I leave my old bio here because I may reuse it in the future.

A web engineer in Japan. English dedicated account. Something about thoughts, misc., and devs. Primary account: @noraworld, JPN.

I realized it’s very difficult to make the pagination. That really confuses me 😞

I got to understand the importance of health as I got older.

A serious vulnerabilitity was found in the macOS High Sierra (10.13.1). You only type "root" in the username field to login and to get all access authorities. You should pay enough attention if you are using macOS High Sierra.

The powerful typhoon 21 named "LAN" is hitting Japan. Extremely heavy rain and storm outside. We must pay enough attention.

Oh I get it! Doggo means dog, right? Recently I realized it means. It sounds pretty 😍

Video Commander 0.4 is released 🎉

You can install it from the Chrome Web Store:

In this version, a progress bar, in the bottom of a HTML5 video player, was implemented. It shows when a video player pauses, time of a video rewinds, and advances. You can also switch a progress bar to be always shown in preferences.

I hope you enjoy!


If people in China see this, please give me information 🙂

A few weeks ago Chinese came to Pawoo because major social network services such as Twitter have been limited to access in Chinese I heard.

People now in China are probably using VPN to avoid network controls by Chinese government I think. When they use VPN with their smartphones, it may fell inconvenient to them because VPN of smartphones is disconnected frequently, and they need to re-connect.

What do Chinese do to use the Internet with their smartphones comfortably?

Video Commander 0.3 is out 🎉

You can install it from the Chrome Web Store:

Since this version, new feature that enters and exits the full screen mode is added. By default, press F to enter / exit the full screen.

For details on what is added to this extension, see:

Have fun!


We have released Video Commander 0.2.1 🎉

You can install it from Chrome Web Store:
We are sorry that we are not supporting browsers other than Google Chrome.

From this version, the following features are available.

・Add an option to adjust partial loop precision.
・Assign a feature to reset the status of partial loop to Ctrl-c.

The source codes are public on GitHub:

I hope you enjoy playing videos with this. Have fun!


I cannot understand the meaning of what it says when I read English sentence at a glance, although I can in Japanese.

I cannot understand the native pronunciation. For example, I can hardly listen the quotes from the interludes of Dirty Work.


"The reason why the comment is full of Japanese is because a Japanese comedian uses this music for her performance and became famous in Japan.they love this song"

This above is the comment of a video on YouTube. Do you know what video this is?

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