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I found atc: it is in games/bsdgames

There is atc (air traffic controller game) in the base of Where can I find it for and ?

I am happy that I am finally got to clean the windows.

I am getting old…

"Those of you with subnets smaller than a /24 may even be forced to follow RFC 2317, which is really unfortunate."

Ehm, yeah. Exactly what I thought. I think I need to read an RFC (even so my zones are usually /24)

TIL: there is a $ORIGIN-control statement for IPv6-reverse zone files.
That saves a lot of typing :)

TIL: the Debian-installer calculates in base 10 and fdisk in base 2. Why Debian, why?

@Isotopp was ich bisher gelesen habe, haben sie in Neptune's Brood überhaupt kein FTL. Also weder Geld noch Reisen. Max. ist Lichtgeschwindigkeit (mit Soul Chip-Extraktion und Übertragung per Lader Beam - und so wird auch Slow Money übertragen)

I really wonder why there is no 'ssh-copy-id' for OpenBSD…

The backup-laptop has now OpenBSD on it. I really like it

@LogicalDash I saw "too many arguments" one time too often

It is surprising how often I use 'find . -type f | xargs grep "$string"' nowadays…

‪Portrait of Ruin tells me that I am 3h into the game. It feels much much longer…but I really like it. I don't know why many think it's bad. ‬

But you don’t need dig/drill, when you have NetworkManager. Why oh why???

CentOS Minimal - so minimal that there isn't even dig or man-pages installed m)

@quad how is their power consumption and how hot they can get. This might be the difference.

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Japans innovative „Heimatsteuer“: Freier Markt macht Kommunen arm -!5408287/