The conference part of ICCC (International Conf. on Computational Creativity) starts tomorrow. The focus is CS and creativity modeling; people do interesting cross-cutting work in many different creative domains

Part of the "Open Source" issue; obviously you are supposed to modify, share, etc. without need for legal code, but just in case you'd like something more formal also:

won't you

Copyright (c) 2019 Nick Montfort <>

Copying and distribution of the indicated file, with or without modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and this notice are included and preserved. This file is offered as-is, without any warranty.

The print edition of Increment #9 includes this type-in poem/program I wrote.

It's also online and (although it's sure to be less fun) you could copy and paste the code from

We will be publishing further this year in the Using Electricity series of computer-generated literary books. This is a Counterpath Press series that I edit.

I am very glad to discuss book ideas and consider manuscripts! Computer programs, have your human author/programmers get in touch with me...

Taper #3, with very short computational poems, is out now at with 3*3 = 9 poems, each of no more than 3KB. Many thanks to the authors & editorial collective!

Friends, I will be rapping this Wed June 5 in Brooklyn: Sunnyvale, 1031 Grand St. I am Doc Mofo, on the mic and doing Commodore 64 visualizations with livecoding musician ColonelPanix at this LiveCode.NYC Algorave. This will likely be the last time in several months that I'll be doing a rap performance, so please come by!

National Poetry Month 2019 seems as good a time as any to introduce the concept of the socially conscious limerick.

But upon further reflection, I think "hop on that gurney" makes for a better ending.

There once was this person from Boerne
Who said "I'm going to earn me
Some cash giving blood
And some being a stud
But to start with I'll get on that gurney."

One of the editors of Taper presented our journal at a poster session for the new College of Computing launch at MIT. Audience was largely CS and AI people. I did not attend & can't testify directly, but apparently the most common response was not "that's not computer science!" (which indeed it's not) but "that's not poetry!"

Please submit a short computational poem (defined loosely!) for Taper #3. There's a 3KB limit & a template provided; all details and previous issues are at

I just did my first performance as an MC, rapping about computation at Babycastles

Our deadline for Taper #3 has been extended. Now, you can submit work of 3KB or less until March 1 - computational literary art is our focus. Please look at previous issues & offer something:

Indeed Bad Quarto has two publications today, Sofian Audry's book *for the sleepers...* and the short letterpress-printed palindrome *Viral* by Anthony Etherin

Friends, my micropress Bad Quarto has just now published *for the sleepers in that quiet earth.* by Sofian Audry. Each of the 31 unique books presents the learning process of a deep recurrent neural network trained on *Wuthering Heights.* Read about the project, and find academic/artistic publications about it, at the Bad Quarto page for the book,

Can't mastodons STAMP things in place instead of pinning their ... toots ...

*slaps roof of america's libraries* this bad boy can fit so many tears in it

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