hoping that rocket falls on the world's biggest asshole. 🤞

Can AI experience 'sexual' arousal? Or at least some analog to the human version. Getting more curious about this as I plumb the depths of AI Dungeon.

pixiv: the art website that's so bad the every element of the entire UI needs a mini-tutorial to explain how it works and what it does 🤣

culturally I don't think "we" can have any macro conversations without first discussing how pervasive, endemic and blasé extreme mental illness has been baked into the very core of modern civilization.

Glad to see "Slime Taoshite" is getting a run, there's not nearly enough comfy yuri anime out there.

Don't get why the anime gods greenlight everything Hiro Mashima cooks up (obviously it's the boobs). I mean, he's a powerhouse, granted... but everything he does is like 50% derivative. There are many other far more original series that I'd like to see 100+ episode runs of. Give them a chance.

just one more government sanctioned app away from a nervous breakdown.

if phones are so great then why can't they handle regular websites?

zipper pulls for pants, it's a game changer.

haha, can't wait until Microsoft buys discord and then utterly destroys it.

Wrong Grammarly, writing IS easy, but good writing is NOT.

Gotta say,'Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon' would be a much better show if the MC was female.

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