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I just supported MDN with a one time donation. I append MDN to all my html, js, and css searches. They are the best.

You can support them too:

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Ontario politics. 

#cdnpoli angry 

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American immigration enforcement believes separating parents from their children is a legitimate way to discourage illegal immigration. That makes them monstrous.

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Bad idea of the day: Put the 'hyper' modifier key back on the keyboard, but you hold it while typing to create hyperlinks, press it while clicking to open a hyperlink

Taxes, USA bitterness 

I cannot wait to leave the US and if I ever see it again, it'll be too soon.

How can a land of so many wonders, have such a completely toxic culture, lacking any coherent values, and be so frustratingly unashamed of it?

So many gifts, yet so ungrateful. Such bounty, squandered by petulent children. Such privilege, used solely for property hoarding.

, don't @ me

Stuck in Surprise, AZ (USA) trying to help parents with med. issues and cleanup.

Phoenix, et. al. is a hellhole of peak capitalism. Mom's doctors don't offer her even basic dignity. They spend so much on medical care and rx so little.

As part of the house cleanout, I put out a clearly markes pile for Vietnam Veterans of America. Including a nice rolling toolbox. Some ahole stole it from charity.

Fuck everything about America, but in particular fuck all amoral shitlords (drs and thieves).

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YOU: Hey bud, working hard or hardly working? Hahaha
ME: Hardly working, but in the sense that a shattered marionette is hardly working. In so breaking, I have broken away from the normative values that once controlled me; but in the process, my guiding narrative and image have also been deconstructed and scattered; and so in light of this, my animating urge must be rebuilt along some new mode, or I will simply be swept into the garbage

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3D Collages encased in glass

This is an amazing art piece that has cut pieces of paper in between plates of glass to create sculptures

I've been told that I made too pink... but to quote Baroness Von Sketch, "of course it's pink, how else would women know it's for them". 😋

Maybe it'll at least act ward off the toxic masculinity crowd.

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We Klingons know exactly what to do when someone changes their name and/or pronouns.

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They said 'titan has lots of nitrogen that can be used to make oxygen' sooo many times.

I was screaming at the TV

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