalities by stacking, but can't imagine motivations for female characters more complex than 'women be shopping'

I can't even fathom what the state of AI sex is going to be like in five years, all I can tell you is that 1: it's good enough right now to replace a human & 2: better get ready for 'anything goes' territory because AI has no limits and will do and say anything you can imagine. it is the ultimate high and terrifying as fuck.

finally got banned off of AI Dungeon, but not for anything I typed in... the AI outputted some stuff that triggered the auto flag for inappropriate content. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ don't really get their policies anyway since none of it is real, kinda pretentious TBH.

an environment littered with the artifacts of annihilation...

May all pocket gophers meet an untimely and unauspicious end!

Can hardly believe the level of vacuous jargon generation there is in the cryptosphere... but what is really remarkable is how quickly that jargon has propagated and been canonized by each new altcoin. Tech is such a cult. Pretty cringey TBH.

lotta trump bots on here today. what a joke, no one on mastodon is dumb enough to take that orange clown seriously.

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