I wonder how I re-subscribe to other instances at the instance that was down for a long time.

I leave my old bio here because I may reuse it in the future.

A web engineer in Japan. English dedicated account. Something about thoughts, misc., and devs. Primary account: @noraworld@mastodon.noraworld.jp, JPN.

I realized it’s very difficult to make the pagination. That really confuses me 😞

I got to understand the importance of health as I got older.

A serious vulnerabilitity was found in the macOS High Sierra (10.13.1). You only type "root" in the username field to login and to get all access authorities. You should pay enough attention if you are using macOS High Sierra.

The powerful typhoon 21 named "LAN" is hitting Japan. Extremely heavy rain and storm outside. We must pay enough attention.

Oh I get it! Doggo means dog, right? Recently I realized it means. It sounds pretty 😍

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