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Modifying and running a binary by recompiling a reverse engineered disassembly

Space launches planned in the next week include missions by a Chinese Long March 3B rocket, two SpaceX Falcon 9 flights, a ULA Delta 4-Heavy, and Astra’s Rocket 3.2 test flight.

📷: @SpaceX; @ulalaunch; @astra

Our list of upcoming space launches:

Beautiful: The Deriba caldera in Darfur, Sudan, which holds two lakes, pictured from the International Space Station as it orbited 260 miles above the Marrah Mountains

(Credit: NASA Johnson)

An update from China's Lunar Exploration Program says the ascender spacecraft of the country's Chang'e 5 sample return has successfully completed a rendezvous and docking in lunar orbit with the mission's Earth return vehicle.

''There was no 'before' the beginning of our universe, because once upon a time there was no time''

- John D. Barrow

An armored capsule carrying pristine specimens from an asteroid streaked into Earth’s atmosphere and parachuted to a landing in Australia Saturday, bringing home extraterrestrial rocks that could hold clues to the origin of life on Earth.

📷: @JAXA_en

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