@leonardoflores @samplereality Chris Joseph's work is there as well, chrisjoseph.org! Please enjoy over the holidays & beyond...

Taper #2 is out! 18 tiny computational poems by six a., Sebastian Bartlett, Kyle Booten, Angela Chang, Augusto Corvalan, Kavi Duvvoori, Esen Espinosa, @leonardoflores Judy Heflin Vinicius Marquet, Stuart Moulthrop, Everest Pipkin @samplereality William Wu. Everything is free/open-source software & the editorial collective has put in a huge amount of work to get these tiny poems in great shape


Of the three contenders tonight, Manchego holds the upper hand

hey NYC folks—i was at the preview for the Tech Zine Fair techzinefair.org/ earlier tonight and it was really something to behold—just an efflorescence of beautifully designed, innovative, fascinating publications. if it sounds even vaguely up your alley you should make the trip!

Rushing to the New York Tech Zine Fair, but I managed to finish a



El Libro de la Arena México, Borges / Lucha Libre crossover. En español

Listening to Flemish slam poets delivering poems in Dutch

I'm at NYU Gallatin at the Poetics of Information symposium ... I'm on at 2pm, @aparrish at 3:30pm. It's at 1 Washington Place in case you can drop by

Memory Slam now hosts my speculative reimplementation of a c. 1962-1965 project by J. M. Coetzee nickm.com/memslam/five_word.ht This is my site with free software versions of batch-processing-era computational poetry, for you to modify and build on however you please, for fun, profit, understanding

A slightly modified and rejuvenated version of Jack Nicholson won re-election as the Republican governor of Massachusetts

I have happened upon live video and cannot stop watching. "uspol"

I've got more retail options for my Bad Quarto badquar.to publications now, with bad-quarto.myshopify.com/ — and two other books are available via harvard.com, the Harvard Book Store. While the press is a private micropress and not mainly a retail project, this is another way to get material we publish out to people, so, hey, I'm pleased and hope some avail themselves

Whenever I'm beginning to think that my work is the most obscure in the world, I see something such as a new curling game being released on cartridge for the Atari 5200

Our demo got a distant 3rd of 3 at a regional demoparty, whee

I didn't realize until just now (at the end of the process of consumption) the my gift bottle of mezcal contains a "worm." Good thing I'm not vegan

Every time I see that checkbox on a login page, I think of the ghost speaking to Hamlet ... Adieu, adieu, adieu. REMEMBER ME

Odi and amo — but why? One can try, but not say.
Now cry, and rue the foe, and rue the day.

Cataloging my chapbooks & zines, I found my first misfiled computer-generated booklet— one that should be with that collection instead of my main chapbook/zine collection. It is *it is a different friction: computational poems about relationships* by @jane@friend.camp

Confession/boast: I was watching ST: Enterprise. As the Enterprise was being pursued, Captain Archer instructed Ensign Mayweather to do an "L4." I called out "Immelman maneuver." This was indeed what the Enterprise performed, causing me to shriek like a cheerleader

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