*gesturing around*
Savor it folks, this is what it's like to witness the birth of a new social network
*shitposting everywhere, servers keep crashing, everyone's a furry*
and it's just as beautiful as a human birth

@lmorchard this site feels so much like message boards I frequented in 2004 that I swear someone brought it back in a time machine

@nolan Once upon a time, I worked on del.icio.us - and someday I should tell stories about when a) fandom found us and b) a blog network used us as a database for their ad network


@lmorchard That sounds fascinating. I would love to read that.

BTW one thing I like about this place: if mastodon.social ever does get overrun with ads/spam: bam, just migrate everyone over to a new instance. (Not easy, but hey, at least it's possible.)

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