are there 13 months?
is it december today?
do years count backwards‽‽

Who’s got the investigative reporting showing that the point of the on-again/off-again tariffs is to manipulate the markets so people in the administration can make bank?

JFK, 1961: this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth.
NASA, 1969: ✅

Me, 2011: obviously I’ll finish my phd within a decade. Probably half that.
Me, 2019: …

TIL a Russian probe, Luna 15, crashed into the moon while Armstrong and Aldrin were on the surface

Anti-ICE protests 

Apple can remotely revoke allowable code signatures. Neat — until you realize it portends having to jailbreak Macs

Why yes I am in the market for a jet engine how did you know

I was gonna get a new Mac Pro, but thanks to Project Catalyst I don’t need one

I have a Little Snitch rule to globally block a whole bunch of tracker domains. Annoying to manually maintain, but better than nothing

Apple needs to either allow an iOS version of Little Snitch or provide that kind of functionality first-party. At least let us edit the hosts file

Running a study. Two no-shows this morning. I at least want a sick triceratops consolation prize.

Is there anything like Audiobus for Mac? I want to use GarageBand as a guitar pedal, but track in Reaper

I wanted to write the phrase Боже мой (bozhe moy) in Russian. Not knowing Cyrillic or the literal meaning of the phrase, I went for the only obvious search strategy: looking up Lobachevsky on

Finally feeling the itch to upgrade from Sierra (of the non-High variety) to Mojave. Aside from the usual will-it-break-all-of-my-dev-tools‽ and having to do a couple paid app updates, at this point my biggest concern is that macbartender 3 can’t control Notification Center

I put in “the name of the person I’m going to marry is” and it spit out a bunch of garbage tweets, which seems scarily accurate

Just got mired in a bus convo with a guy who insisted that because the market made zuck a gazillionaire, facebook must be a Good Thing

Meanwhile, those who can afford it buy iPhones, VPN services, and non-google email services, and opt out of data-harvesting loyalty programs.

Privacy a luxury when it should be a right, and those who can’t afford it have even more downside risk.

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