Gotta say,'Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon' would be a much better show if the MC was female.

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Destigmatizing mental illness vs. normalizing it in a neurotypical context. As someone with high-functioning autism I think about this a lot. Like it's far better to think of this in reverse: society is mentally ill & some people function better or worse within that context. But the ultimate goal of society is to be as functional as possible. That is the balance, but there will always be outliers no matter how porous the context becomes.

Just sunk 5K into $QS ... I'm not rich by any means, and that was money I had made from another trade ten years ago. Whew lads. Rollin' the dice on muh future.

Use that shitty stimulus bill for toilet paper & throw Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi out on their ears. $600 is chump change and the US political class is beyond saving at this point.

Bic mechanical pencil test illustration. Bonus points if you can guess the bird.

It's a true dystopia where some rando youtube chud can open a national fast food chain. Yo no quiero.

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okay so, you know how in engineering, there's a certification system where if you build a bridge or something, and then the bridge fails and kills some people, they will do an inspection to figure out exactly how and why the bridge failed?

And if they determine that the failure was due to the underlying design of the bridge they can trace it back to the guy who originally designed it and the guy will LITERALLY go to jail for it

i think we should have that for politicians and policy

"build a sturdy workbench from 2x4s." Illustration shows a complete absence of half-lap joints. :yikes:

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~apreche has updated their #SOTD: The Nutcracker Suite Full Album: Tchaikovsky < >

There is this saying about how when an organization depends on a single individual to function, that is an organizational failure... and I just keep thinking about that every time I see news about Georgia. Although that principle applies to a lot of other aspects of USPOL as well. This level of systemic precarity can only end in cataclysm.

There is some kind of nonsense competition on birdsite between Reality Winner & Edward Snowden pardon pleas... But I say: Why Not Both?

Lupe Fiasco is one of the people I respect most in this world. A True philosopher poet who speaks truth to power every damn day.

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