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nielsk @nielsk

@Gargron I use pass - I like it more than KeePass but is more on the nerdier side

Tonight's fun: upgrading my home server from Linux to FreeBSD :D

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@eurasierboy ha, I already wondered how this would work out ;)

@sanspoint but in my experience not as good as the handwriting recognition of Windows. The one thing that surprised me for years is how good it works (and the Japanese handwriting rec in Windows is awesome as well). A rare instance of great stuff byMS.

Please give me some recommendations for interesting people to follow. I am interested in *BSD, Linux, retrogaming (8-bit upwards and handhelds especially), economics and Japan.

@Gargron And what does the setting actually mean? Only my followers can see it?

@Gargron when I set a post to "do not display on public timelines" - can I change this after the fact?

@archaeme agreed but I don't see that happen. And I kind of don't want to vote with my wallet because I like Netflix and the kindle-sync-stuff >_<

Yesterday's surprise: you need UTF-8 as locale (and therefore a system built with locales) to be able to run tmux. screen works without.

Subsonic is not perfect but pretty great

@LogicalDash but Octodad is something…different

I just saw Finding Dory and now I want an octopus-stealth game Metal Gear Solid-style

Pondering to give up All-Access, going back to buy music and build up a streaming server with Subsonic

@cedric Teile des Internets, die ich eher versuche zu meiden

@cedric Pepe auch hier… da fühlt man sich ja gleich wie…

@Christopher ich bin iOS-Nutzer und da gibt es auch schon was. Sind ja eher die Leute, die man finden muss, damit ein Social Network interessant ist und bleibt.