I know now enough people who got Covid-19 that it doesn’t feel a matter of whether I get but how long it will take until I get it.

Eigenverantwortung my ass!

Das hat ja mit den Masken und selbst einschränken auch so gut geklappt.

TIL: there is music from SAMURAI, Johnny Silverhands band, on Apple Music.


Unfortunately Black Dog is not yet there (but on YouTube)

The UX for a new use in is pretty horrible. How much I had to Google and read the help to figure out the best way to bring my existing character into it took too much time.

Cyberpunk Red is available on DriveThru and so far I like it :)
The only thing I don’t like that much is the 3-pages character sheet. I am a 1-sheet guy but to few games deliver on that :/

My DM didn’t find an avatar on for my character and doesn’t want to spend money. Can I bring an avatar and use it in his game? Any hints for an avatar for my Tiefling Bard?

Friday evening and I discuss the order of operations in math (PEMDAS). Well, there are worth things. Maybe not, since I am searching now the proof or the axiom to proof my point.

I recently had a neat idea for a cyberpunkshadowrun-mission: capture person X and just hold them for a couple of days. During the footwork phase the players find out it is the main witness that could bring an important person into prison for a horrible crime.

The Linux-user with a bit of proprietary stuff should have been a computer-vegetarian

Damn you autocorrect.

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Today I was very close to buying Shadowrun 6th edition. This was a close call 😰

RMS is a militant computer-vegan. The Linux-user who wants to have free software, more control about his computer but uses from time to time proprietary drivers (WiFi, Nvidia…) and proprietary software is a computer-vegan and macOS- and Win-users are computer-omnivores.

You know what happens tomorrow? The PDF of Cyberpunk Red will become available. Yeah :D

And Polygon has already a pretty good review.

I am waiting for months for this game :) polygon.com/reviews/2020/11/13

How to keep users from updating your software 101:
LimeSurvey has a manual update method (throw all away except some files and re-upload) and a “comfort method”. First buy a trial key - and then you get a clickety-click update.

All the love to Wordpress for auto-updates.

This is the first time in ages where I have only (S)FTP to upload a web-application to a server and no rsync or scp or ssh-access to directly download and extract on the server. How do people live with that?

This is so fucking slow and cumbersome.

I never went so fast from “Let’s see if there is a relevant YouTube-video about this” to “Fuck this, I should start my own channel because this is all crap” while trying to find something relevant about journalctl.

Another discovery: youtube-sysadmins know about “man” but only skim over them in their videos but never use “apropos” which would be usually far more useful in their context (showing people which man-pages could be relevant to the topic).

Youtubing sysadmin copies over unit-file from /usr/lib/systemd/system/…/file.service to /etc/systemd/system/file.service instead of just using systemctl edit file.service and create an override.conf

Why? Oo

Der Radweg vom Südstern zum Hermannplatz ist auf den ersten 200m richtig gut und dann kommt die Baustelle…

I feel tired and exhausted. And it is just tuesday 🥱

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