I don’t think I’ve written about Taiwanese democracy on masto yet. It’s story time!

In the early aughts, the Democratic Progressive Party won control of the government for the first time. This was the first time the KMT—which ruled for decades under martial law—did not control the modern Taiwanese government.

But trust in government and democratic practices were at an all time low—which is what happens when you’ve been under authoritarian rule for generations. People were rightfully skeptical.

New blog post: Control-C handling in Python and Trio

Were you looking for a deep dive into the internals of signal handling + ad for my async library? Then today is your lucky day!

Please help @recompilermag@twitter.com, a zine you don't yet realize you absolutely need to exist. recompilermag.com/2017/04/17/c

"seriously, the guy has a point"


Frankly this is good commentary on "Charging Bull" v. "Fearless Girl". It would be easy to position this as capitalism v. feminism, but that's very much not what it is.

I get that if an instance is "silenced", then its toots don't show up in the federated timeline, but I can still follow accounts there if I want and their toots will show up in my home timeline. Questions: can someone on such an instance pop up in my notifications by mentioning me? And if I look at a thread they've replied to, do I see the reply?

@xj9 @Sweet_Tango_Chill @u2764 A bunch of us has a conference call not 2 hours ago on this topic. Lots of good ideas coming out of the & movements.

We're moving forward with spinning up an initial instance to be at social.coop, and which will be open to movement practitioners as the initial user base, with the governance infrastructure open sourced. Loomio: loomio.org/g/ibncxoDR/social-c

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Welp, just saw my first dude harassing a WoC here... he's on an instance that has no CoC. I was about to click report, then realized I don't know what that does. Alert the admins at my instance? his instance? Both?

I don't want to necessarily alert remote admins, b/c for all I know that's him or his buds and will just incite more harassment…
OTOH if it's local-only, then bad actors can escape banning by only harassing people on other instances ☹

Now that I've distanced myself from the dev team, here's the elephant in the room. Mastodon. Whatever.

We seeded from Hacker News and ads pointed at Infosec Twitter and Pixiv and we got gay furry trans anarcho-communist tech nerd weeaboos. And Japan. Great. Cool. I'm not all of those things but that's my "tribe."

But so far our "inclusivity" has just been patting ourselves on the back for including each other. People who don't match those descriptors show up and leave.

Are we gonna fix that?

I'm thinking it might be fun to make trio stickers for PyCon, so I took a break from grant-writing to play around with logo ideas... the typography needs some work, but given I have zero design skills I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I like them so far :-)

("trio" here is this thing: github.com/python-trio/trio)

I spent an embarrassingly long time trying to come up with a version of 'git push -f', for full macho cred.

(the apparent whiteness of this place worries me though.)

Been thinking about @mala's comments yesterday about how mastodon's diy and decentralized vibe evokes the spirit of the "first web".

On the one hand, I am feeling the nostalgia for power-to-the-people techno-utopianism.

On the other hand, we've since learned that the most likely outcome of that ideology looks less like infinite transcendent expression and more like /r/bitcoin.

Can we do better this time?

tbh prioritizing witches & furries over encryption seems like a reasonable start…

What I've learned so far: the first time @pomological posts a 🍍 this place is going to explode.

"Unfortunately, Haskell has no currying, so we’re forced to build our own tools for partial functions" aphyr.com/posts/342-typing-the


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