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"Sorry blind people, hope you can swim."

You can credit my colleague in your powerpoint, who took this photo outside of our office.

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“How many ad blocks could an ad slinger block if an ad slinger could block blocks?

Google engineers have proposed changes to the open-source Chromium browser that will break content-blocking extensions, including various ad blockers … Adblock Plus will most likely not be affected”

PS. Guess who gets millions from Google not to block Google?

Hint: A_block _lus.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Google #Chromium #Chrome #ChromeOS #Chromebook

Thinking about getting the Resident Evil 2 remake. I must admit I never played the original due to the unwieldy tank controls. This remake looks amazing and get's positive reviews everywhere. Also, I haven't played a RE game since RE5 (which kind of sucked compared to RE4).

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World: Google, you are so smart, impartial, and benevolent, please write all our protocols and standards.

Google: Oh yeah, btw, we don’t think you should be able to protect yourself from being tracked on our browser.

Google to break uBlock Origin on Chromium.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Google

Got a mail this morning where they were looking for a Full Stack Front-End Developer.

First time I see this role.. what the hell is a full-stack front-end developer? Someone who enjoys CSS architecture, writes Python and can brew a great espresso?

I'm currently reading a book about misinterpreted data in researches (Het bestverkochte boek ooit (met deze titel) by Sanne Blauw) and articles about false data of online advertising (, which makes me quite skeptical about all things data right now.

I'm kind of proud of myself. It was -5℃ this morning and I went for a run and I choose the best combination of clothes, which is usually something I struggle with during the cold season.

Two layers of shirts (one thin summer t-shirt and on top of it a long sleeve with a turtleneck), running gloves with an optional extra layer, running tights (surprisingly warm legs), a running beanie and a pair of running socks kept me all warm enough.

Even the start was't as cold as expected. 🏃

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"Pwned on 15 breached sites and found 1 paste" on my old e-mail address at My current email address is harder to check, because besides using randomly generated passwords for each account, I have a unique mail address on the same domain for every account as well.

Next step: randomly generated email addresses? If I was a better programmer I might create a service for this myself.

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Goed dat hier aandacht aan wordt besteed door een landelijke krant. Over de machtsstructuren achter internet.

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Thanks Youtube! I've watched one vocal coach reacts to Devin Townsend video and now Youtube recommends me ALL vocal coach reacts video's it can find.

Vocal-coaching must be booming, since there are a LOT of vocal coaches publishing react videos on Youtube (or they have nothing else to do and this is their only income... which is kind of sad).

So why would Purple by Baroness be available in MQA format? It's one of the worst mastered albums I've ever heard (this one screams loudness war!). The MQA format just outlines how bad the album sounds...

Oh joy... I just found this in our codebase.

p.button-container.pull-right {
clear: both;
float: left !important;


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✍️ New post: “CSS doesn’t suck”

I'm getting *real* tired with the relentless assaults that CSS is getting, so I wrote about how good it is.

But, almost 40% of that is coming from Sonos ( This one is phoning home every 5 seconds or so. 😳 I have 3 Sonos devices and multiple Sonos controller apps active on different devices. I really wonder why you would have to phone home every 5 seconds.

67% blocked right now... So far the only links that didn't work were from Google Shopping and an ad related to what I was searching for on DuckDuckGo.

I've blocked this fairly odd and suspicious domain: "". Seems it calls home every 5 minutes or so. I also can't find any information online about it.

Top query is my Sonos system calling home to ''. Checking to see if I can turn this off somewhere in the Sonos system.

I've set up a Pi-hole at home and holy shit... More than 50% of the queries are blocked!

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