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Polygon article where I talk about politics in games (and big companies lying about it being there)
'Christian Miller is a Hawaii-based developer, who released Neofeud, which melds politics and social ideas in a cyberpunk world. He says the way big companies address divisive issues is “a little a silly. It’s like they don’t want to have any opinions about anything, ever. They want to say, ‘we’re just making fun entertainment.’ It’s disingenuous.”'

I took up a new hobby recently.. Cross-stitch! I love it :D #pokemon #crossstitch

Blogger and activist Wael Abbas was arrested in Egypt amidst a crackdown by authorities on journalists and human rights activists.

You can support his freedom by spreading the word and sending an appeal englishpen.org/campaigns/egypt

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Wael Abbas is an award-winning journalist and activist known for his work exposing police brutality and other abuses in Egypt, who was recently arrested without warrant. We're calling on the Egyptian government to . eff.org/offline/wael-abbas

RT de Emily Angelopoulos :

Un dessin d'Andy Singer.

Fediverse, what's a good collection of documents / papers on toxic online communities, moderation (or lack of), vocal minorities and online abuse?
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6-7-8 luglio
«L’hackmeeting è l’incontro annuale delle controculture digitali italiane [...] l’hackit è solo per veri hackers, ovvero per chi vuole gestirsi la vita come preferisce e sa s/battersi per farlo. Anche se non ha mai visto un computer in vita sua.»