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<p>reading about the soviet space program for a project. laika is a dog that went to space and is memorialized with a statue in moscow, commemorating the millions of dollars and man hours used to murder a stray dog in an elaborate way</p>
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It is 2074. Copyright is no longer extended since rich people no longer die. All librarians are unseen outlaws building archives underground. This is their story.

@seanmwooten This is a really great point, yeah. WordPress powers a ridiculous percentage of the web, looks like around 25% per some estimates: Impossible to call it a failure, and Automattic seems to be doing well too.

@Danielhonigman These are all joke quotes. But they're so close to the truth it's really hard to tell

@meyerini Interesting, seems they don't pay their writers though? But they do give them gifts:

@Blackhawke Fair enough; my hope is just that we can take ethics and sustainability into account as well as short-term gain. Anil Dash has some great thoughts on this:

And yes there is a bubble, and if the $400 juice machine isn't the peak then I am terrified to find out what is

@Phaerris I also really loved playing the board and card games on Yahoo. I was *sick* at Hearts.

What nobody told you about the tech bubble: as the pressure rises to pay back investors on the millions they pumped in, the strategy shifts from: "haha try our hip social networking app, teens! yolo harambe dog filters" to "haha hey you're hip, don't you want to shop at the Gap Old Navy Forever 21 please click all these ads also we've learned your underwear size through tracking"

@animeirl Seems a lot of people missed this joke. Gotta work on my delivery.

And instead of being built by a community of volunteers, Wikipedia articles would be written by low-wage "contractors" with no benefits and no upward mobility. Good lord, someone in Silicon Valley is going to try to "disrupt" Wikipedia aren't they

@Phaerris Oh man, I love that it's covered in Nickelodeon green slime, because that's what kids loved in the 90s

If Wikipedia had become a "success" per Silicon Valley standards, it would be full of ads and sponsored content, and instead of bugging you to donate every year, it would be bugging you to try Mentos, the freshmaker and sponsor of this article on dental hygiene

@enkiv2 @klintron @sonya Yeah and of course I'm not riffing on all tech journalists; there are good ones. But man when I look up "news" articles about Mastodon sometimes it's really depressing.

@MoskitoHero Sorry, wasn't trying to be rude. This is my joke account; maybe I should make it more obvious… 😅

It's almost as if tech journalists do the bare minimum of research before moving on to the next topic. Or that the tech industry has become so focused on chasing giant piles of money that nobody can remember a time when true successes on the internet were achieved by hobbyists working on passion projects with no regard for how much money they might make

@Katrus *McBane voice* that's the joke

Still more tech journalism on Mastodon: "Mastodon cannot survive with such a silly name. It needs a more serious and business-friendly name, such as Google, Yahoo, or Hulu."