Great, half of the people I follow were on servers that I guess don't exist anymore? Superb. 😖

Hey, just to say I haven't moved account I'm just not very active. Here, have some selfies.

Honestly what proportion of iPhone users actually have a Mac, and of those, how many actually have an Apple mouse?

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Been trying to tweet this all morning on Twitter so I guess you get it instead. 😅

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Form over function. Except in this case the function is 100% determined by the form.

Is there a client that lets me get rid of the two tabs of "random people I don't know, many speaking languages I don't read" and replace them with something more useful?

Annette v37.09 known issues:
Gravity too high.
Full of sand and loose change.
Nobody can find the charging cable.
Spontaneous restarts.
Shouldn't these screws go somewhere.
Instruction manual replaced with guide to solving a Rubik's cube, missing last three pages.

Sorry, I spent all my good content on Twitter and being sick. You're just going to get complaining instead.

I keep forgetting to come back here, but I haven't given up.

Still not sure why I thought it was a good idea to email my old parish priest. I was an altar server for many years. Didn't expect him to be thrilled to find out I'm a trans atheist lesbian, and was ready for the usual "hope you'll return to the fold" spiel, but still didn't prepare myself for intentional deadnaming in line 1. 😰

So after doing this for a day I have 8 or 9 more colleagues following my Twitter account and received one contact from a queer person looking for advice and info about the recruitment process. I'll consider the former a fair price to pay for the latter! 😂

No new roller skating photos because I was late beforehand and my eyes were a stinging mess afterwards. But I'm feeling pretty good so here's some recent photos. 😊

Feeling better today. Eczema relenting slightly, or at least no longer getting worse. Roller skating lesson was good for my mood.

But you're all lovely people and I'd like to try to keep this going even if I don't leave the... uh, is there some sort of taboo here about naming the blue bird site? Got the impression maybe it's not done?

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I'm shattered and in a fair bit of pain and at that accelerating-symptoms stage of an eczema flare-up where I am paranoid about any new treatment because *something* is making it worse. So, uh, sorry I've not got much to say for myself here.

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