The true bathroom binary should be Messy and Tidy

People need certification to qualify to Tidy

The good old "I want to live in a peaceful world with no wars so I can get absolute power using a butter knife" scenario.

The iterated prisoner dilemma enters the room.

- the tempting opportunity to cheat a cooperator gaining at its expense (called “temptation” or simply “T”)
- the opportunity of mutual gain by cooperators (a “reward” or “R”)
- the risk of mutual cheating (a “punishment” or “P”) and
- the risk for a cooperator of being cheated (being made a “sucker” or “S”)

When simulated agents are modeled without a body they are treated as smart planners but dumb executioners,

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possession of a body gives animals a variety of ways to filter out irrelevancies

"The cheapest meat in the market is the black one"

Rest in power, Elza Soares. A life well lived.

ANYTHING can be weaponized. ANYTHING.

Don't pikachu face me later.

intersectionality is everywhere, but awareness of it is def not. we flatten life experiences into crude stereotypes and that's a problem.

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queerness has awareness of intersectionality built-in

Profesh pics of my room look so cool!

(Yes I have a Murphy desk-bed and yes it's a godsend for WFH setups)

Some critical vulnerability found in ALL safari browsers. Be they Mac or iphone.

Since ALL iPhone browsers are in fact safari engine because of apple's demands, does it mean ALL iphones are compromised?

In order to get the list of instagram accounts you follow in a comprehensive list, you gotta click "load more" for every 10 accounts.

I follow 1,495 accounts, so 149 clicks.

Ah, you lose it if you reload.

It's so fucking petty.

Metaverse is the new pivot-to-video.

Why would anyone listen to anything Zuckerberg has to say is beyond me.

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