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Chanukah starts on Sunday‽ That’s so early!

For real, though. December 2 is earlier than 80% of Chanukahs. My latest side project:

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I have a theory that if I can move some of the hot air from high up in my office into the air conditioned living room, the cool air will be drawn into the office through the bottom part of the doorway. Will it work? Only time (and a thermometer) will tell.

Love these early season hot days when the concrete and brick are still cool enough to passively cool my apartment.

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There it is. The whole thing is nothing more than a $44b campaign contribution.

Sometimes, a tiny change in the political process comes along that makes you realize just how far things have come - a change that's both substantive *and* symbolic. Something like this terse, six-paragraph memo from the FTC, a deceptively anodyne wrapper for an explosive moment:



The community had a conference in the middle* of a pandemic, and predictably my Twitter feed is chock full of people saying they now have covid. Smh.

* yes, it is still very much an ongoing pandemic, contrary to *looks around*

I’d like a world with more p2p desktop apps. I mean proper desktop apps, using whatever is good for the platform you’re using.

Let them gossip, exchange data and stories. The Web is great, but offline-first local-first desktop apps have a place that is not yet fully explored.

I need to look up this chart more often than the css-tricks flex and grid references, and it’s way more annoying to find

I guess I won’t be able to automatically import transactions into my personal finance software (Banktivity) because OFX doesn’t work and Yodlee is super sketchy.

> Part of Yodlee's business model consists of selling its customer's financial transaction data to investors.

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To be clear, I don’t want to live in any kind of theocracy

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I don’t want to live in a Christian theocracy

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Update: all clear, suspect arrested

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school/workplace violence 

I graduated, but apparently still get alerts. What’s happening at NU‽ Hope everyone is ok.

You’d think after all these years I’d grok how zoom works. One day.

Are there any bands where you could have reliable phone operation between Detroit and Chicago (~360 km)? That distance seems like it’d be pretty consistently in the skip zone.

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