All-Access rockrolls me. I click on the „Wake up before you go go“-morning-playlist and the first song is this

Plesk: when the group psacln can write into your document root, it will put in there all “missing” template files when you change any settings of the domain. Oh and Plesk isn’t considering this as a bug because that group shouldn’t be able to write in there anyways m)

Today’s horror sighting: PHP 5.2.17 in production use on public websites. Its EOL-date was ca. 8 years ago…

Oh, I just watched a gimmick presentation on YouTube, and noticed that at one step he just used a criss cross force because he messed up the trick. I am getting better. But I need to train routines and do some stuff in front of audiences

Inzwischen habe ich Post vom Innenministerium bekommen. Für die Returning From Germany-Kampagne wurden dieses Jahr 500.000€ zur Verfügung gestellt.

I am speechless:
Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’

Habe meine erste IFG-Anfrage auf gestellt zur Kostenhöhe von der Plakataktion (und Website) von
Die Aktion ist mal wirklich schlimm und die Plakate bestärken mich im Wunsch mach einer werbefreien Stadt.

Wichtige Nummer für Berliner:
0178 5235838
Das ist die Telefonnumer vom Kältebus. Einspeichern und anrufen, wenn ihr jemanden zwischen 21 Uhr und 3 Uhr in Not seht.

I found this on reddit about a group of pathfinder-players. It is actually pretty awesome: “Help my players are drug dealers”

Auch in Berlin arbeitet die SPD weiter an ihrer Abscchaffung:
„Tagesspiegel: Bauen auf dem Tempelhofer Feld?“

My three-way-mirror arrived and exercising card magic changed immediately because I see how dirty I am all the time and getting clean by watching 3 angles is really hard.

And suddenly the beggar in the subway teaches me a card trick

Apparently sources and spies from the CIA could be found via open source intelligence. WTF‽

That’s how true magic looks. Eric Chiens winning performance at the FISM 2018 (the world championship of magicians):

Breaking Point is on sale. I just tried it a couple of times and it was enough that I was able to perform it in a way that my kids couldn’t watch out of disgust
Perfect for the Halloween-party

I successfully forgot that there is a Fresh Pronce of Bel-Air-episode where Donald Trump made an appearance. Ugh.

How do you do configuration management in a zero-trust-network?

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