ghosts. The explanation of the current technology, where new one slowly rolls out.

Uvvies are soft lumps of intelligent computational piezoplastic.

An interactive map of anime based on user recommendations

I could use some search... where's my shojo cluster?

The congressmen who enslaved people over time

There were more than 1,700 enslavers over Congress’s first 130 years

Hey, we're just saying.

I hate zoom in solidarity with those trapped in it.

(I don't even use zoom)

I started Rudy Rucker's ghosts.

I'm still moved by his postsingular trilogy. We push a lazy dimension to work. A whole dimension.

“A virus not only needs to be able to generate diversity, but it has to be able to tolerate this diversity,”

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hah!! First grad class in Cognitive Neuroscience today, which I ended with discussion groups with questions about mind/brain natures, and whether they are the same or different. These kids!! One group worked out it wasn't either/or, it was "plus"--it's not just the brain, you need the gut interactions too at a minimum. The other group said it's not just the human mind, what about AI (some of them are doing social robotics work and had a lot to say on the topic). Love it! #academic #science

my inspiration board is doing fine, thank you.

I mean, dropbox-savee integration is broken, so I don't have a recent backup. In time.

But thank you for asking.

Turning worker misclassification into an unfair labor practice

Giving scope to punish employers who treat their employees as contractors

Our universe might emerge like a hologram out of a two-dimensional sheet

New clues have come from the symmetries found on an infinitely distant “celestial sphere.”

That's all very The Invisibles.

Where's the pokemon AND computer language AND prescription medicine all at once?

It's bound to happen.

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