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@GoodNameNotFound Beg to Differ.
Stephen Hawkings already established that physics is enough to explain creation of universe(ses). And empirical DNA evidence of species migrating and surviving in accordance with the Darwinian Principles is enough to logically infer that life was an accident. We are all just big smart amoebas. However, out of natural order an eternal entity can also be conceptualized which is as old (not an exo second older) as the universe : EXISTENCE. We can...1/2

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Ok so I read that abusive insensitive rant and I want all sane people reading this to start doing something and make it a thing.:
Whenever you see a such a troll babbling on anyone, we all will write one appreciation post for the victim countering the exact same things which those fuckers say in their rants. (I hope this means something to victims coz even if she (ya she coz woman face it worse) says she can tolerate but repeatitive abuse takes a toll on mental health 1/2

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I wonder how chaos is so naturally ingrained in our perception of normalcy in India. Despite all odds, we really are million mutinies stuck together, some by choice, some by force. Indeed a miracle. Just hope and work to give this story the end it deserves. To give the oppressed the freedom they deserve. No extremist or fascist power can derail us, for there is no singular idea of India to derail. A manifestation of the idea resides in so many living and non living things. Peace

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Am Ninad from India. My short bio:
Interested in Politics, National security, Geopolitics, Policy Research, Philosophy and Physics.
Aspiring Writer and Poet.
Want to work against climate change & for sustainable development.
Sick and tired of patriarchy. Believes in Feminism.
Economically Right but believe in some form of welfare state, Socially Left but believe in real-politik. It's complicated.
Tagging @Deepsealioness to get some boosts.
Good to be here.:pixelfed:

As moonlight fondles your face,
I envy all the rays lit bright
The radiance that gets to feel your grace,
How illuminated the moon must feel at this sight!

As light reveals more of you, time slows and i dream,
Of all my desires being met when I pace
Into your eyes as they draw me in,
Only to be pierced by their stirring gaze!

But as i near your moonlit self, it dawns upon me,
You too have a dream, but not me in it.

The Court observed that there was a "smell of malice" in the action taken against Tablighi Jamaat followers.
Read more:

New #introductions time!

I'm kind of a mess -- but a friendly one!

I'm an author, a #narrator, and a moon #witch in training.

I talk a lot about my familiar, Merlin the cat.

I post a lot of #writing and #microfiction for free -- mostly cute creatures and monster romance and #cats.

I toot awkward true stories in #VicorvaStorytime

I love #reading #books #gaming #TTRPG #boardgames

I'm the eldest of seven siblings and nearly all of us are queer.

I'm very awkward but do say hello!

inevitably. eventually. it will reclaim us. we belong to it, everything we have ever built is in its terrible domain. the deepest hole we've ever dug, the farthest ship we've ever flown, all are within its violent imperial grasp

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Can we talk about rakhi and how it's sort of sad that it's assumed you need a protector & that that part of the ritual hasn't been updated, no matter how times have changed, so it's always women asking for protection, yes, even if you don't have a brother & pick a sister instead

Why do people leave without even basic explanations and act as if nothing ever happened! They should understand the need for closure in relationships.

updated begpost/ boost are appreciated 

Update: I now need $170
Hello all. Thank you all for boost and donations and I have enough for rent. I’m still need funds for food, therapy and transportation. This will come up to $170. All I have to do it get through the next month or so. Anything is appreciated

Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

genital violence shitpost 

agressively beating my dick with a saucepan while listening to "mr self destruct" by nine inch nails

hello, pls join my cult. we have four members so far!

RT @DevEconNetwork
Taxing a universal intermediary like oil is the most absurd among all options to reduce fiscal deficit. It will not only severely reduce aggregate demand but will also increase wealth inequality, unlike a wealth-tax.

fucked up how it's easier to find words to hurt people than to find some to help them

dunno how it still needs to be said six years after ferguson, but #BlackLivesMatter. None of this “all lives” or “blue lives” pish, because “all lives” are not being disproportionally cut short, and “blue lives” are often the ones doing it.

me. Permanent state of being


If anyone else has over a hundred tabs on their phone, laptop, or computer put up their hands.


China is going to underwrite the global response, vaccine for all 7B...what an idiotic thing to do for America and its dumfuck 3M loser...

>>This pandemic was America's last chance to justify continuing with a Pan Americana, it has blown it...not that America ever had the moral gravitas to ever deserve that role, but simply the GDP mismatch post-WW2 made it so...that mismatch is over and the world is better off multi-polar...<< 5/29/20 11:01 AM

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