Today the forest was predominated by Painted Suillus mushrooms.

When you look at it from the side, the 2D pattern expands into a landscape of folded layers

The pores on this bracket fungi remind me of Morse code with a pattern of long and short dashes

some logs are dripping with mushroom teeth and studded with yellow cup fungi

The tree trunks are bursting with little fungal parasols

Now she is wandering around the house in a post anesthesia daze

Kimchi had three teeth removed during her teeth cleaning 😿

What are my cats going to think about moving from a small apartment to a large house in the country?

I am kind of terrified about moving from Boston to the Catskills

House offer accepted. Next step is going to the planning board to get a zoning variance.

@nervous_jessica blargh. Actually this is not going well. Hard to say if it’s the machine, the exhaust or my brain. Going home for the day

I calculated we should be able to run at 85% speed but in reality we can’t go faster than 82% 😤

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