I am preparing moving to chaos.social. My account there is nielsk@chaos.social if you want to continue following me.

Yesterday I got a scam-call from the Windows Technical Center regarding my computer. And today I got two more calls. But no time to let them “help” me with my computer.

I saw today Seoul Line 1 at the Grips-theatre.
It was awesome. And it seemed to be the special special thingy because Grips became 50 years old this year. The author of the original was there, the author/producer of the Korean variant was there. Exchange of presents etc.

I migrated my first hosts from checks via icinga2 + nrpe to icinga2 on server and host. This is so much nicer

The cancelled defcon is apparently a prank. Sorry :/

Oh, Defcon got cancelled
But I kind of doubt that the participation at CCC will dwindle…

Wenn AKK so weitermacht und die CDU sie als Nachfolgerin Merkels aufstellen sollte, sehe ich eine Zukunft mit grünem/r Bundeskanzler/in.
Na ja und wenn mehr Leute jungen und mittleren Alters wählen gehen…

Yesterday I performed the first time magic for stranger at an unexpected “open mike” for magicians. I was very very nervous and showed it. But my routines worked and the people seem to like it. I have to work on my storytelling though.

$DE/$WM-user: “I use $DE/$WM”
Arch-user with $DE/$WM: “I use $DE/$WM on Arch.”

Why can’t I block single people in Whatsapp-groups?

„Mittlerweile ist der Checkpoint viel mehr als nur ein Newsletter: Wir haben einen eigenen Comic, die Checkpoint-Laufgruppe und Live-Veranstaltungen – sogar mit Checkpoint-Band.“
Mich interessiert aber nur der Newsletter. Nicht der Comic, nicht die Laufgruppe etc.

Früher habe ich den Checkpoint ja gern empfohlen, aber das Kostenlos-Angebot kann ich nicht empfehlen und das Bezahlangebot weiß ich nicht…zu viele Dinge wollen inzwischen jeden Monat Geld von mir…

ScHase, dass der Checkpoint nach der Einführung der Premium-Variante ziemlich schwach geworden ist. Nun gut…eine Mail weniger pro Tag

I am reading a book where a radical government uses old laws against hate speech to bring enemies down that wrote things years ago against the people in the new government. Suddenly hate speech-laws seem far more problematic than “censorship” or “upload filters”.

To whom it may be interesting: the EU-cards are Anyone Worldwide Souvenir (there are EU- and US-backs). Thus they have some brand-and collectors value. Getting a deck isn’t that easy apparently and below 40€ is probably impossible.

I didn’t know that there was a difference between cheap and expensive flip-flops. I have now some Olukai-flip-flops and they are really different.

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