After I read the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit I wonder how much time I would need per week to get an online-campaign running which runs every other week. I don’t like the time I need for the monthly DnD-campaign. But I imagine that I actually need less time to prepare a CP-session

Amazon Prime hat wohl alle 4 Staffeln von Airwolf in der Flatrate

I am watching Hamilton and I really hope Disney (or Netflix) bring more musicals to their streaming platform. I really want to watch Avenue Q for example.

TIL: Reddit ratelimits your replies to replies to your comments. And this pretty fast.

Reddit shows video where a-hole gets knocked down with an elbow hit, dude does an additional kick to the guy on the ground.
I ask: why?
Reddit: you do if he deserves it; if he’s an a-hole to my family he can die
What the serious fuck?
You do not kick ppl already on the ground.

Ok, another broken system in the US. When you do a social media post your employer doesn’t like and fires you because of it, you might not be eligible for unemployment benefits. WTF?

I need to read up on unemployment benefits in the US. Apparently the people who fire someone can somehow deny them unemployment benefits. Shouldn’t the state be completely responsible for this? But this might be my European point of view…

This evening I practiced 45 minutes of juggling and close to an hour of coin magic. This was a good evening.

TIL about Air Up. What a load of marketing crap on their site. Unbelievable.
But I am tempted to try it but 30€ for a starter?
I like the benefit edition. 5€ more than the normal starter but 2€ are donated.

If you want to watch a light Japanese series that is really nice and has a great intro song, watch Midnight Diner (深夜食堂) on Netflix.

My wife bought juggling balls so that the kids can learn juggle because it helps with some stuff and she wanted to juggle with balls herself. Now I am close to be able to juggle three balls and everyone else doesn’t juggle at all

There is a Bundle of Holding for Invisible Sun. The 1000-pages pdf books and stuff that you usually pay $100 for just to get in. The base price is $25

There is a Shadowrun-hack for The Sprawl (which is PbtA). It is pat what you want and is looking good so far. This as an insta-buy.
I definitely have to try it out.

The eukes of Quidditch annoy me each time I read or watch Harry Potter.

Schienenersatzverkehr mit übervollen Bussen. Da klappt das mit dem Abstand nicht so richtig. Da hat die S-Bahn Berlin mal wieder richtig mitgedacht…

PSA: Am Samstag ist das Strandbad Wannsee schon ausgebucht, am Sonntag bekommt man noch Tickets.

The Record of Lodoss War-RPG is like when you translate English to Japanese and then back to English, right? RoLW is based on DnD, so why did they create an RPG based on RoLW?

This is a great rpg-idea: you play the clean-up service who cleans up after wizard-accidents so non-mages do not find out

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