I get REALLY wary when all literature on an seasoned open source tool is done by creators, mostly in “how to install” tutorials.

When IRS taxes our money, they annihilate it, removing it from circulation. When Congress spends, new money comes into existence.

The US government can't run out of money any more than Apple can run out of Itunes gift cards.


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Negging is small/subtle insults that make you feel like you have to prove yourself

The $13B debt collection industry is funneling huge amounts of cash to lawmakers in a bid to kill legislation that would finally put some limits on their predatory business model.


He-man remake = a new gen of gays with body dysmorphia

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This is great. We need to talk about self-defense. To the people on the left who say violence is not the answer, I say: the violence is already here.

“Every single time I have spoken out for the oppressed people, I’ve been asked to first condemn the so-called “violence” of their resistance.”

Making mRNA vaccines is miraculously efficient, requiring less than 1% of the capital and materials of conventional vaccine production.

The pharma industry knows this, but it's willing to make a bet that it can outrun vaccine resistance, rolling the dice on the human race to further its shareholders' fortunes.

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Auto-Generated Social Media Images: with puppeteer, svg 😳 and PHP. css-tricks.com/auto-generated-

We don’t deserve CSS-tricks!

Israelis lived under – or upon – a volcano, believing themselves to be immune from standard legal and societal norms.


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@nonlinear "100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions."

"Black communities are exposed to 56% more pollution than is caused by their consumption. For latinx communities, it is 63%."

"Indigenous peoples make up less than 5% of the planet's human population, yet they are protecting 80% of its biodiversity"

"97% of waste produced in the Unites states is corporate waste. 80% of businesses are owned & operated by white people."

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@nonlinear "The world's wealthiest 16% use 80% of the planet's natural resources"

"The world's richest 10% produce half of global carbon emissions while the poorest half contribute only 10%"

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