This is album of the year material. Very, very good!

Also feeling old, next year Cave In's Antenna LP is 20 years old 😳

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Voor ons geen coronahond, maar een post-coronahond. Laten we het hopen in ieder geval (post-corona, de hond is al zo goed als zeker). Niettemin mochten we vandaag voor het eerst bij het nestje puppies kijken, waarvan we er over 2 weken één mee naar huis krijgen. ❤️

... and hey the site might look very basic. But a 100 out of 100 in Lighthouse and 0 accessibility issues according to Axe DevTools. I think that's where the priority should be during development.

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So what's next:
- Finish some of my drafts and publish them... finally.
- Write some new posts
- Set up /now and /about pages
- Work on some design details to make it look a little nicer
- Integrate webmentions

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I already had an old static page set up on my own domain through Netlify. So it was a matter of copying the old .git folder to my new project foldder and creating a new commit. The only thing I had to do to create a successful deploy was to update the npm version on Netlify by adding a .nvmrc file to my project.

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Lazy as I am, I followed the most excellent Eleventy tutorial by Andy Bell. I didn't follow all the steps, but it's pretty much for me the easiest way to dive into the technical details and learn about best practices without going though the official docs.

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There is some progress, although it's pretty much invisible right now. I implemented my hardcoded 'sketch' into Eleventy. I've worked on the templates, partials and all the logic to be able to render blog posts. The whole thing is pretty basic, but there is already a RSS feed.

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New blog post: "The balance has shifted away from SPAs"

Just some random thoughts on why it seems like people are turning on SPAs recently. I suspect it's less of a pendulum swing in popular opinion and more because the underlying browser technology has changed.

Do keep in mind, every once in a while I start something like this and usually never finish. I have dozens of folders on my laptop called blogthis and blogthat. 😄 The only one I did finish was a personal music blog I created and updated on a weekly basis in 2020 for a whole year. But alas, I killed that one due to how limited the scope was and a lack of time to do research for it.

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Creating a home on the web has already been on my to-do list for years. But as someone who works fulltime as a front-end developer I have a hard time finding motivation to start coding outside office hours. But, somehow I found some inspiration and motivation lately, so I've been hammering away. Creating something very simple...

Also a new Imperial Triumphant song was released today. These guys dealing in jazzy super technical black/death metal are pretty unique. Not for the faint of heart.

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Autechre dropped 7 live albums today! 7+ hours of improvisational electronic music. You gotta love it, but I think Autechre are pretty awesome and unique.

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New and noteworthy music released today.

I've been a huge fan of this band for about 20 years, so I'm very excited Cave In dropped an album filled to the brim with amazing songs today.

Niet de eerste keer dat ik alleen naar een concert ging, maar de laatste keer was al een tijdje geleden. Ergens voelt het gek. Beetje eenzaam. Net als in je eentje uit eten gaan denk ik (dat doe ik echt nooit). Maar ook wel goed dat ik ging. Ik wilde haar live zien, desnoods ga ik wel alleen. Ik ken verder niemand die naar haar muziek luistert en mee wilde. Tijdens het concert zelf is het niet zo’n probleem, maar eromheen is het vooral veel om je heen kijken en naar je telefoon staren.

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Niet mijn reguliere genre, maar de live show van Eefje de Visser was vanavond geweldig in Utrecht.

The bane of modern web development.

I *just* wanted to install Sass locally to work out a quick idea, but now I have to update the CommandLineTools... which just takes ages.

Het is jammer dat veel muzikanten en bands waar ik graag naar luister hun sociale media voornamelijk via Instagram en Facebook doen. Zelfs de hardere underground genres zijn goed vertegenwoordigd op Instagram. Ik bedoel, je zingt over satan en haat de katholieke kerk, maar hebt geen bezwaar tegen moederbedrijf Meta?

Als alternatief om bij te blijven experimenteerde ik al een tijdje met RSS readers (lekker old school). Waar ik nu op uit ben gekomen is NetNewsWire die ik via iCloud sync, waardoor al mijn apparaten precies weten welke artikelen ik al heb gelezen.

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De spontane inspiratie die ik soms uit Twitter haalde woog niet op tegen alle negativiteit daar. Dus een jaar geleden ben ik cold turkey gestopt.

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