tbh playing the animal crossing mobile game just makes me want to play new leaf instead. it's kind of just, really pretty but completely missing everything fun about the real games

there is legitimately nothing enticing about the word "skort"

can itunes stop with the constant updates already oh my god

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you know i had to
do it to em


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man tfw you feel like your art's starting to get decent but you have no idea how to get an audience for it

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man i'm so happy my bf got out of work on thanksgiving day so he can come to thanksgiving dinner with my fam and i! i felt so bad cause his family's disowned him and him having to work on thanksgiving instead of coming to my fam's thanksgiving prolly would have been really rough in combination with dealing with that family isolation

my fav is when a furry artist does a "clothed" version of a drawing (which usually covers nsfw parts) but instead they still show the nsfw parts hahaha

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NSFW illustration (sexual content) Show more

workin on this boy's makeup. getting a nice balance between skin tones and makeup is tricky but very fun

when you get feedback on a drawing that you totally believe but can't figure out what they're referring to

"hey fam i need a sweet 3dcg tutorial channel name"
say no more:

CraZMunkey Tutz 4u
Cool Tutz Luke
Cheez Dude CG Artz
Artman McTutzguy
BlenderMaster "Mr. Hands" McGee
Tutzler, the Creator
CrayZtutz 3d
Mr. Cool Tutz
XYZip Zap
Lord of the Tutz

got two things i like this week: a lot of sleep, and Show more

sketch i'm workin on. someone wanted to see juri as a guy bein lewd and i'm like, that's up my alley

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