just one more example of why soft skills are extremely important in tech

* writing detailed, thorough specs is difficult
* detailed, thorough specs are important for new Sass features
* users want to help make new Sass features
* users have lots of trouble writing detailed, thorough specs

I just started reading Illuminae by Amie Kaufman. I'm tweeting this because I'm not using Goodreads today

genetically speaking, is a Goldeen more similar to a koi fish or to a Magnemite?

every conclusion every human draws is based, to one degree or another, on subjectivity and fallible heuristics, and if you want people to teach people correct beliefs you need to work with their humanity

"propaganda" gets a bad rap under liberalism as a tool of mass manipulation that therefore must be used to deprive people of their individual right to come to their own conclusions, but that's based on the lie of an accessible "objective truth"

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To de-program people who’ve been fooled by disinformation, it’s “important that the corrective information be repeated as frequently, and with even greater clarity, than the myth.” news.northeastern.edu/2018/06/

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the best reason to boycott amazon is to support striking workers, but the second best reason is getting to imagine jeff bezos getting so mad bc of it that his whole head turns beet-red and steam comes out of his ears

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Hey friends, don't you dare cross the picket line for the today and tomorrow! That means:
* no shopping on Amazon/Whole Foods/Zappos
* no streaming or watching Twitch
* no reading on Comixology/Kindle/Audible
* no watching Prime Video
* no Goodreads or IMDb

"Is Alec Guiness straight? He has such gay energy"
"He was married to a woman for 72 years"
"Honestly that speaks towards him being bisexual more than straight"
"Oh yeah he was arrested once for fucking a man"

without that focus on communication, all my individual work, no matter how novel, would have been worthless—no one would have wanted to (or been able to) port it anywhere else, and even pub would eventually have to rewrite it because they couldn't meaningfully modify it

so I spent as much time on technical documentation (github.com/dart-lang/pub/blob/) as I did on actually writing the code so people could maintain it, and I wrote a blog post (medium.com/@nex3/pubgrub-2fb64) so authors of other package managers could re-use my work

take PubGrub, for example. it's a major step forward in the field of package resolution, but it's also the most complex, conceptually-difficult algorithm I've ever written—no one, me included, would stand a chance of understanding it from reading the code alone

if you want to make yourself more effective, don't bother learning every new framework; focus on improving your soft skills. code is useless unless it's well-documented and readable enough for anyone to change it

for real though, no amount of Xs in a single engineer (even if that were a thing) is more valuable than being a force multiplier for everyone ELSE

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