god can we PLEASE get a Durkan resignation, I have a really nice bottle of whisky earmarked for the occasion

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Watergate level coverup is going on with Seattle’s mayor and police/fire chiefs for the crucial month when Durkan ordered police to attack protesters, when East Precinct was abandoned, when CHOP rose and fell. Biggest scandal in city politics in many decades. twitter.com/DBeekman/status/13

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HEY LA TRANS COMMUNITY! I currently have an excess of testosterone injections for intramuscular use that has a expiry date of this july, if you or you know someone who needs it please please DM me and share this 🙏🏼✨

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I guess I was conflating it with the term "high art", which DOES refer to art that's seem as more culturally valuable but also less approachable (which is of course a bullshit dichotomy but that's another thread)

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I always thought it referred to art where the concept behind it was very abstract, "high" as in a reference to "head in the clouds" or something. Like "this series of empty canvasses represents the progression of art block over time" kinda thing

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I discovered recently that the term "high concept" means almost the exact opposite of what I always assumed it to mean

short story prompt: doppelganger versus evil twin

beginning to think that "badge" in the pokémon universe just means "enamel pin"

I wish Bon Appetit hadn't treated people like shit but it did have the side effect of causing a constant stream of Sohla videos to be produced on various other platforms and that's great

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it is imperative to recognize that sites like itch, while they're great for many reasons, are also great because they allow adult content. Not "in spite of", BECAUSE. Adult content is good and important on its own merits, actually. Yes, even the stuff that makes you squicky.

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today's news re: itch.io being used as a scapegoat in the Epic/Apple lawsuit is a good reminder that Apple's puritanical stance is not only a danger to services directly under their umbrella but in fact any services they want, really

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might be my retroactive 2019 GOTY and that's saying a LOT considering how much I adore Sekiro

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stayed up waaaay too late finishing this game. gonna wait to write my review tomorrow but it's a slam dunk ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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this game is full of incredible characters but Kim is keystone. without him drolly reacting to whatever batshit decisions you make the entire game would lose its emotional center

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one day I'll do another run of Disco Elysium where I play the polar opposite of my current character and it will destroy my soul a little bit to let down Kim Kitsuragi

there's no amount of gross terms you can use to describe a cask of whisky that won't result in some weird nerd asking if they can buy a bottle

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twitter: we changed the crop ratio on mobile to something that sucks less
users: *looking around, bewildered* a... a feature? good? good feature? *whispers* can this be...?
twitter: *< 24 hours later* we have installed a tip jar that doxxes you
users: oh thank god i was worried

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