This is literally an article in 2020 breathless over the mainframe → personal computer transition of 40 years ago

Facebook employees are starting to realize they're working for an evil organization that's actively harming humanity.

And I didn’t get killed being out in Chicago after dark. Obviously thanks to Trump’s federal forces 🙄

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Too much light pollution to see the comet last night from Buena Park/Uptown (couldn’t even see the big dipper, though I could see some of its stars with binoculars), but I did spot a satellite zipping by!

Guy from a work van while I was on my bike: “Take your mask off!”


If I were to start a new static site from scratch, should I use Jekyll again, or are the cool kids using Hugo?

Why yes, I feel totally confident buying insurance from this well run operation

The reason outlining is so hard for me is that I’m a depth-first thinker, not a breadth-first thinker

Some middle/high school kid has been finding security flaws in  Messages.

In case you were feeling unaccomplished.

This is the best feature of iOS 13. I also wish you could turn it off for some amount of time (30 minutes, 8 hours) from Control Center.

Is no one at Apple ever expecting a call from an unknown number?

This will save lives even accounting for the number of Walmart “health ambassadors” who will get shot

Now that I’ve managed a 10–14 mile ride 6 weekday mornings since last Monday…thoughts on RunKeeper vs Strava? Features and privacy.

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