When websites say "use our app, it's much better", they mean better for them, not you.

If you use LaTeX under version control (like git), do you do one sentence per line to make diffing easier/reasonable?

Revealed: Facebook enables ads to target users interested in 'vaccine controversies' | Technology | The Guardian theguardian.com/technology/201

Occasional reminder: Burn Facebook to the ground, arrest key management, give the money back to the people it violated—its users, some more harmed than others.

Just for fun, here’s a pure CSS number spinner. Change the class from `zero` to `nine` and it spins through everything in between. codepen.io/noleli/full/PVeVWK

Update: just sent this email. More updates if I hear back

That’s not counting the plausibly legit content/CDN domains.

- akamai
- amazonaws
- cloudflare
- cloudfront
- wistia
- youtube

The privacy policy acknowledges using Google Analytics. In reality, it uses

- atdmt
- bing
- bizible
- bizographics
- chartbeat
- driftt
- facebook
- google analytics
- hellobar
- hotjar
- linkedin
- marketo
- newrelic
- quantcount
- quantserve
- saleseforce

So that mandatory sexual misconduct training Northwestern is making us do? EVERFI is a super sketchy vendor.

You can claim it’s anonymous, but with this much tracking, no way. AND it doesn’t work with uBlock Origin, even allowing the reasonable domains.

Payola was just gaming the recommender algorithm

In light of Spotify’s intent to turn RSS feeds into “exclusive content”, I’m back on @aparrish’s catchphrase: “It is now impossible to use a computer except as a greasy portal to a capitalist hellscape.”

Well there’s the answer. manytricks.com/blog/?p=4655#co

1. Yes, rectangles are patented.
2. The 10 minutes I spent trying values other than 0 and 3 for `Mouse Controls Grid: Mode` in the plist were wasted.

Does Moom use hexagons because Divvy patented rectangles or something?

A listener named Pat asked if Yoda is speaking "real" English when he says things like "Powerful, you have become." ow.ly/47GB30mH3yl

Yes the 5-year-old loaf of bread in my freezer does spark joy stop judging me

Does anyone have any voip provider recommendations? Not Google Voice, obviously

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