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Natalie Weizenbaum @nex3


Nintendo Switch (Neon) in stock for $299.99 on Amazon

I get to walk today! Very excited


I think Splatoon battle mode may just not work on hospital WiFi

and again!!! still haven't passed any gas though 😭

So, what made you decide GCS was worth paying for/p... — My insurance covered the surgery, so I don't know i...

what're your top 5 movies you've journal'd about so... — Based on a quick look over my journals: Lemonade, M...






did a little witch sketch while i was on the train...!

How does it feel to be part of the coolest CSS prep... — I'm very proud of Sass and how much joy it's brough...

Who was your surgeon and how was your experience fr... — I went with Dr. McGinn, largely because I knew a nu...

How long do you anticipate you'll be away from work? — I took three months off, but I bay go back earlier ...

I get to stand up two or three times today

I asked "what surgery are you getting" and "is it b... — A) You weren't the transphobic rando; they weren't ...

all the nurses here are rad! one of them is a retired derby girl

had a free slot in my schedule in college so I took a programming course just because my friend was in it