I love and miss my brother a lot. We’re here to break the cycle.

Let’s hope global vaccine rollout blesses all of us.

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It’s a come for the anime or come for Bell Hooks thing, and you win either way. It’s a great analysis.

I’m adding the keypoints coz I’m nice.

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FLCL, Bell Hooks, and toxic relationships.


(This one my brother sent me)

The ideology of finance is a subset of right-wing thought, defined as the belief that some people are born to rule, while the rest are born to be ruled over.


With traceable payments and product subscription systems, can future us prove in court we consumed THIS product from THIS brand for THAT long and link it with any yet-to-be-discovered related illness?

I hate that YouTube only shows two states, play and pause, when in fact it’s a quadrant: play/pause, loading/loaded.

Be honest.

Dems are no left. In fact Dems exhaust (meager) leftist resources.

Anyone who conflates liberals with left with socialists is stuck in a Manichaeist loop, and has nothing to offer to the discourse.

Agency reviews have found greater budget cuts, staff losses and elimination of climate programs than initially thought


documenting my creative code progress with airtable + github repo

toolbox has js experiments we're working on

switches are for quick jekyll configurations (prevent zoom, request motion, etc)

It is a curious fact that in America public assistance is only made available to the miserable and the downtrodden, not to those who are in need of some free money but are otherwise perfectly content.


Shoutout to suicide food, a gallery of food mascots happily offering their own meat for consumption.


So, brazilians are leaving WhatsApp in droves because of the new policy.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s about time. WhatsApp disinfo put bolsonaro in power.

But it’s happening same time as Trump deplatforming. And that’s what history will tell.

Why did FB change policy now?

Economically, by every quantitative measure, establishment Dems are significantly to the right of Richard Nixon.


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