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Natalie Weizenbaum

when you post a really bad joke and everyone starts yelling at you for it

the kids are calling it "electro". they get numb, stick a needle in their skin, and run current through it. repeat a few hundred times. horrifying

open-source maintainers have limited time and energy and we are not obligated to spend it reading the eightieth identical poorly-thought-out argument in favor of your pet feature

reminder that locking GitHub issues where people keep going in circles about decisions that have already been made is not "censorship"

this show is gorgeous with the sole exception of the hair they continue to insist on drawing in the back of male characters' hands

watching Lupin III part 5! it's rare that I actually watch a show that's currently airing, I'm excited to be engaging with the anime zeitgeist

after my five-week-long vacation I expect to reach the fabled "action movie hero" level

stubble levels: unkempt but lovable male lead in a romcom

missing a week of electro blows


lesbians who make the first move are braver than any US marine

it's so weird to be totally anonymous to people I spent a bunch of time with

I just said hi to the guy I interned with eight years ago and he just gave me this confused look and I guess he just has no idea who I am now


A quick doodle in @ephtracy , for a town at night. Simple and I enjoy it.


I forgot I owned this dress until this morning

which isn't WRONG—there's a real argument to be made about "bodily" autonomy in an era where computers act as an organ necessary to interface with the world—but it's an extremely narrow view

even the most ideologically-motivated OSS stems from Stallman's assertion that unmodifiable software is immoral, which in turn stems from an individualistic focus on personal ownership of a device

it always shocks and dismays me how tiny the footprint of leftist thought is in the open-source community

normally I blame sappiness on alcohol, but I haven't had anything to drink tonight so 🤷 guess I'm just sappy