overtime is just a lie about how long a game is going to last

constantly baffled that Google Contacts doesn't have any integration with social media, by far the most common way to interact with someone digitally

I made a deal with @JhoiraArtificer@twitter.com whereby, if she memorizes the lyrics to Weird Al's "Hardware Store", I will go with her to the hardware store any time she wants

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I can't help myself...

"We studied six popular Go software [projects] including Docker, Kubernetes, and gRPC. We analyzed 171 concurrency bugs in total, with more than half of them caused by non-traditional, Go-specific problems."


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the latest @MBMBaM@twitter.com is the first to make me cry laughing in a long time

sorry, I mean "the second half of season one" πŸ™„

season two of Sabrina is really all over the place, huh

can't stop reading "letterboxd" as though it was the name of a Unix daemon

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Finally had a chance to draw a ! A freshwater witch ☘️

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Another one for !
This one is of an African-Indian princess and her two sting ray companions πŸ’›

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I made this for a specific purpose, but I want to share it with the world. Take it, and dunk on some wannabe pigs

I made this gif for a specific purpose but I release it to the world. take it and dunk on some wannabe pigs

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Dr. Lick's Good-Lickin' Jawbreakers

"buy one… for lickin!"

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other great options include Gregory Doran's Hamlet with Patrick Stewart and David Tennant, Prospero's Books, and the Kurosawa adaptations (although I haven't seen them yet ;;). dishonorable mention goes to Branagh's Much Ado which has the worst Dogberry/Verges I've ever seen

3. 10 Things I Hate About You. The unsung hero of Shakespeare adaptations, and a high-energy note to end the evening on. I cultivate queer headcanons for this movie like some people cultivate orchids. If you tell me Kat isn't a lesbian who fell for Patrick the Egg I will hit you.

2. Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing. How did Whedon make such a great movie? Well, he didn't get to do any writing, and his cast does most of the heavy lifting. But I gotta respect the fact that his idea of vacation fun times is shooting a Shakespeare film.

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