Has anyone ever tried using the DOM explorer in IE11? Every element inspect points me to the <head> open tag. Somehow the more surprising thing here is that IE11 even *has* a DOM inspector.

Life Will Change (instrumental) is so far my favourite song in the game. It's so good. Mm.

i updated my scripts so now i can quickly generate hq gifs of *anything*

@RayType awoo.space only federates with mastodon.social last i checked which is a little iffy sometimes

2034: twitter ban for posting Persona 6 2072: sued for talking about Persona 7 2115: If you know about Persona 8, Atlus will DMCA your mind.

gmail didnt let me mail myself a .js file for "security reasons"

so i stripped the file ending

and gmail was happy

I wanted to Google "ajax" but Google knew me better than I knew me once again and instead replaced my query with 天気 ("weather")

I tried crunchyroll again.

I remembered that half their shows don't hit EU and their app is horse dung

i would use autohotkey to bind some special character macros if it didnt come with a non-removable keylogger

This would be an excellent time to consider supporting mastodon, if you aren't already. patreon.com/user?u=619786

remember when blizzard said that the lunar costume mei having no waist was a bug and being fixed? its still live

I thought about using Abzol as handle on here as well but i dont really like that handle anymore

but it's shorter

so it takes less space in replies for people who want to talk to me

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