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I think I might stick with english for a while. It's alluring to me, because I can have gender-neutral pronouns. 😍

As of yet Mastodon doesn't work for me at all. So see you later or maybe elsewhere. As a parting present, here's my last toot explained:

While researching political interference into academic institutional Gender Studies in Hungary I stumbled upon the phrase "Viktor OrbΓ‘n ist eine Pissnelke!". Obviously Pissnelke is a Determinativkompositum like Buckelzirpe, Schnabelkerfe, Dornzikade and Stinkwanze.

Personally, I have a more tender fondness with Kopulativkomposita like lila-weiß-grün, especially the non-binary ones. There's an interesting article about "Das Kopulativkompositum in der Forschungsliteratur":

Wow, the sunlight reveals heavy grease marks on my tablet front. You've *really* got to see that!

Yesterday I paid something with Google Pay at . Today I entered a store and got a push notification (!) that I can pay here with Google Pay, too. I then did, of course, but it's kinda creepy anyway.

It's also kinda cool, though, because Google Pay gives Lidl (and all others) a fake number of my Maestro card. So I can use that card without fingering for it and without having to enter a pin and without giving away its number.

So now what? Rather creepy or rather cool?

β€žMenschen, die nicht todkrank sind, reagieren mit Angst auf Elche.β€œ β€” If it were an ebook I would have marked that sentence.

(But itβ€˜s a paper thing where you can look at the text but not touch it.)

Tomorrow my (centre of image) turns 1500 days old. I have it exactly 4 years now.

It works perfectly fine, but it's stuck. So sooner or later I will have to replace it.

The question is: Do I really NOT go for a change (to ) and stick with some more or less (on the right in the image)? Apple products are not competitive, but they are DIFFERENT.

I'm asking, because I usually believe in "Anything different is good!".

(The image is a screenshot of .)

Who are these people who know names like "Katy Perry" or "Taylor Swift"? Do we know something about them? Do we have to worry?

After visiting the Apple Shop within Saturn in and an Apple Premium Reseller in and the Apple Temple in all within a few days I came to the conclusion that I have to stay with Android, because Apple absolutely has no phone that I can learn to like.

I just again. This time about "Erinnerungen an Groningen" (in german). I demonstrate how much the internet knows about where I have been and what I've been doing on my latest tour to in .

I just about "Kontaktlos bezahlen II" (it's german, sorry). I talk about my motivation why I want to try the app for and about my very bad experience with .

James Cameron is producing a movie with Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor and the Ghost Rider as Terminator. You all knew that. Only I didnβ€˜t.

Those who destroy destroy . There will be no radio after UKW. If UKW goes, radio dies. UKW and radio are the same thing. There is no way to do radio without UKW. This vs. technology debate is pointless. Itβ€˜s analog UKW that has to be saved in order to give radio a future. Radio is what we listen to on UKW!

This traumatizing personal but also vicariously representative experience made me realize that things are gonna get much darker in Germany and that the path the European unification process and the general development of progressive thinking were originally going is in even graver danger than I thought.

A personal note: I'm only slowly recovering from a terrifying and physically painful encounter I had with a long-time friend who unexpectedly turned out to have been infected with the with all its symptoms like narrow-minded sectarian thinking, extreme parroting of specific propaganda narratives, absurd lacking of any own thoughts, and above all a mentally separate objectivity full of sparkling hate and with an almost complete loss of reality and deep denial of any real-life facts.

Why sleep at 4 in the morning if I can ponder about a new look instead and wonder if I could go for an asymmetrical haircut. β€” (The Screenshot is from AVENGERS: THE ENEMY WITHIN (2013) #1 showing Spider-Woman talking about asymmetrical haircuts.)

Ha ha, what I had in mind was rather "Mutmaße ich da UnregelmÀßigkeiten?". Maybe this tooting in English thing is not such a good idea after all.

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