WandaVision gets real cophappy real fast huh? I guess that's the MCU for ya

so we're referring to everything feature-length that premiers on Disney+ as "Disney Channel original movies", right?

added this as an emoji to a discord server, which is essentially just an opaque ideogram for "missing the point"

My โ˜…โ˜…ยฝ review of The Good Liar (2019) on @letterboxd@twitter.com: boxd.it/1HebLv

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im going to the stxre (spelled that way to be inclusive toward corner stores) to pick up some mxlk (spelled that way to be inclusive toward milk substitutes like oat milk and soy milk) does anyxne need anythxng

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this is not to say that the PRC is blameless for reports of human rights abuses in the reeducation camps, because I'm sure they exist! but the US's thirst for a second cold war is beyond naked

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occasional reminder that the Foremost Authority on the uyghur genocide in china is adrian zenz, senior fellow in china studies at the victims of communism memorial foundation twitter.com/besf0rt/status/136

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I for one am happy it's March again, the actual date has finally come back around to how I've been feeling all year

I'm on the last episode of the season so I promise you won't have to endure me bitching about this show much longer

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really grumpy that halfway through s3, The Expanse sidelines its two really cool women of color POV characters in exchange for the most boring written-by-an-atheist-core white pastor lady imaginable

math kids saying "cauchy" like cool kids say "gucci"

people really looked at art and said "the most important aspect of this, which is crucial to replicate in a digital environment, is that exactly one person can own it" huh

someday I'm just going to take a month and learn topology, for fun

don't forget, if you see a good tiktok on twitter or wherever, go find it and like it on actual tiktok so you can train up your recommendation algorithm

in this episode, Tom Parris has repeatedly encouraged Tuvok to cheat on his wife and then argued that the entire foundation of Vulcan philosophy is wrong. Tuvok has not decked him one, proving that it is indeed possible to overcome even the strongest emotions

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we're watching a Voyager episode with Tuvok flashbacks (FINALLY) where he's talking to his mentor, who keeps saying shit like "you are experiencing shon-ha'lockโ€”love" which makes absolutely no sense because they're presumably ALREADY SPEAKING VULCAN

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so given that Star Trek has universal translation seamlessly available at all times, are we to assume that Jean-Luc Picard is speaking French all the time? and what does that say about when he specifically says something in French on screen?

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