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@GoodNameNotFound Beg to Differ.
Stephen Hawkings already established that physics is enough to explain creation of universe(ses). And empirical DNA evidence of species migrating and surviving in accordance with the Darwinian Principles is enough to logically infer that life was an accident. We are all just big smart amoebas. However, out of natural order an eternal entity can also be conceptualized which is as old (not an exo second older) as the universe : EXISTENCE. We can...1/2

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Ok so I read that abusive insensitive rant and I want all sane people reading this to start doing something and make it a thing.:
Whenever you see a such a troll babbling on anyone, we all will write one appreciation post for the victim countering the exact same things which those fuckers say in their rants. (I hope this means something to victims coz even if she (ya she coz woman face it worse) says she can tolerate but repeatitive abuse takes a toll on mental health 1/2

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I wonder how chaos is so naturally ingrained in our perception of normalcy in India. Despite all odds, we really are million mutinies stuck together, some by choice, some by force. Indeed a miracle. Just hope and work to give this story the end it deserves. To give the oppressed the freedom they deserve. No extremist or fascist power can derail us, for there is no singular idea of India to derail. A manifestation of the idea resides in so many living and non living things. Peace

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Am Ninad from India. My short bio:
Interested in Politics, National security, Geopolitics, Policy Research, Philosophy and Physics.
Aspiring Writer and Poet.
Want to work against climate change & for sustainable development.
Sick and tired of patriarchy. Believes in Feminism.
Economically Right but believe in some form of welfare state, Socially Left but believe in real-politik. It's complicated.
Tagging @Deepsealioness to get some boosts.
Good to be here.:pixelfed:

Everyone please continue loving me. I'm going to go have dinner and be back. Oh yes and don't forget to love each other also. A lot.

@pavi Unfortunately as of now M doesn't have the traction that twitter has, insofar as government and public eyeballs are concerned. While a very nice place to be M is more of a refuge... Given that @saketgokhale twitter a/c was suspended, cross posting by him wdnot have worked... yea, the rest of us could have cross-posted

So after limiting Ram to 2.77 acres, we want to define limits to Allah's reins.. Height of Parochialism!

"IIT Kanpur panel to decide if Faiz poem is anti-Hindu"

. Back to time 2002 where I was forced to put bindi to save my life


Please join us for a play, in solidarity with students of Jamia

2:00 P.M. | Sunday, 29 December 2019

Gate No. 7, Jamia Milia Islamia

@ninad that was just a picture I came across buddy. If I had any thoughts and comments, I would have written it there. No stereotyping. Just updates.

@ninad Agree thats why we don't want this government to rule anymore but that can't be an excuse for not bringing UCC. New govt can take this issue @Vishsai

@Vishsai UCC will be unified law for all irrespective of Religion. It won't be Hindu law imposition as Hindus themselves have to follow Hindu code bill which brought equality and justice thats why polygamy ended and inheritance law were changed to give women equality. But that was not made possible in case of Muslims as they follow Sharia. UCC will bring uniformity. Hindu code bill too will be replaced by UCC.

@ninad Like explained in the article, people of all ideologies must engage with each other rather than cancelling each other, to fight this fascists.

@Poonamsharma Personally 2019 has been up/down year. Nearly lost ma, 4tunately she's still here. Found out who was a true friend & not. Uncluttered my life, de-stressed it. Revised goals.Personal fitness is top priority. Financial & professional health/well-being next.

2020: More cleanups/simplifying; revised focus, more sharing/learning. Top of mind reactions, as of now... will share more

@IshaKaushik @shinjini @Vishsai @VivekT @TheDonkeySays @musafir @shirishag75 @Iwalkalone @Samyukth

.. ideology to threaten the ideals you value. At present it is clearly Hindutva based fascism. Multiple state elections show that it is possible to defeat them. If only all of us get together. It might seem all are together now, on social media echo chambers but the reality is still different from it. Hope this gets sorted before 2024.

Must read for all progressives. I have been saying this for quite some time now. The space for middle ground has eroded because you are either completely in agreement with a certain section of progressives or called a 'liberal enabler of fascism' or 'centrist' or whatever label the person finds convenient. This needs to stop. I have my disagreements with communism. But I would still fight with it to defeat the fascists. Always agitate against the most dangerous 1/2

Has been an interesting 2019 for me. Big decision to quit working for a while, after 25 years on the treadmill, to spend time to try and work on start-up ideas of my own. Has given me lots of time to spend at home with the family, on my hobbies and reading and refining my idea. Hoping that I can get it to take wings in 2020. Have a Merry XMas folks.

@shinjini @Poonamsharma @IshaKaushik @KayKap @Vishsai @VivekT @TheDonkeySays @musafir @shirishag75 @Iwalkalone @wabbster

Candlelight vigil on December 24, 2019 from 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM at Mahatma Gandhi Statue.

We need to include accountability for state violence, in Mangalore and UP, to the list of our demands.

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