When there's no one else to videoconference with sometimes I go onto jitsi and videoconference with myself

hi fediverse!

back in January, 100000 years ago, I got a chance to talk with @darius about running friend.camp; why hometown, his fork of mastodon, is currently needed to create safer spaces; human-scaled social media; and trust networks and technology, for an interview in @logic.

we just recently released that conversation for free online. check it out!


As far as I know this 31-character shell script is the first artwork of mine to be recorded in the blockchain. "Lines Up" noemata.net/ueop/work.php?no=3 is part of the Summer 2020 Undocumented Events and Object Permanence noemata.net /ueop/2-20.php The artwork here is the script, which you can use if you happen to have the same mail setup as me; the output is just what I got

On Twitter people are all writing about how everyone's resisting wearing masks. Not here on Maskodon

Wonderful new project by Ekene Ijeoma is now out—give a listen, participate! It's a voice portrait of the US (beginning in NYC) in the framework of counting to 100, using as many languages as possible that are spoken by our neighbors a-counting.us/

What it means to be human:

Playing chess really well, —1997
Playing Go really well, 1997—2016
Identifying crosswalks, 2016—

A trinol is a text (perhaps a poem) composed entirely of three-letter words. There are also binols ("Yo, Ma! My ad is on TV!") and tetranols or quadranols, depending upon what you want to call them, and so on. But for now...

Eye icy,
the man
set off
his Uzi.

Please enjoy the new online exhibit Post Hoc, with work by

Agnieszka Kurant
Christian Bök
Daniel Temkin
Derek BeaulieuForsyth Harmon
Lauren Lee McCarthy
Lilla LoCurto & Bill Outcault
Olia Liaina
Manfred Mohr
Mark Klink
Renée Green
Sly Watts
Susan Bee

responses by

Amaranth Borsuk
Craig Dworkin
Daniel Temkin
Fox Harrell
Mary Flanagan
Paul Stephens
Simon Morris & Valérie Steunou

It's at nickm.com/post/2020/05/post-ho

For the next WordHack @babycastles on 5/21, 7pm Eastern, I've set up a virtual book table

You can buy new computer-generated books by featured readers Lillian-Yvonne Bertram & Jörg Piringer!

Purchases will please you and will also help nonprofit book distributor Small Press Distribution and the two nonprofit publishers


I was going to ask if there was a free software knockoff of the Bianca's Smut Shack chat system

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This is a truly bizarre and fascinating computational project involving BBC BASIC and finally wrapped up into a GIF 89a; along with songs by the Velvet Underground and the Pixies, my project Curveship was even implicated in its making thenewriver.us/here-comes-her-

Of many computational poetry workshops I've led or co-led, today's (fortunately with the help of Rafael Pérez y Pérez!) was the first one I've ever done in Spanish

The full name is actually "X Æ A-12'); DROP TABLE Students;--" isn't it?

Update: I was able to fix this problem in a rather classic way: Turn computer off, turn on again.

In my defense, the upgrade process did involve several automatic reboots and seemed to have finished without needed a manual one at the end.

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Do not upgrade to pop!_os 20.04 right now! I imagined that an LTS development release would be well-tested and stable, but my Galago Pro now is without *any* USB, Bluetooth, or built-in webcam support.

80% of Mastodon is people saying things like 'I, man, am damned, I am a maiden madman, am I?' except it isn't even a palindrome

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