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I am rarely happier than when I'm reading about weird fish

Fun fact: "zeal" and "jealousy" come from the same root, Attic Greek ζῆλος. They diverged immediately afterward in Latin and took different routes to get to modern English.

(Latin picked up the "zeal" meaning as "zelus" and the "jealousy" meaning as "zelosus"; "zelus" became Old French "zel" became Middle English "zeal", while "zelosus" became Old French "jalous" became Middle English "jelous/gelus".)

the little-known sixth Spice Girl, Pumpkin Spice

In Mastodon 3.0 the devs are going to recycle the raid from the end of vanilla Mastodon that nobody got a chance to see, NaxxraMasto.

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Fun fact: the style of has almost nothing to do with the English word "brutal". It's from Le Corbusier's "béton brut" - "raw concrete".

Oh, to be clear: I'm white, so please don't think I'm speaking /for/ black people.

Long thread, sorry. I had to get it off my chest. If I've been inaccurate, please let me know (if you're going to tell me police officers don't disproportionately kill black people as described, be prepared to back it up with actual, third-party facts). If you think I'm right, feel free to share it.

† There's an argument to be made that police should NEVER kill anyone extrajudicially; I personally favor that interpretation of the Constitution but it's not what's on the table right now.

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Okay, I gotta talk about police violence against people of color and especially black people and especially black men. I'm hoping that I understand this right and that I'm explaining it well. I'm gonna CW the rest of the thread but I wanted to put this at the head of the thread so people know what the aims and goals are.

Important to note: this is NOT a discussion about capital punishment. Bringing capital punishment up in this discussion is deflection; please don't do it.

(This is not a prank or a Halloween thing, it's been part of the theme since 2005.)