Baby Yoda training:
Poo or poo not. There is no try.

New 16" MacBook Pro is nice. The spec I want to replace my half-broken 2012 model is a standard build and has dropped by £2-300 in cost. Also nice.

Become a streamer, and use a Doom-like border around the game video. Extreme close-up of your real-time face in the bottom center, flanked by stream stats and various bullshit. Have monitors to the sides with stream chat and private chat, so that you're constantly glancing to the sides like Doomguy.

Thinking about how the mid 2010s gave us both Eleanor Shellstrop and Rey, who represent a pretty wide spectrum of relatable outcomes that might result from growing up in a shitty desert without decent people in your life.

Happy New Year (GMT), you lovely funny little people in my phone.

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I live in Australia. I have created encryption technology which cannot be broken - ever; and social networking software with E2EE where the users control not only the keys, but also the *algorithms*. It's physically impossible for me or anybody else to backdoor your encryption. It's also trivial to provide the same basic ability to other fediverse software.

There is also an Australian law which forbids me from discussing encryption technology with people from other countries (quite stiff penalties).

Anyway this entire body of work is available to anybody in the world right now and it's equally impossible for me to take it back. The only thing that has changed is that I can no longer help you. It's up to you to get smart and I would suggest that you need to do it quickly.

fediverse is short for "fred ivers", who is the guy who reads everyone's posts and has to type them in to everyone else's computer. thanks , fred

So apparently I’m “not a team player” or some shit 🙄

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The first rule of linux club is you have to fix something that was working yesterday

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