but the news is that I stood up for myself and asserted my boundaries. yay to me.

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You'd think volunteering would respect volunteer's time, because it's given for free, but in fact the opposite happens: they treat it as an externality.

That, or Brazil sees time differently. They live in the now. A cultural shock.

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setting my boundaries with a group I was volunteering. Mofos couldn't even plan a meeting, I had to facilitate it.

Then, sometimes they wouldn't appear, and tell me AFTER the meeting.

jekyll mac installation doc is a mess. they mix steps, with options, and versions.


Bolsonaro, like Republicans, pitted human lives against the economy and lost both.

But the rich got richer, so they did their job.

We need a pandemic truth commision.

I just wanna know if I'm peeing in private or all my coworkers are hearing it, without constantly checking if mic icon is crossed or not.

we need an audio cue. ideas?

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in a live virtual meeting, being mute or not are WILDLY different states.

mute state should have an audio cue for assurance... maybe a subtle beep once in a while?

By counting incarcerated people as residents of their prisons rather than of their homes, legislative districts with prisons have more political power.


You know what’s worse than selling out? Selling out and the market doesn’t buy It.

Like, artists that limit themselves to fit an imaginary market. Fly high, damn.

Can’t American workers unionize on the DL?

As in, hush-hush?

There are systems for that.

Complete with how we met, how we courted one another, how it was perceived by others, how we connected sexually.

A demisexual complete meal.

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Two tabs of galantamine gave me weird dreams of recollecting objects, while trying to memorize my steps, while feeling watched by a camera. A disjointed attempt of being lucid.

One tab gives me sexual dreams.

far-right hate platform Gab has been hacked and 70GB of private posts and other data are being made available to journalists and social scientists

Fascist tears, yum yum.


Permission replace “blockchain” with “libertarian ketchup”, because they want to put it on everything.

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