Every once in a while I use my work laptop as a laptop and oh my god the touchbar is the worst

I’m worried that the success of covid vaccines reinforces the idea that science will magically fix climate change noahliebman.net/2021/05/there-

Got some clearly targeted ads on Reddit yesterday, and I’m not sure how. I saw the ads on my phone, but they were based on browsing behavior on my computer. I use tab containers on the computer and private browsing on the phone, so it’s not cookies. Best guess is based on IP from my VPN, which does not instill confidence.

Missed most of the , but…why are they making iMacs with 8 GB RAM? 16 GB should be minimum in 2021.

It’s a terrible time to try to buy a house because prices are going bonkers.

It’s a great time to try to buy a house because NO HANDSHAKES EVER.

I think of good front-end/UI developers as artisans rather than construction workers. Both are given direction from an architect (UX), but construction workers execute someone else’s plan, while artisans help bring a vision to life through craft, creativity, and collaboration.

Screencasts are a great way to communicate with colleagues because as you record your question you’ll figure out the answer

How do you choose a license for an OSS project? I want something that limits commercial use. @Greg

Ooh, Safari tech preview has support for flex gap. Once this is out on iOS it’s gonna be actually usable!

Slowly coalescing some feelings into the idea that $pay_the_maintainer platforms are basically the gig economy for open source. FOSS sustainability conversations always seem to focus around pay (and not very much of it) as opposed to time (full-time jobs with good benefits)


Winter 2021: at least the SAD light makes me look better on video

I’m not saying I was a part of a team that landed a rover or Mars or anything, but those are Shure AD2 microphones, and someone had to coordinate their frequencies, and they may have used the software I work on to do it twitter.com/NASAPersevere/stat

Made by a Workantiler:

"This site tells you something about what the land looked like 200 years ago at your current location (if that location is within the current states of Illinois and Michigan)."


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