Wow, the Brussels Hackerspace HSBXL is really nice.
Reminds me of Berlin a decade ago.

Moment! Die Polizei geht bei #Magnitz von einer politisch motivierten Tat aus? Muss sie nicht ergebnisoffen ermitteln? Hat sie die Familie des Opfers in die Mangel genommen? Klingt ja schon nach einer kulturell bedingten bzw. Milieutat.

Oh, geht gar nicht um rassistische Taten?

Update, I learned from a colleague that the keyboard design was pinching the, err, communication ribbons? On one way of doing these. So that explains repeating characters (and that they kinda came in pairs). She grilled a friend at Lenovo after it happened to her.

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Anyone interested in my #SHA2017 badge? It's a fun microcontroller to play with, but it's just collecting dust on my desk since a while now. All I'm asking for is shipping costs.

#TIL pixel comes from “picture element” pix el. I don’t know if I’m charmed or angry.

I want to follow more people. Tell me an inspiring person to follow in the Fediverse, please.

Good to know it's not just me, the new Gmail really is slow.

Also gotta love the author's use of Google's own tools to profile the performance of Gmail. If only the Google engineers would do the same.

People running successful open source projects: what do you do when the rate of PRs grows beyond what you can handle? How do you ensure that PRs have had at least one collaborator respond, without being drowned in notifications/emails yourself?

Please RT for reach.

Hi all! I'm a trans woman and PhD student in linguistics at Stanford working on a project about voice feminization, one that I think might make a big splash. If you have feminized your voice, I would love to speak with you about the possibility of participating! You can reach me here or at Thanks!

@eishle kommst du zum Congress oder ist dir das zu Leipzig?

Handzeichen wer LED Ohrringe zu Weihnachten will!
Hab ° so viel Spaß beim basteln


The Decentralized Internet & Privacy Devroom is craving for more #women and non-binary people to join the Steering Committee.

The SC is responsible for choosing the proposals that will be presented in session. It's your chance to raise concerns that usually don't make it to FOSDEM.

#ETC2018 was great. Make FOSDEM great again :P

The draft CFP is being finalized at the moment. Please join and edit your name in! It will be released... later TODAY.

Sieht so aus, als habe die Bundespolizei die Ergebnisse des Südkreuz-Experimentes zur Gesichtserkennung geschönt. Dabei würde es, selbt wenn es "gut" läuft, täglich hundere von Fehlalarmen geben.

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I'm excited to announce the first release of Organizer, a tool for organizing your community. This is v0.1.0 "Lake Shore Limited", and ready for your use:

Included are the first full set of features:

* CRM functionality for collecting, searching, using data about an organization's members: e-mail, name, phone number, address, custom tags, and more.
* Expansive import/export functionality that includes CSV, Excel spreadsheets, google calendar, airtable, and others.
* One-click heroku deployment to get you up and running without too much technical knowledge.
* Event attendance tracking for members through a mobile web app interface.
* Allow neighborhood captains to send broadcasts to their neighborhood.
* Configure notifications to neighborhood captains when new people join their neighborhood.

If you hate CRMs, you'll probably like Organizer.

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