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Very glad to see that we’re back to the dual SM57 on the VIP mount rather than the gooseneck Trump needs to make his voice sound “manlier” thanks to proximity effect

Remembered tonight that I never got around to watching Obama’s farewell address. Tonight’s as good a night as any

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Sorry, both for the pun and for forgetting to post this here when I tweeted it the other day

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sea shanty, bad pun 

What would ye do with a Dunkin’ trailer
What would ye do with a Dunkin’ trailer
What would ye do with a Dunkin’ trailer
Early in the mornin’

It’s annoying but understandable that Apple Fitness+ requires an Apple Watch.

It’s idiotic that it only works on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, not Mac.

I sure feel better knowing Big Tech handles my almost-former grad school’s student email


Quit the Music app and

1. Delete the (unused) ~/Music/Music folder
2. Drag the old iTunes folder (library file, media, and all) to the new machine
3. Launch Music holding option (⌥)
4. Tell it the “old” iTunes library is its library


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Love it when I search for a solution to a symptom and everyone else searching for it is dealing with the same problem — and there’s a solution to the problem

I have Apple Music (and therefore iTunes Match). I also have a large number of files I’ve accumulated (ripping CDs, etc.) that are in a backed up at /Volumes/Backup/…/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/

On the “new” machine, I signed into Apple Music. My library showed up. How can I drag over all those media files and link them to those in the library?

Does this mean it’s safe* to use Messages in iCloud as long as I don’t use iCloud to backup my phone? I always assumed it wasn’t

* safe = e2e encrypted and Apple doesn’t have the keys

Return of the King detail: Shore decided the orc theme was in 5/4 in Fellowship, so by the time they got to ROTK they could actually sync picture to it

My phone may have dropped to 1% battery as soon as I unplugged it, but it’s lasted for 5 hours. It’s a Chanuka miracle!

I end up spending so much time in garbage non-native apps that I habitually type apostrophe as ⌥⇧] and quotes as ⌥[ and ⌥⇧[ even when system text substitutions work

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