Please enjoy 1001 BASIC Games, A Novel

The generating code is a one-line Apple //e or //c program of maximal length:


A quick check on GitHub shows that Apple ][js seems to handle a paste event, but I can't see how to send it one, because CTRL-V will just be passed in as CTRL-V, just as CTRL-G produces the BEL character

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Is there any Apple II emulator for Linux that supports copy-and-paste, so I can easily input short BASIC programs? I don't see support for it in MAME, linapple (which I can't get fully working anyway), or the otherwise lovely Apple ][js

I just fixed a problem with video tearing by setting the parameter "TearFree" to "true."

Next I suppose I'll need to fix my hard disk by setting "MangleData" to "false."

Arg, flatpak. I can't get my flatpak installation of Atom to open files outside my home directory (sandboxing is supposed to be a feature, I know) and I can't tab-complete command-line arguments

cal (ncal) is no longer installed by default in Ubuntu 20.10?

Please apply for Generative Unfoldings commissions, up to 15 of $1000 will be awarded for free/open-source generative art, to run live in an in-browser exhibition

Deadline for sketches/prototypes: November 1

I'm delighted to be curating this exhibit and on the jury with 4 amazing artists

The latest from my micropress Bad Quarto is 10,000 Apotropaic Variations by @aparrish, just in time for Halloween. A set of 50 pamphlets, each with 200 computer-generated magic, protective words

Fascinated to find this new music video by Calvin Harris & The Weekend that very explicitly shouts out to several demoscene productions, including PD demos fr-025: the.popular.demo and cocoon's Soul Splitter

Is this evidence of some SEO spamming ploy that involves making such links?

Should I change my rewrite rules so that is actually *rewritten* to ?

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Why does DuckDuckGo have my website in its index with the URL parameter "?Such+keenness,+such+prolonged+preference,+is,+how-+ever,+not+common" after it???

This simply takes one to my site, same as with no URL parameters.

A remarkable and nightmarish scene playing out in Portland should terrify anyone who cares about the US constitution: unmarked vans full of camouflaged and unidentified federal agents are pulling up next to protesters on street corners, then snatching and arresting them with no explanation.

In the 60s Eric Mendoza produced some of the first computer-generated stories & essays, the Little Grey Rabbit stories and High Entropy Essays. These have been newly reimplemented by Wayne Clements who also has a new paper, How to Resuscitate a Dead Rabbit

When there's no one else to videoconference with sometimes I go onto jitsi and videoconference with myself

hi fediverse!

back in January, 100000 years ago, I got a chance to talk with @darius about running; why hometown, his fork of mastodon, is currently needed to create safer spaces; human-scaled social media; and trust networks and technology, for an interview in @logic.

we just recently released that conversation for free online. check it out!

As far as I know this 31-character shell script is the first artwork of mine to be recorded in the blockchain. "Lines Up" is part of the Summer 2020 Undocumented Events and Object Permanence /ueop/2-20.php The artwork here is the script, which you can use if you happen to have the same mail setup as me; the output is just what I got

On Twitter people are all writing about how everyone's resisting wearing masks. Not here on Maskodon

Wonderful new project by Ekene Ijeoma is now out—give a listen, participate! It's a voice portrait of the US (beginning in NYC) in the framework of counting to 100, using as many languages as possible that are spoken by our neighbors

What it means to be human:

Playing chess really well, —1997
Playing Go really well, 1997—2016
Identifying crosswalks, 2016—

A trinol is a text (perhaps a poem) composed entirely of three-letter words. There are also binols ("Yo, Ma! My ad is on TV!") and tetranols or quadranols, depending upon what you want to call them, and so on. But for now...

Eye icy,
the man
set off
his Uzi.

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