the Puzzle Cell table lamp is a generative lamp inspired by the structure of leaves. 18 lasercut wood panels snap together to create a self-supporting, shadow-casting lamp. available now:

I was blown away by the malacology exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The Angaria sphaerula shells may have been my favorite

This will be made of 12 gauge steel and powder coated. It’s about 37’ long

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We recently finished putting up the siding and got to give it a fresh coat of paint in 9 different shades between dark blue to lavender

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I originally thought it would take a week. I was completely wrong. The bottom of the shed was rotten from water damage and termites. It was neither waterproof nor airtight. Trees had to be chopped down. We had to put in a new door and window.

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For the last 2 months, I’ve been fixing a small shed to use as a workshop

I’m only now coming to terms with the fact that our fence has a mural of a fence painted on it

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life update 

I’m moving to the Catskills next month. We are building a 60x40’ building from scratch to be our new office.

When the sunlight hits the bubbles it looks each one is ringed by a shining halo

The white glaze was just a little too temperamental so we had to start over on that. We also made new molds to reduce warping

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personal stuff 

I have a pretty high tolerance for buckling down and doing what has to be done. But I’ve been doing that for 4-5 months now and am pretty burnt out 😔

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