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I need more programmer frens on Mastodon.

@woozle All I can think of is "Streets of Laredo", but I don't think it scans. :)

congratulations, you win permission to dress up as a famous frog and go hide in a cave.

it's a Hermit Kermit Permit.

Remember Google Shopping?

Remember when Google Shopping was called "Froogle"?

Dreamt of 2D procedurally-generated post-apocalyptic worlds, like meets . (I know Starbound is technically post-apocalyptic, but it doesn't have the vibe I'm thinking of.)

(to explain: suppose you have a set [1,1,2,3,5,5]. The maximal elements are (5,5), because 5 is not less than any other element, and the minimal elements are (1,1), because 1 is not greater than any other element. The set doesn't have a greatest element or a least element because no element is greater than or less than all other elements in the set.)

Okay, coming back because I just learned that in set theory, there's a difference between the maximal element (not less than any other element in the set) and the greatest element (greater than every other element), and between the minimal element (not greater than any other element in the set) and the least element (less than every other element).

I just thought that was a cool distinction. Back to bed!

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Good night from the third-funniest person on Mastodon! Have a good night and/or day depending on time zone!

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