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Former Johnson Space Center Director Christopher Columbus Kraft Jr., who created the iconic role of NASA flight director during the Mercury and Gemini programs, died Monday. He was 95. FULL STORY:

NASA’s first moon-bound Orion crew capsule is declared complete, but major tests remain before an unpiloted test flight around the moon, a mission now planned in 2021 due to delays in constructing the moon ship’s Space Launch System rocket.

"Can you copyright and own a recipe? A recipe in the eyes of the law doesn't have that creative spark... A recipe is like a phone book in the eyes of the law—you can't own something so factual." 🥃

Sad news for all , NASA fans—Chris Kraft, one of the space program's legendary architects (+ a gracious source to space journalism), has passed away

(This video interview is from about two years ago as Kraft walked us through Apollo memories.)

In an interview with CBS News, Vice President Mike Pence said that while NASA is continuing development of the behind-schedule, over-budget Space Launch System, the government will continue to look at companies like SpaceX & Blue Origin for alternatives.

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