I successfully forgot that there is a Fresh Pronce of Bel-Air-episode where Donald Trump made an appearance. Ugh.

How do you do configuration management in a zero-trust-network?

This is neat: a self-built digital typewriter with an e-ink-display and standard keyboard alternativebit.fr/posts/ultima

The problem with non-CC-RPGs: I do a lot of translation work for translating major parts of Curse of Strahd into German to have a better flow in my sessions and cannot share it legally

I like it how it seems that each “kind” of magician says that their specialization is harder to learn than the other ones.

Today I ordered the first time a brick of cards. It’s just cheaper.

Where do I get nowqdays high quality Unix-stickers in low quantities since unixstickers.com closed shop?

Whey is cardistry and sleight of hand so hard? I am trying now for several hours to do a descent top shot and I get them right once in like 20 tries :/

And my current state of trust in card games is a serious “never play with people you do not know”

I just watched a short Shin Lim-performance and at the end it is clear that he forced the card at the beginning, and suddenly I am watching the beginning over and over again how the hell he did the force…my watching habits definitely changed.

Fellow IT-people: when you are not a freelancer, do you take additional customers that will pay you money for your services or do you keep it at family support? I’m hesistant to do so because usually it is not “do it once” but usually they expect then support, if something breaks

Yeah. It is Tuesday and I am finished with the preparations for the next Curse of Strahd-session (Death House, part 2). That one might be a deadly one.

In terms of hobbies where I can also have fun with my kids, magic beats so far everything. They want to be an audience, they want to know how stuff works, they want to try stuff themself. It is great

Oh, and it is astonishing what you can already do with a couple of mediocre sleights, a double lift and a bit of card control.

My older son told me about a magician that comes to their school. He worked out the tricks, cause he did really bad sleights by flashing to him the coin he palmed etc. He knew how the tricks worked but didn’t tell because he didn’t want to be the annoying spectator. Well done!

A short follow up. After my kid tried it twice, I asked him to hand me over the cards. I exchanged the cards snapped the finger and the right card was on top. He was flabbergasted. That was really cute

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