In a world where caring is criminalized when not performed by the proper authorities, while racial capitalism ensures that everyone is a little sick, we need pirate practices that do not comply with the for-profit, nationalist, carceral healthcare systems

Both trademark and copyright's limitations assume that they aren't being weaponized by immoral sociopaths. Both collapse if they are.

if we contain multitudes, it's statistically likely that some of them will be stupid.

time crystals are a thing that exist.

A time crystal is both stable and ever-changing, with special moments that come at periodic intervals in time.

Instapaper is kinda shy but it lists the articles i've read and liked.

a new generation turned the sackler family's benzo empire into a opioid powerhouse, exceeding the Rockefeller family fortune

expose their hypocrisy FAST, so we can clear the space for better, important conversations.

fuck derailers. fuck spin doctors.

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when an ecofascist links climate change with overpopulation, ask them about the wasteful lifestyle of the west.

when a TERF complains of transwomen in sports, ask them what they're doing to fix sports gender pay gap.

and it's true that industrialization is caused by humans.

but it's very convenient to add both those who BENEFITED from industrialization with those who SUFFERED from it.

we should fine-tune our anger. and that's the discussion ecofascists want to erase.

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humans are not causing climate change: industrialization is.

we gotta talk about western debt.

I repeat: if you're a cis transhumanist and not a trans(gender) ally, fuck you.

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if you're a transhumanist AND transphobe, I have ZERO respect for you.

cis transhumanists should roll red carpet at wherever transgender people go, because they set the precedent for cyborg legal framework.

Ghost in the Shell: Human Algorithm is a thing. but crunchyroll si a copyright maximalist institution and it doesn't let you printscreen manga.

oooooooh pirates!

I'm a disembodied voice at work. My source of income is face-agnostic. Body-agnostic, in fact.

This is NEW. And exciting.

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