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Nathaniel J. Smith @njs

@lizzard wow everything about this is horrifying, right down to the giant picture of cash+cigarette at the top of their blog page.

"And you sleep soundly at night knowing that [you're underpaying your employees]." –

@xor @dredmorbius never mind the 🍍, here's a 💉

@lizzard so it's... like uber, but for the tyranny of structurelessness?

@spacekookie I think the guy I sit next to at work is using awesome these days... I have to admit that I gave up on configuring things a while ago and switched to gnome-shell. Lua is pretty neat though :-). And writing your own WM is super fun, in a hitting-yourself-in-the-face-with-arcane-mistakes-made-in-the-80s kind of way? Though maybe writing a wayland compositor is the fun thing kids do now, I dunno.

@spacekookie wow looking at a project for the first time in like 8 years is weird. These READMEs are a trip.

If I were doing it again, I'd probably try something like shellshape: (worth checking out if you haven't actually, though I was hoping it would be more ion-ish than it is)

@spacekookie eh... code is here:
but I doubt there's much to salvage – mostly it's a framework for writing X11 windowing/compositing managers as gtk2 apps in python2. Notice that all 3 platforms in that sentence are now obsolete or on their way to becoming so :-) and I never got around to writing much of the actual UI on top anyway…

It did accidentally spawn off xpra which is still fairly popular, so there's that at least...

@ruth @xor It's also messy b/c for, robots.txt traditionally doesn't just control whether new materials are archived, but also the visibility of past archives (possibly from when someone else owned the domain), and the conflation creates awkward situations...

@spacekookie I don't know why, but for some reason there's a rule that every tiling window manager must be surrounded by a thick layer of elitist posturing and this weird fetishized tough-guy minimalism.

I once got so fed up I started writing my own with weak feminine comforts like compositing and animations and fonts that aren't painful to read, but alas my annoyance was not strong enough to sustain it...

@spacekookie the point of a clubhouse is to let you keep some people out...

New blog post: Control-C handling in Python and Trio

Were you looking for a deep dive into the internals of #Python signal handling + ad for my async library? Then today is your lucky day!

Tech industry complaints Show more

Tech industry complaints Show more

Please help, a zine you don't yet realize you absolutely need to exist.

@jfm for small documents, definitely. There are lots of kinds of documents where you hit its limits though, and need something with more head room like org-mode or ReST.

Though also, a cautionary tale:

"seriously, the guy has a point"

Frankly this is good commentary on "Charging Bull" v. "Fearless Girl". It would be easy to position this as capitalism v. feminism, but that's very much not what it is.

I get that if an instance is "silenced", then its toots don't show up in the federated timeline, but I can still follow accounts there if I want and their toots will show up in my home timeline. Questions: can someone on such an instance pop up in my notifications by mentioning me? And if I look at a thread they've replied to, do I see the reply?

@acw in perl of course it's like 3 characters :-)
Also serious greps involve stuff like NFAs and boyer-moore, which I'm guessing the 10 symbol version doesn't? The ripgrep article is a super interesting dive into grep implementations. I bet the APL version is still pretty cool though :-)

@roroyourboat @benhamill @creatrixtiara @dthorman (also someone doing the work of giving usability feedback and curating the conversation around it is worth their weight in gold! if someone in one my projects responded to that with an 'f off' then that would absolutely be grounds for expulsion.)

@roroyourboat @dthorman @creatrixtiara @benhamill I get the impulse; I've certainly had my share of entitled jerks in issue trackers demanding free labor from me. But I think there's a big difference between that and someone talking in public about things they'd like to see (and in response to questions about that, no less!). Here, if you're not interested in helping, you can just walk on by. Why do you feel the need to jump in and respond at all?