if you're in NY + into electronic music, check Hybrid Identity: Summer Solstice this Sunday.

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Erasure of Indigenous Peoples risks perpetuating conservation's colonial harms and undermining its future effectiveness


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So I've been working with an activist group to prevent forced evictions/demolitions in Karachi for the last 4 months.

Whenever me and my comrades show up to film the demolitions (and the attendant harassment of residents that comes with it), we get threatened with arrest.

Do folks here have recommendations for inexpensive & inconspicuous recording devices that can be used to surreptitiously record and possibly livestream such events as they're happening?

From a dictatorship-era law to his campaign against the press, Brazil’s far-right president is ready to use his whole arsenal.


As property prices and the withdrawal of state funding load people with debt (think of the switch from student grants to student loans), the banks and their executives clean up.


The FLICC model:
Fake experts,
Logical fallacies,
Impossible expectations,
Cherry-picking &


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