@BackloggdApp@twitter.com more than anything Griftlands feels like a framework on which something REALLY stunning could be built. what if NPCs, instead of being randomized within their class each run, had their own little lives that you bumped into to varying degrees?

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It is time to admit that economics is a failed branch of sociology whose underlying assumptions (the behavior of people can be explained by money) didn't hold up under testing (the ultimatum game et al) and treat it like alchemy or phrenology.

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don't forget every now and then to take a moment and quietly appreciate how hot all your friends are

as though Frasier is ever again going to have the opportunity to bone anyone remotely as hot as this guy

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the only honest way to end a sitcom bit about a straight person obliviously asking out a gay person is to have them fuck

and I always forget "When God sings with his creations, will a turtle not be part of the choir?"

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"hello, I've seen your face over and over again, but all I know about you is your name and exactly how many friends we have in common!"

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a very strange modern experience is finally actually meeting a friend of a friend who keeps showing up in your Facebook "People You May Know"

being able to wake up in the morning and immediately drink cold water >>>>>

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I would have started using a vaccum insulated water bottle way sooner if someone had explained to me that it's capable of keeping ice unmelted overnight even with the lid off

soaking decaf beans in mountain dew and calling it recaf

is there a veterinarian proctology competition going on here? because this is a cat ass trophy

imagine a world in which public health policy had assumed that the Delta variant was unaffected by vaccines until we had solid numbers on exactly how likely a vaccinated individual is to contract it/spread it/die from it

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something that struck me recently is how much COVID policy has been driven by assuming that relaxing restrictions is safe until there's solid evidence to the contrary rather than the reverse

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Indoor masking hot-take: "Wait until it gets really bad before requiring the thing that could've prevented it from getting really bad," is not good public health strategy.

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eventually someone is going to take the time to document all the heinously racist/misogynist/transphobic stuff the PS5 *does* allow you tweet, and it'll go viral, and then nothing will change

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aside: it's surprisingly difficult to complain about censorship of things considered "too adult" or "unsavory" without using the language or tone of people who complain about censorship of racism or whatever

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